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Last Updated On: 2017-06-19
Current Version: 2.0.1

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Coller is my latest WordPress theme project which i took up a few days ago. Coller is a premium looking feature-rich WordPress theme with a responsive design, and my best responsive theme till date. Coller has a large featured slider on the homepage and stylish comments section with a minimal design.

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Coller theme is suitable for retina-display devices as well. The theme has been made responsive for upto 5-6 devices starting from Large Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones to dumb phones. Here are all the features of the theme summarized. Here is a summary of all the features.

  • Responsive
  • 2 Column Layout.
  • Custom Background Support
  • Retina Ready
  • 5 Level Nested Comments
  • Support For Galleries
  • Fully Styled Comments and Posts section
  • SEO Ready
  • Social Network Icons (SocioCons)
  • RTL Translation ready
  • Featured Thumbnails
  • Cool CSS transition Effects
  • User Friendly Control Panel

We have provided a .po file for each, so that you can translate this theme into any other language you want.

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People who have purchased Coller Pro are entitled to Dedicated Support. You can get in touch via e-mail. Mention your Transanction Id/Order No. or e-mail which you used to purchase the theme(any one of these).


Coller 2.0 is a Major Upgrade, and is now built using Bootstrap 3.0 and uses the WordPress Customizer and Drops the Theme Options. So, all users who recently Updated will have to re-do some of the settings like slider and social Icons again from the Customizer.

For any other Help, please comment below.

Please don’t look into the comments for solutions. Most comments are for Old Version of the theme. For your queries post a new comment, or make sure any comment you read was published on 2016.
Developing Free WordPress Themes takes a lot of time and effort. But the love and appreciation I receive from you all, encourages me to keep building more and more free themes. So if you loved this theme, please show your love by hitting one of these links.


    1. Thanks for bringing this to my notice. Currently, the slider is configured to show up only on Homepage if you choose to display the latest posts. But, you can change that setting with a quick fix.

      In your WordPress theme editor, open the header.php & functions.php files and find is_home() and replace it with is_front_page() in both the files.

      That will work for you.

      1. Hi There,

        Thanks for this awesome template, really enjoying working on it.

        When i add a twitter link to the section in the social settings and go to the page to test it it opens the twitter link fine but twitter says it can’t find the page requested?

    1. Thanks for notifying. Here is the solution to the problem which has cropped up with Image Sliders in Firefox.

      Go to Appearance > Editor > style.css.

      Search for the Following: /* REPONSIVE DESIGN BEGINS BELOW */ and add the following lines of code, just ABOVE it.

      #slider-wrapper { margin-top: none; clear: both; }
      .main-navigation { margin-bottom: 30px }

      If you have Jetpack installed you can also do this, instead of the above method. Click on Appearance > Edit Css. And simply add the above code anywhere in the document that opens up.

      This issue will be fixed in the next theme update. Please update theme, whenever you get the chance.

    1. Right now, there is no mechanism to upload any logo. But, i can suggest you a very simple trick to do so.

      Open header.php in Appearance > Editor. Find the following piece of code.

      <?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>

      Replace it completely with:


      Based on your recommendation, I will add a feature to add logo from within the theme options by this weekend. It will be available by the next theme update.

      1. Thanks a lot for your quick response!

        I really appreciate your work.

        Your trick did not work for me…

        Please help

      2. It is not working actually (for the logo). Is there any specific format for uploading a logo? It is coming but not showing please help..

    1. Localhost installs have no effect on functioning of theme. The slideshow doesn’t play automatically in current version. This also has been added to the lists of changes which i will address in the next theme update within 2 days.

      1. When you upload the new updated theme then please send a link.
        It will be helpfull for us…Please ……

    1. This theme doesn’t not support custom header. Enabling Custom header would make the social icons look ugly. Secondly, Header+Slideshow both on one theme, do not go well.

  1. Ok i will be patiently waiting for the update of the automatic slideshow. 😉
    However i still cant place my logo. I would be verry happy with a submenu update too.

  2. First off, thank you for this awesome theme! It’s perfect for my new site. I do have a couple questions/comments though:

    1) Does this theme support a tagline? I have one for my website and it does not show up.

    2) I don’t know if this is possible or not, but it would be very convenient to be able to rearrange the order of the slides in the slider. I know for me, when I put up new posts, I will want the newest post featured in the first slide. So, for example, it would be great to be able to clear the contents of the last slide, put in the new info for a new post, and then move that slide to the #1 position.

    Again, this isn’t a big problem, as I can still change all these things with a dozen or so copy and pastes, but it would certainly be a nice addition, if possible.

    3) I am trying to enable Jetpack comments to have the comment bar at the bottom of posts look sleek and spiffy (like viewed here:, but enabling the Jetpack comments does not seem to change the standard WordPress comment system in the theme. Any ideas?

    Again, thanks for the theme! Great job!

    1. 1. It does not support tagline.

      2. This is a featured image slider we have on the theme. You can obviously link them up with posts, but thats not the intended use. You have update it manually. 🙁
      In future updates, I will try to add the option to display latest posts in the slider, but the problem is not everybody uses a 1100px wide featured image for everypost. So, the slider would look ugly when used with smaller images.

      3. Jetpacks comments are supported. Try clearing your site cache, it may be due to a bad plugin.

  3. Hello,

    on header.php line 42 : <a href="” title=”Facebook” ><img src="”>

    remplace title=”Facebook” by title=”RSS Feed”


  4. Hello Rohit,

    Why its not possible to click to read the post ? there are tagged : […] buts its not it is not clickable. how to change it to put a Balide […] ?

    Sorry for my bad english 🙂

        1. I would really appreciate if you google that out. I can not provide solution to customizaiton requests. If you spot any bug in the theme, let me know. I will fix it right away.

  5. Hi Rohit,

    first off, thanks for making this theme, it is very nice.

    I am new to WP, and a bit confused so I have 2 questions for you (if you don’t mind answering);
    – When I try to edit your theme, it doesn’t appear as it should be (e.g. Homepage contains no picture, etc..).
    Why is your template not appearing as I would like it to be? What am I doing wrong?

    – My site is already published automatically although it’s not ready yet. I tried to install and activate a “site under construction” plugin but I was not successful, the incompleted site is still visible. What am I doing wrong?

    I look forward to hearing back from you, and thanks a lot in advance.

  6. Hi there,

    I dont know what went wrong. All of a sudden the slider is not showing on other page’s anymore. Only on the homepage. I have edited the stylesheet and header as instructed above. It was working first but is not working anymore…

    Please help.

  7. Hi, is it posible to get the slider to slide faster?

    And, how can i get pictures to show on articles frontpage?, and not only in the articles.


    1. To Make the Slider go Faster, you need to edit the file named custom.js in the themes/coller/js/ folder. Open the file, and change the value in front of pause which is set at 5000 to a lesser value. This is the time in milliseconds.

      The theme shows the featured image on Individual post & pages as well. Images show up by default, you do not need to do anything special.

        1. To show pictures on the front page, you need to set them as Featured Images for the posts/pages. You can do that while creating/editing your posts. The option is present in right-bottom corner.

          1. Yes, but its only views a small img, want the pictures from the articles to show?

          2. The theme crops to image so that they fit in the boxes properply. If you do not want the images to be cropped, you should use images of aspect ratio: 3:2.

    1. It is possible. But, you will have to do modifications to the CSS. If you have the knowledge of the subject you can do that. It is difficult for me to explain it all. There are not options present in the theme to do that.

  8. Love this theme! Thank you so much for creating this. I loved creating my company website using this theme.

    My question….how do you turn off comment field on the (static) home page?

    Keeping up with comments (& monitoring spams) are too demanding for me. I would like to keep comments turned off. So, I un-clicked all the comment fields in the WP settings. It worked for all other pages except the front page which still displays “Leave a Replay” field and some notes at the bottom regarding tags and attributes which I would like to remove. Please advise.


    1. That’s easy. Just Edit the Page, i.e. On your homepage, click the “Edit Page” button from the WP-admin-bar. Once, the “Edit Page” page opens, on the top you will see an option called “Screen Options”. From there, check the discussion option. As you do that, a new option will appear under the Visual Editor, from where you can Disable Comments.

      After that, Leave a Reply will not appear on the front page. Clear ur cache after that, if you have a cache plugin installed.

      1. Awesome…It worked! Thanks for your help!!

        Just one more question. I have a long company name (occupies 32 character space). I typed the name in “Site Title” field in “Customize” screen. Somehow it’s word-wrapping and displaying in two lines. What can I do to make it display in one line?


        1. If you have jetpack installed, then under Appearance > Edit CSS, add the following code:

          .site-branding {
          width: 60%;

          If you do not have jetpack, then from theme editor add the following code to the bottom of the style.css file.

          .site-branding {
          width: 60%;

          If you edit the style.css file, you will loose your customization with theme updates. So, I recommend you to use JetPack.

          Remember, you may change the value of width to more than 60%, but it may cause the social icons to get dis-located. So, just make sure you choose the right width.

  9. What is the pixels of slider? for example you must upload a picture (w:700px h:280px) then you uploaded that image. image will suit to the slider perfectly? What are the pixels for this? Sorry for bad english 🙂

      1. thx for answering so fast 🙂 what if it is under 1100px? and i want to change language. Cuz u built the theme for english language but i want to translate turkish language. how can i do that? and thumbnails, how can i resize thumbnails’ pixels in posts?

          1. U said ‘read that article and generate your language’ but I read that article and I don’t understand what should i do. Please explain to your theme’s user. I must change that language. But I don’t understand how.

  10. Hello,

    Is there a known issue with display on I.E.? The header seems to be displaying strangely but with problems on FireFox.


    1. The theme has been tested only with IE 8 and greater versions. The firefox issue was fixed in the theme update. Please update the theme to latest version.

  11. Hi,

    I was just wondering if you could help us with an aspect of your design – We have included the slider images on the homepage but would like to have an image on all of the other pages to separate the header and the content. We have tried to do this with the featured image tool but unfortunately it is not working. Are we doing anything wrong?

    Many Thanks

    1. I can not provide support for External plugins. If you would like a sidebar on all your pages, then maybe you should disable the theme slider and use an external plugin to show slider on all pages including homepage.

  12. Hello, I’m trying to translate some texts to Spanish, but I don’t know where are the language files folder, can you tell me where to make the changes? Thanks for your help.

  13. Hi Rohit,

    You have been great here with all support and help to users. Reading and seeing this response I am encouraged to go for you theme. Its nice, plan and simple theme with lot of options and responsiveness.

    Great work man. Keep it up and best wishes for your future work and updates with Coller theme.

    Cheers to you.

  14. Hey, thanks for a great theme

    Just wanted to know how i can enable the other social media icons, ive managed to add it in to the PHP, and settings page but have no idea how to make it appear in reality taking in to account the image etc…

    Help please?


    1. Go to Header.php file. Find the part of code related to Social Icons. You can replace any existing unused social icon, with an instagram icon of your own. Use to find icons.

      Remember to place the image you added in header.php to images folder of the theme.

  15. Hello,
    i need to change the category view so that it shows an image and a small introduction.
    How can i do that?

    1. There is not such feature inbuilt into the theme. If you want separate looks for your category page, then you need to create a category.php file in the theme folder and modify it as you want to. This requires coding skills.

  16. Rohit, the menu does not support custom pages. how do i get my custom pages to show on the menu, also i would want to change the colour of the g+ social icon frm black to red can u gve me the custom css code to use?

  17. um Rohit i have fixed the issue of custom images. silly me forgot to update in the navigation setttings. anyway ill still need the code for the g+

  18. Thank you for this great theme!
    I have some trouble with the “nav-below”, trying to get it to display only the next and previous articles in the same category. I know it has something to do with “the loop” in the index.php, but I’ m not sure how to do it…

  19. Really great theme, thank you for that! One it possible to change the colour of the header-font? I would like to change it from grey to something else.

  20. Oh and yet another it possible to get the bar in which the pages are displayed (e.g. home and so on) to be transparent? That would be awesome!

    1. I too am looking for the same solution! Let me know if you find anything!!

  21. hello Rohit. the front posts are truncated is there a way to take it off. cus i want my front page post to be a static post giving information to site visitors. also when i change the post type to aside or quote i dont see any difference

    1. The front posts are truncated to make the entire theme look similar at all places. The Quotes/Aside thing is not supported by this theme. Coller theme is for general blogs and not personal blogs. Those options are present in WordPress just for future purposes.

      I will try to add an option to show the entire post as well, instead of summary/excerpts in the next update.

      1. oh okay. thank you very much. I will be happy if your next update is released as soon as possible. Personally, i think the truncation is a defect because it will limit the text you want to put on your front page even if it is an introduction to the website. And I am very honoured to have contributed to your next update. Anyway I wanted to increase the font of the p tag on the front page post but it did not seem to wrk even after I called the class. .entry-content>p{..} when i use it in the custom css code it doesnt wrk but when i use inspect element and change the code there it works but it vanishes when i refresh the page

          1. thank you Rohit. And what code do i use if i want to get rid of the post header. the text that shows the date a post was posted and the leave a comment link. I want to remove it. so that only the post is diplayed

  22. Hi Rohit,
    thank you for the coller theme, i like it. there is just one question. i want to modify the style sheet to change the colors of the menu bar. but i did not find the style settings for the menu text on an active page (when ist was clicked). please can you tell me where to modify the style sheet.


  23. Is it possible to stop the featured image from appearing on the page that displays after you click on a truncated post and it opens up? I have a post where I used one of the 4 embedded images as the ‘featured image’ and now it shows that image twice. At the same time it would be great to set a featured image for each truncated post even if the expanded version does not have any images.

    1. Googled it, found the solution here. 🙂

      I made the changes to content-single.php and content.php … I assume it should not mess with the rest of the code or the overall appearance. I’ll keep you posted if it does.

  24. Hello!
    I have problems with the menu. If I put a leading choice options in the submenu drops down but not let me select the options out there. Disappear.
    Greetings and thanks for the topic.

    note: this is a translation with google

      1. I am having this same issue – my site is their should be 3 sub-menu items under the about us page which are not displaying when screen size is less then 767px. I am trying to play with the CSS to make it work now, but if you have a fix already let me know.


        1. That is a responsive navigation. Only One level of Sub menu shows up in touch screen devices. Because, touch screen devices have no hover feature.

  25. Hello, Rohit!

    Thank you for a great job! I have a few questions:

    1. How do I change the color of the link’s hover from green to red? The same for the link colors inside the body – from green to red?
    2. Is it possible that you add tagline into the theme? This is pretty standard with most themes. Yours are the first it comes without!

    Could you perhaps offer these options in your next update, as some other people asked about this as well?

    1. Yes, I will try to offer these options in my next update.

      But, till then you need to edit the header.php and style.css files for the customization.

      1. Rohit, thank you for a prompt answer! Your support is greatly appreciated. I can live without the tagline for the time being (until you get the new update), but I am looking into changing hover’s and link’s colors. So far, I’ve been only able to change the color of the links in the footer, but can’t locate where to change the color for the green navigation tops, of the search submit button and of the green links inside the body, e.g. when I hit search? Could you please point where are these located within the theme’s CSS? I will than change the options myself. Wish you a great day and thank you, friend!

  26. Hi!
    I’m sorry for my English (I use a translator from Google)
    Thanks for the theme , it is just great !
    But I have a problem . This question has already been there, but ask again.
    In the theme does not work tag . If you use this tag text is trimmed correctly , but the link ” read more ” does not appear . I update the site of the school , and I was asked to add these links because not all users know what they need to click on the article title 🙁
    Any idea how can I make it ?
    And one more question. On the basis of the comments I made ​​a small guest book where visitors can ask the director. But to change the titles I could not. I want to change the ” Add Comment ” to ” Ask the Director ” . As well as the inscription on the ” Submit Comment ” .
    Thank you very much for your attention , understanding and hope to answer! Good luck !

  27. Thanks for this theme I really like it. I apologize in advance if this question is already asked and I just didn’t see in the comments, but I was wondering if there is anyway to put the social logos in the menu bar instead of the header? As you can see in my test site ( I am using a masthead image, but when screen size is adjusted the social logo overlaps my images and I would prefer for it to be in the menu bar and not exactly sure how I can adjust the location of the icon. Let me know if you can help.

    Also quick note I noticed in your CSS you have the following code:
    .main-navigation .current_page_item > a {
    background: #ddd;
    border-top: solid 3px #222;
    padding-top: 17px;

    From a design standpoint I think the border height should be the same as all the others at 4px thus:
    .main-navigation .current_page_item > a {
    background: #ddd;
    border-top: solid 4px #222;
    padding-top: 17px;

    I edited mine in my CSS editor, but figured I would mention as it could be a quick fix for you in your next update.


    1. Lindsey….I wish you posted the answer as it applies to me also! 🙂 I love your site by the way and am using it as an assistant in creating mine! Great theme Rohit! I looked a quite a few (at least 50) themes and found yours to be simple and precise!!

  28. hello,
    When the home page is loading.. it shows all slider’s images… then it looks ok.

    how can i change this, viewing only one image.
    I tried with css (overflow hidden) but it shows a part of the next image.

  29. Hi Rohit
    Great Theme !! ..
    have read Comments above.. But have one question, Is it possible to increase the amount of slides.. & how !!

    1. No, In my opinion having more than 5 slides is not a good design and will put a lot of load on the site. Secondly, 3 Slides is the optimum amount for a good page load speed. I have provided 2 extra, just for the sake of it. Sorry 🙂 Can not add more than 5.

  30. Hello. Is there anyway to change the size of the slide show? I like it but I think 1180px it’s to large. I’ wondering if I could put it shorter and bring the side bar to upward. By the way, it is any posibility to put the sidebar in the right side?

    1. First of all. The theme is responsive. The slider would adjust its size automatically depending on the width of the browser. If I reduce the size of the slider, then the site would look improportionate on the larger devices like the iMacs, etc.

      The modifications you suggested are a little complicated to explain here. Can’t help you there. Sorry 🙁

  31. Hi. I dont know if this has allready answered. How can I make Coller slider visible to ALL pages. Now it is only at main page.
    Cool theme – congrats – great work!

        1. You will have to remove the constraint is_home(); from the header.php file. But, please do not do it unless you have the required coding knowledge.

  32. Hello, I added a banner image and tried to place it in the same location that your minion image. However, I can only align it left, center, or right across the top of the page only. If you want to see, check out:

    I also would like to put my title straight across. Your title seemed longer (in size at least) to mine, but my last word keeps getting bumped to a second line. The title (right now) for the page I’m creating for my WRT course is Digital Lives_Digital World. Is there a way to enable the title to fit all on one line?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Firstly, the image was added using the Slider Options in Coller Settings. Also, Please check for any bad plugins thamight be causing the issue.

      For the Title, I recommened you use a Logo Image to achieve your purpose.

      1. Thanks, Rohit, for the advice. I was able to upload an image, albeit a small one for right now. I’m trying to include a Logo Image, but I cannot seem to make it any bigger on the site. I’ll keep trying to fiddle with that.

  33. Hi!

    Thanks a million for your theme, it’s the best!
    I’ve noticed that when I try to access the website from my Iphone, the menu button doesn’t work though. Any thoughts on that?


      1. Thanks! I figured it out.

        I do have another question, though.

        In the custom code in header portion of the collar settings I wrote

        Leasing Luxury Student Housing to BU Students for the Past 25 Years

        It doesn’t seem to be recognizing the font size though. Thanks for your help!

  34. One more question: What are the exact dimensions of the image of the minions from Despicable Me that you used? I have tried searching on Google Images using the search feature to locate their largest images, yet if you look at my site, the image is still so tiny. What am I doing wrong?

    1. The images are 1100px wide and height can be anything. The slider can adjust in height, but width should be 1100px. Could you please share your site URL too, so that i can take a better look at your problem.

  35. Hi Rohit,

    Great work on the theme and thank you for all of the responses to these comments

    I am trying to determine where you have implemented the responsiveness of the menu e.g. display: none/block; on the .menu-toggle class

    I am used to working with bootstrap for this functionality, however I can not see the javascript reference you are using to implement this

    Thanks in advance


  36. Hello Rohit Tripathi,

    very big thanks for this excelent theme!
    I want to get displayed on the contributions creation time. So far, only the date is displayed. What should I change so that the time to show?
    Excuse my English.

    Thanks in advance

  37. Hi Rohit, Great theme!! Thank you so much. I have a question for you. For the last two responses (iPad vertical and smartphone) I’m finding the sidebar (#secondary) content moves into position, but the background extends down from the top of the primary content area. I’m using some semi-transparent backgrounds for the primary area and can see the secondary behind. I’ve tried messing with the float and clear css rules and that works, but it breaks for the first two responses. Any ideas?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hey Rohit, I read through some of the other comments and edited the styles.css below the /* REPONSIVE DESIGN BEGINS BELOW */ comment. I used “clear:both” for the smaller sizes, which worked in Firefox, Safari, and Opera but not in Chrome and I don’t know about any of the IE browsers as I am on a Mac.

      I guess I’m asking again, any ideas? 🙂

      Thank You,

  38. Hello,

    How can I show the categories on the menu? I’ve tried to make a Menu called Coller on the Menus. But it doesn’t show?

  39. Hi! I just discovered your theme and I think its great.
    How can I make visible the subtitle of the site below the header?

      1. I am using the new logo feature (looks great!) but on screens/browsers below 444px wide, it introduces a horizontal scroll. You can see on my site here:

        I introduced some CSS to make it better but it still happens. The image is your recommended size. Any ideas?

  40. Hi Rohit,

    I would love to have a static image at the location where the slider is. Is that possible?

    thx Thomas

    PS: Your theme is awesome but I need to have the image there :-/

  41. Hello
    I am wondering if I can change the highlight colour and the search box colour? It is currently green and I would like to use my own custom colours. Is this possible?

  42. Hi Rohit,
    First great looking theme. Very nice. I have a problem with my navigation. I moved the Categories tab and now can’t get it back under the events tab. I would actually like to get rid of the categories, tag and other links under Events. Can you let m know how to do that?

    Thank you,

  43. Hi and great theme by the way. I would like to input tags in my posts but not have them seen. Is there a way I can hide them?

    1. Yes, you can hide theme via css. But, that would probably hide other things too. You are at your own here.

      Just a tip: Hiding links via CSS is considered dangerous for SEO.

      1. I am not trying to hide the theme, I want to hide the tags that appear beneath the post but still input them in the background. How can I do this?

        1. I mistyped, the Theme thing. Sorry. What I meant was hiding the tags only.

          If you want to eliminate the tags from showing from php, then you need to edit the following, inc/template-tags.php file. I am sure, you will find exactly what you are looking for here.

  44. Hello Rohit. Thanks very much for this theme. I think it will work well for my needs. However, I have looked around your description and think you state it will automatically optimize for mobile devices, but I needed confirmation on that point. I appreciate your time answering. Thanks again. -Bob

      1. Thank you for your reply. I have tested it and I find that yes, it appears to have a mobile optimized version. However, in the navigation box I only see the top level menu items — the sub menu items are not visible. is this how it is supposed to be or is something wrong?

        1. That is how its supposed to be. Our idea, is there are no hover effects on mobile devices, hence dropdowns won’t be functions. You can use select based category dropdown in the sidebar to overcome this problem. But, generally, mobile visitors do not navigate, they come looking for content from search engines.

  45. Hello, I have downloaded your theme and it looks good. However, I found the PO file inside the languages does not match the theme wordings at all (in the zip file provided by you). Yet, there are mo files in the wp-content – yet I cannot deduce the PO from the MO file. Can you please double check about this, or can you send me a Chinese po file to my email? Many thanks.

  46. I updated the theme and things are not implementing now. Images, Read more isn’t doing what it is supposed to. Ads disappeared. Widgets aren’t showing.

    These things are still in my dashboard and active and in my posts and even when I deactivate or delete and activate and add again, they are still not showing.

    Please advise me.


    1. Please clear your cache. If you made moficiation to the original theme files, then there will be these issues. You are always supposed to use child theme to edit theme files.

  47. I installed the mailpoet plugin and have a little trouble. When users register for the newsletter, a message will normally appear informing that they have to check their emails to confirm the registration. This message does not appear in Coller-Theme. It does appear in Standard WordPress-Theme. So may be it is a CSS related issue. It would be great if you had an idea to solve this problem. Thanks.

  48. Is there a way that I can add a font to use it in certain areas of the site? The font I would like to use is Cellos Script as it is used for my logo text. Thank you! (P.S. Great site and you have great quick responses to the questions here which have really helped me)!!

  49. Thanks for the theme, Rohit.

    Is the source hosted somewhere public? I’ve noticed a few typos and I could issue a pull request to fix them.


  50. Very good theme

    how can i remove the date, and author link to their post?

    i only want the author name to show, not a link to his post?

    i found out its here inc/template-tags.php

    but im not so good at coding, any help into what to delete?

  51. I noticed you just added some new social icons but I don’t see a way to turn them off. I want to use the ones we already had up (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) but the new ones I can do without.

  52. Hello I am using your theme Coller with submenus. My issue is that on touchscreen devices the hover activated submenus do not behave as I would like. From this article Make Your Site Touch Ready they suggest ” don’t use hover to hide content that a user can interact with. Instead, consider using the onclick event to toggle the visibility:” and then give some code. Can you tell me where to incorporate this code, exact file. Or do you have a better solution. Thanks. Patti

    1. We know. We have disabled sub menus as they would require users to Hover on them. We are working on a version of Coller at this time, in which I am planning to resolve this issue.

      1. OK, thanks. Actually your submenus work perfectly on iPad (safari and chrome browsers). The first touch shows the menu and the 2nd touch activates the link; main menu or submenu. Probably something ios does automatically since there is no mouse support. Anyway in the meantime I have just added the submenu links at the top of the main page so they can be accessed. The submenus are disabled based on screen size as far as I can tell not based on touchscreen. They are not disabled on a Nexus 7 (android) tablet in landscape for example but they are disabled in portrait. Haven’t checked the Surface yet. Overall I am VERY happy with this theme. Thank you so much for providing it!

        1. FYI on the Surface Windows 8 the menu/submenu behavior is 1st touch shows submenu and navigates to the page linked in the main menu but leaves the submenu displayed so that the user can touch on a submenu item to navigate there. This is good so Android is the only bugger.

          1. We have Changed the Navigation on Coller Plus to Compatible with All Browsers. Coller, Also supports Proper Menu on responsive devices, however no sub menues. I have tested it on android, and it works well.

  53. Hi! You have made unbeliavably great job with your theme, it’s exactly what I wanted. Just one question. How do I remove this text after the comment box:

    “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:


  54. Hi,
    Your theme is beautiful thanks you so much.

    I am a beginner and I have tried for hours to take the ‘ Search ARCHIVES December 2013 META Site Admin Log out’ info off my front page and make the line under the slideshow full width but I can’t. It is driving me crazy, please, help.

    Many thanks


    1. To remove the: Search ARCHIVES December 2013 META Site Admin Log out, All you need to do is go to WordPress Dashboard, Appearance > Widgets and add some of your own widgets.

  55. SUBSCRIBE – Widget: this widget that comes with the theme does not seem to work. I subscribed myself and then published a test post but did not receive any notification of a new post via email. What is this widget supposed to do?
    Thank you

  56. STICKY – Not sticking!
    Hi there I’ve ticked the “Sticky” box for my “Hello World” post but it’s not sticking to the top of my page. A more recent post in now sitting on top of it. How do I get my ‘hello world’ post to stay at the top?

    1. Are you sure the other one is not sticky too. I tested the theme again. There are no such issues, apparently. If is possible due to a bad plugin. Try disabling plugins one by one, if you still face the issues. Let me know.

  57. Hi, thank you for the theme, I’ve just uploaded it. I’m new to WordPress, is there maybe a video tutorial how to customize it?

    1. Sorry, Video Tutorials are not available. This is a very basic, and easy to use theme. I am sure you will not face any problem, if you do comment here.

  58. Hi!

    First of all thanks for your theme is amazing!!!
    i just have two questions… can i delete in all the pages the sidebar?
    and the second is can i personalize the green/blue color on the overs of the menu??

    thanks a lot in advance!!

    1. Ok i found how to modify the colors from the menu!!! 😀 now i just want to edit or delete the sidebar

      thanks a lot!!

  59. Hello!
    One question, I’m not able to deactivate the comments of the Coller Theme.
    Althoug I deactivated them under the WordPress point “Discussion” there are still comment fields on my blog.
    It would be a great help, if you could answer my question because I’ve got to finish this blog for school until Friday.
    Thank you in the meantime 🙂

  60. Hi,
    I just upgraded to the pro version of Coller so I can do more customization. I am a complete rookie, this being my first site. I downloaded the zip file that was sent to me after purchase, but I do not understand how to add it to my theme. I didn’t know I was going to have to manually add the upgrades. Any help/directions you could give would be appreciated.

    1. Unfortunately, Since Coller Pro has a lot of features, it has to be treated like an Individual theme only. You can upload it via Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload.

  61. Hi. I have managed to change the linked color in Coller to what I want (blue), but have been unable to ID the highlight (green) color of the navigation menu. Have been all over the CSS…
    Am a new user, so would be grateful for your kind assistance.

  62. Hello Rohit, thanks for the great theme.
    I tried to get Nextgen Gallery working, but it seems not working at all. Do you know if that plugin has a conflict with Coller Pro?

    1. Coller Pro Works Best with “Responsive Lightbox” Plugin. NextGen gallery works like a charm too. Nextgen gallery might not work if you have multiple gallery or similar plugins activated. It could be due to your cache/minification plugin as well. Disable them and see the result.

  63. Hello Rohit,
    I like this theme so much – I’m new to having a website but hope to purchase the pro version when I get used to web design.

    By the way, when I search for my website on Google, there is this ‘|’ bar after my website name on the result.
    That might possibly be because there should be a sub title after the main name, but I don’t want any sub title.
    How can I remove this?


    1. Also, I put an png image for my header but the background is shown in white not transparent and it was okay until this morning. Can I know why this happened?

      1. You need to use a Transparent PNG to solve this issue. This is something I can not help with. The transparency of png is lost, if you compress it too much.

    2. For our SEO Needs I recommened the following 2 Plugins.

      WordPress SEO by Yoast
      ALL IN ONE SEO Pack

      Both these plugins are compatible and work well with Coller/Coller Pro.

  64. Hi Rohit,

    I am trying to edit the section “Posted on by ” below the Headline of the each post.
    Could you please guide me in order to accomplish it?

    Thanks in advance,

  65. I bought coller pro and there is one thing I would like to have, the header image is too little and the text is too plain, with no fonts or anything.
    Image larger, more space above to have a bigger image for all the space that remains (the logo is very small) I have a full banner I want to include in that space and also more options for the text.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the purchase. I Have added the option to choose from over 647 Google Fonts, to make your blog more trendy. The Coller Pro Update can be downloaded from your account. I am mailing you the css for Full Width Logo.

  66. We like your Theme.

    But how do we get the tagline to display in the header of the Home page?

    We entered tag line text in the Customize setup page, but the tag line neither displays in the Customize page nor in the published Home page.

    Help please.

  67. Hi,

    I really like your theme, thanks a lot! I just updated it to the latest version and now want to change my landing page to show the full posts rather than just the excerpt. In previous versions of the theme I just replaced the line with and with in the content.php, but unfortunately that is not working anymore.

    Could you please give me a hint?


    Kind regards,

    1. Yes. Now there are options for 2 kinds of Layouts. Files for both are present in frameworks/layouts/ folder.
      Edit the file in the same way you did earlier.

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