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Market is my first WordPress theme designed for WooCommerce. This theme has a Minimalistic design, with some stunning CSS3 Powered animations. Fully Responsive in Nature, this theme offers you everything you want from a Woo Commerce theme. All Product/Shop pages have been beautiful styled to go in sync with the theme.

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No WooCommerce?

No Need to Worry. This theme will work absolutely well if you don’t want to use it for a shop, and run it on a standard blog.

Support for other eCommerce plugins?

Currently, no other plugins are supported. WooCommerce is the most popular plugin, with maximum support available on the Internet, hence I decided to go with it.

Setting up the Theme

  1.  Install and Activate WooCommerce.
  2. Set up WooCommerce Pages.(Option will be available as soon as you activate WooCommerce)
  3. Install and Activate Market Theme.
  4. If you are running this theme on a New Site. You can stop here. Everything is ready to use.
  5. If you are running on an old blog or site, then you need to regenerate your thumbnails once.
  6. Now You are Done.

Using Featured Images

This is a Very basic feature, but still most people will ask me this: “How to set up the Post Thumbnails to Show up on the Blog and Shop Pages?” The answer lies in Featured Images. You need to set Featured images for your Posts and Product. Click here to know How to set Featured Images.

[box title="Important" style="soft"]The Featured Images for the Blog Posts should be at least 400px wide, and taller than 350px. Featured Images for Shop/Products should be more than 600px in width, and 600px in height. Otherwise, they make look ugly on the site.[/box] [divider top="no"]

[button url="" target="blank" desc="Homepage"]View Live Demo[/button] [button url="" target="blank" background="#2d57ef" desc="Shop"]View Live Demo[/button] [button url="" target="blank" background="#2d57ef" desc="v"]Download Now[/button]


If you have any suggestions, or features you want me to add into this theme. Please let me know already, before I make this theme available for Download.

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52 thoughts on “Market

  1. Hi, this is a nice theme, thank you very much to you, In this theme i would like to add a thumbnail images as in this theme. will u please help me ?

  2. Hello!

    We love your site. There are some suggestions that we’d love to see.
    In the header, we’d like to put a sentence or two that describes what we do. More than a tagline. We want to say, “Coast Federation of Educators
    American Federation of Teacher, Local 1911, AFL-CIO
    Proudly representing Full-Time and 50-60% Part-Time Faculty in the Coast Colleges
    Coastline, Golden West, Orange Coast Colleges in Costa Mesa, California”
    All in a nice and neat way.
    It would be nice to change the font colors too.

    please let us know if this is something you can help us with :)

    Thank you!

  3. Hi There!

    Thanks for the awesome theme! I love it!

    I have a question; how can I make the upper (grey) part, change colors?
    Is there a way? That would be awesome!

    Also, in the theme that the slider is capable up to 5 slides, only … there’s only ‘room’ for 3….
    Any clue how I can add the other 2?



    1. I have added the slider issue to the update queue. If there is a bug related to it, it shall be fixed in next update.

      Also, you can change all colors by editing the css files, inside the ‘css/skins’ folder.

      1. It’s not a bug. It’s only coded for 3 images in options.php and slider-navio.php.

        By the way, love the theme!

  4. i have installed your market theme . this is not working properly on firefox browser . the pictures featured in post are not showing properly . please chek that..
    thank you and very good tempelate it is.

  5. Hi Rohit,

    Thank you for this awesome theme.
    Quick question, how would I go about completely removing the sidebar from pages and posts?

    Thank you,

  6. Hello Rohit,
    I have been using your Coller Pro theme for a time and all I can say is that is great, thank you very much. I have a question relating your new theme “market”.
    Is it possible to ran this theme just for one page, leaving the rest of the blog with the Coller theme?

  7. Hi, Your theme is very cool. I like it very much. But i think the word is too small. Can you tell me how to modification the word’s size?
    Thank you

  8. Hello,I use your theme market as my website theme.
    can you teach me how to revise the size of slide picture?
    now the pic seem to large>.<

    thank X 10000

    1. The suitable dimensions for slider images are width = 1200px. Height could be anything. For best results, use images with similar dimension.

  9. Hello!

    Thank you for the terrific theme!

    I have a question; when I try to add a variable product to my page (using woocommerce) I do not get the “add to cart” option. For the “simple product” I do get that option. Is there a way to fix that?

    Thanks again,


  10. I am using your Market theme for our online shop. It is our first online website and your theme looks great.
    We have 1 question : – The image Slider bar on the home page is limited to 3 images but your text notes say it should have 5 images available to upload?

    How can we allow 5 images to be uploaded to the slidebar?


  11. I am using your Market theme. Thank you for the great theme!

    I have a question about the home page. In your market Theme live demo only 6 featured image posts are displayed on the home page:

    In my page all my posts show up, looks like there is no limit.

    How can I limit this to 6 to look like your demo page ?

    Thank you!

  12. Thanks!

    Now the background color gray of my posts is displayed behind the featured images on the home page. Is there a way to hide that?

  13. What is the license situation for this theme?

    Can I use it to build my theme for commercial uses?

    thanks in advance

  14. Hi Thanks for the beautiful Theme.
    Where can I edit the Tile & tagline’s font size, style?
    And I would like to move it to the center, not on the left.

    Thanks again.

    1. YOu need to Edit the default.css file in order to make those changes. I would recommend using the CUstom CSS are to implement them, though.

  15. Hi,

    Thans for market. A beautyful theme.
    When i watch the site on a mobilephone i see “Select a page” for the primary menu. What is the file where i can translate this?
    Thans for awnsering

  16. Halo Rohit, i have try your theme “Market”, and i love it…!
    But, i can make that theme to be shop mode, like this “” and like this “”.
    Can you help me? Please…

  17. Hi. I use this template but when i upload and activeted Wocoomerce plugin i see 500 Internal Server Error. How can i active wocoomerce plugin ?

  18. Hi Rohit

    I am interested in your Market theme and have tried the free version.

    I have tried to create a child theme to edit the css styling but for some reason the child theme is not overriding the parent theme. I have followed all the instructions on how to create a child theme.

    Would you know what the potential issue is?


    1. You are not overriding the Css properly. You need to specify the proper path, as in parent css file in order to override. In Worst case, use !important attribute.

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