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CleanPress is a Beautiful theme, with a rather Simple Design. This theme fashions 2 Navigation menus, support for all Popular Social Icons. Compatibility with Features Images is high, and if you are not in habit of using Features images, then also this theme would work out great for you. This theme has been built using Latest and Modern Technologies.


  • Fully Responsive
  • Right/Left Sidebar Layout
  • Bootstrap 3.0
  • Featured Images
  • Translation Ready(.po provided)
  • Nivo Slider Inbuilt
  • All Popular Social Icons
  • Multiple Nav Menus
  • Font Awesome Icons

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  1. Hi, I’d like to make the site logo bigger and reduce the size of the slider so that there is some visibility to the content below it before I begin scrolling down. I’ve looked at the edit option and gone through quite a bit of the code and I don’t know where to begin. Am I allowed to edit the template this way? If I am, is there some sort of guidance I can get regarding making these changes? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. For increasing Logo Size, add following to Custom CSS

      .main_logo { max-width: 450px; max-height: 250px; }

      Slider is Dynamic in Nature, If you want a Slider that is smaller in height, then you should use images which are smaller in height. Slider, will scale down automatically.

  2. Hi I would like to know how to change to site title Colour I would rather it white than green. Also how do I get the social media bar? I can’t seem to find it when I click on Customize.
    Help would be appreciated, thank you

  3. Wow this is a great theme! Thank you very much for creating this. I’m not using the slider I have an awkward gap between my menu and my content. I’m just beginning to learn css and can’t seem to find the names of the properties to move them. Can you point me in the right direction? Also, I’m not using the top navigation menu, is it possible to not show it using a child theme?

    Thanks again!

  4. I have checked that the home page be static and it’s still linking with the Posts page. Please advise.

  5. Hi !
    When browsing a categorie of my CleanPress Pro website, I get the “Newer posts” link OK but instead of “Older posts”, what’s displayed when I am in the first page of a category is a quite mysterious “t my upcoming themes”.
    Any clue what the problem might be ?
    Help would be really appreciated.

  6. What Custom CSS could be used to change the colour of the header background (dark colour).

  7. I am using the pro version of this theme. I’d like to use the tag, but it doesn’t seem to function.

  8. Would you consider creating an option that would format the slider so that it is the same width as the left column, allowing for a right rail to appear next to it (into which one could place widgets)?

  9. Hello,

    I’m considering buying this theme (premium version). However, I need to know if there’s an (relatively) easy way of setting image header instead of the default single-color one. I don’t mean setting image instead of the site title (which we can do via the admin panel), I mean setting site-wide image as the page header, which would scale nicely (responsive). Let me know if that is achievable with your theme. Thanks!

    Best regards,

    1. Unfortunately, Cleanpress pro supports only a Logo in the Header. Header Images are not supported, although you can modify the header background color to suit your needs.

  10. hello,
    is it possible to set the theme for all the articles in the blog page?
    Currently the posts are cut and you must click on the title for the entire article.
    thank you

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