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Last Updated On: 2017-06-19
Current Version: 1.2.1

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After the Positive response, I received for my previous eCommerce theme “Market”, I decided to make another one. So, I present to you my new theme Seller. A Powerful theme with stunning features, built upon redux and bootstrap framework for backend and frontend, respectively. This is one of the most powerful WooCommerce Bootstrap theme you will come across. This theme has all the stunning features of Market and plus a lot more.

With a Completely redesigned interface, I am sure you will like this theme a lot. I have put in all efforts to give this one very premium looks. Let’s take a look at some of the core features of this theme.

Buy Pro Version

  • 100% Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Grid Layout
  • Supports Featured Images
  • Featured Slider
  • Showcase Area
  • Stunning Animation Effects
  • Redesigned Shop & Product Pages
  • Four Column Footer Widget area
  • Built on Bootstrap WooCommerce Framework

Can this theme work for Regular Blogs?

Absolutelyultely. In fact, the front page you see on the demo has nothing to do with woocommerce. That is how your site will look when you don’t have the plugin installed.

Setting up the Theme

  1.  Install and Activate WooCommerce.
  2. Set up WooCommerce Pages.(Option will be available as soon as you activate WooCommerce)
  3. Install and Activate Seller Theme.
  4. If you are running this theme on a New Site. You can stop here. Everything is ready to use.
  5. If you are running on an old blog or site, then you need to regenerate your thumbnails once.
  6. Now You are Done.

Using Featured Images

This is a Very basic feature, but still most people will ask me this: “How to set up the Post Thumbnails to Show up on the Blog and Shop Pages?” The answer lies in Featured Images. You need to set Featured images for your Posts and Product. Click here to know How to set Featured Images.

Note: For best results on all devices, use images larger in size. For e.g. Featured images should be atleast 450px wide and 300px tall.

Seller v1.2 Update

Recent Seller Theme Update, Version 1.2 Removed Theme Options, which could have led to removal of slider, showcase and social icons for some users. But Don’t Worry. These features are now available via Appearance > Customizer, You can easily set them up again.

We had to Remove Theme Options & Switch to Customizer because of Change of Rules by


Developing Free WordPress Themes takes a lot of time and effort. But the love and appreciation I receive from you all, encourages me to keep building more and more free themes. So if you loved this theme, please show your love by hitting one of these links.


  1. Hello, I am having such a problem with the Market theme. I cannot remove the two sets of pages. My Home,about us, contact and shop tabs are doubled ( one set below the other) and I do not understand why . Please help. Thanks

  2. Dear Rohit,
    This is just another great theme from yours. 🙂 I wanna ask how to make the logo (header image) stay full width size instead of the web title and tagline?

      1. 1. I want to do this as well. Is Custom CSS only available in the Pro version? I can’t type anything into the Custom CSS field in the free version.

        2. I would like to change the color of the link hover and the line above the sub-menus, Where can I do this?

        Thank you.

        1. 1. Custom CSS is available in both Free and Pro Version. However, if you are facing issues, you can always install “Custom CSS” Plugin.

          2. YOu will have to edit the css or less files in themes/seller/assets/css folder of your theme.

  3. Hello Rohit,
    I just love this template ! It’s so nice and clean 🙂
    I need to put a target=”_blank” on some of my links in the top nav menu. Where can I do that ?
    Thanks for your help,

    1. This is How you do it. Go to Appearance > Menus.

      1. On Top Left, you will see Screen Options. Click it.
      2. Then, check the box that says “Link Target”. Now you may close/collapse the Screen Options.
      3. Go to Any Menu Item, you wish to Edit.
      4. Now, you will see a new option called “Open Link in a New Window/Tab”. Check it.
      5. You’re done.

      Further Details ->

          1. Hello again 🙂
            This time I’d like to put: target=”_blank” on the showcase items. Is that possible ?

  4. Hello, I am interested in using this theme. I was curious, however, if it were an option to remove the “Designed by Rohit Tripathi.” from the bottom? Would this be ok with you? If not, would purchasing the pro version give access to this option?


    1. Yes, Its okay with me. And with Pro Version, you can replace the link with anything – your own copyrights, links, etc easily and directly from the theme options.

  5. Hi Rohit,

    I’m using the “Seller” theme. The reason that sold me on using it is the same that is giving me problems.

    The slider is almost taking all the space . How can I manipulate the size. Specially the height?

    1. Slider is 100% Resposnive. It will adjust Automatically on different screen sizes. However, if your images are too tall in height, they will look ugly everywhere. I recommened you to use images of the size 1200*400px or 1200*450px for best result.

  6. Hello there!
    I’m using your template through Managed WordPress at
    I love it so far, however I cannot figure out how to put images on the pages.
    In the blog posts they show up, but not on the pages?

    Thank you,

    1. You can manually insert images into the pages. Since, the concept of Pages and Posts are different. I give the option to fully customize the pages to the users, the way they want.

      1. There is an option to ‘Set featured image’ – but when I click on the option, add the image I want and click ‘use as featured image’ and ‘save all changes’ – nothing happens. I have to click back to the edit page screen and when I preview the changes I think I made, no image is there.

        I cannot seem to copy an image and paste in the page either.

        Please help!


        1. There seems to be an issue with your WordPress admin panel. This is something, which can not be affectd by the Theme at all. You could ask in WordPress Support Forums, for help.

          But let me also tell you, that there is no point setting a featured image for page in Seller Theme. For Pages, you have to insert the images manually, and place them at your desired position. Featured Images work with Posts only.

          In the next theme update, I will make sure Featured Images work with pages too.

          1. OK, is there a reason the ‘Add Media’ button in the edit pages area doesn’t do anything when I click it?


          2. This is something people at WP Support forum will be able to help you out. Please use the link I mentioned in previous comment to seek support.

            Alternatively, you could try re-installing your WordPress, or check if some bad plugin is causing this issue. Perhaps, deactivating them one by one, would help you find the culprit. If this doesnt help, WP Support Forums is the way to go.

  7. Hi Rohit, love the simplicity of Seller. Not so simple = no matter what I change the social links URL to, they all keep linking to the homepage of the blog. Also, once I get them working is there a way to run of the ones we don’t use?


    1. Hi Greg. This issue was present in one of the first version of the theme. It was fixed a long time ago. Please update your theme to the latest version, which is

  8. Using Seller, love it! I want to pad the main menu; so that sub-menus on the far right won’t get cut off. Inspector shows me that I need to edit in main.css but I can’t seem to access that file?
    Thanks, Rachel

  9. Hello Rohit, my very sincere query was deleted. Social media icons are enabled and URLs have been carefully typed. Changes have been saved—yet they all still link to the home page.

    In the meantime, I have uploaded all three showcase images and links. In Firefox only two showcase icons appear. In Safari just one.

    I would like to upgrade to Pro, please don’t delete.

    1. Hey, I never delete comments. Your Previous comment has been replied to.

      And btw, for the showcase issue in firefox, you need to update to latest version It has been fixed as well.

  10. Hi Rohit, I absolutely adore this theme and am using it for my amazing website, 😉
    The question I have is how do I make the pictures above the new posts all the same size? I was able to moderate the thumbnails for sizing each of the new posts below but not above. (ie top show case items) Thanks a million. Helen

    1. The Showcase images, are not automatically resized. You need to resize them manually. This is because, different users have different requirements, and automatic cropping of those images could cause problems.

  11. Dear Sir,

    I want to modify showcase.php, for open showcase in new window or tab. I didn t find how can i do this. I see upper, somebody ask same thing and your answer is „You need to edit the showcase.php file for that. Do it carefully. :)”. I try some things (including a java code in page), but don t work.
    This is the line with „url„. How can i modify???


    Can tou help me to solved this problem?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. In the following line href='”.esc_url($showcase['url']).”‘>”;

      Add an _blank target, like this.

      href='".esc_url($showcase['url'])."' target='_blank'>";

      It should work 🙂

  12. On the home page, how to I get rid of the “Leave a Reply – Comment” at the bottom of the page. I do not want that on the Home Page. I have the seller pro. Thanks

  13. I love the theme -but when I use block quotes the first letter is different from the rest of the quotes. If the quote is in bold the first letter e.g. ‘d’ will not be in bold. So I will have to change all the blockquotes I have!

    Can I change this so that the first letter is consistent with the rest of the blockquote?


    1. This does sound like an issue. I will look into it. And if this issue is due to the theme, it shall be definitely resolved in the next update.

  14. Hi Rohit!

    I’m sorry if you’ve already addressed this question, but is there a way to stop the automatic slider so that just the first image is showing? I’m hoping I can do this until I have more pictures to rotate rather than disabling the slider altogether.

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    1. If you are using Seller Pro, Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Slider Settings, and Turn off the Autoplay.

      Unfortunately, Its not possible in free version yet. Its better, that you add new slides only when you have images available for them. A slide without an image, doesn’t make much sense anyways.

  15. Hello Rohit,

    Under Theme Options > Slider – the slider showcase does not appear to work with IE. The images stack over each other and sit there. Is this a known issue and is there a solution?



  16. I am adding recent post part but on the main page the image says “no image available”. How can I manage to be seen?


  17. Ive just tried your theme update and received this.
    Fatal error: Call to a member function execute() on a non-object in /hermes/bosweb25b/b952/ipg.khandiz/wardrobebank/wardrobebank/wp-content/themes/seller/assets/frameworks/redux/admin/redux-framework/ReduxCore/framework.php on line 383

    I can’t access anything on my wordpress account now!?


  18. Hi there, I faced big problem when I updated the theme !?
    Ur showed

    Fatal error: Call to a member function execute() on a non-object in /home/content/p3nexnas06_data03/25/2146425/html/wp-content/themes/seller/assets/frameworks/redux/admin/redux-framework/ReduxCore/framework.php on line 383

    What’s wrong?

  19. Rohit,

    I just installed 2 of your free times and thinking about buying the premium versions. They are great.
    Today I received message that the Seller theme could be updated.
    Currently that theme is installed but not activated.
    I have an own child theme of the Market theme activated.

    When updating the seller theme (again: not activated, only installed), my site blocks out completely.
    Not even is reachable.

    Is that a bug in the update ?

  20. Rohit,

    the update of the seller theme does not seem to work properly. The whole site blocks out and nothing is visible. I can not even access site/wp-admin

    If I want to go to site/wp_admin the url changes to:

  21. Hi,

    I used the theme installer to install Seller, after having installed WP & WooCommerce, and received this error when trying to activate the theme…

    Fatal error: Call to a member function execute() on a non-object in /home/stubtv/public_html/wp-content/themes/seller/assets/frameworks/redux/admin/redux-framework/ReduxCore/framework.php on line 383

    I now have a non-working website. I can’t even login anymore without receiving this error. I keep getting this error everywhere. How to correct this? How to delete this theme?

    I noticed, from your prior comments that you have a new version out. Will this solve this error? Could you update the online installer to 1.0.04, or provide clear instructions how to install this file into WP, because I’m noob.

    1. Hi,

      OK. I deleted everything and uploaded woocommerce and seller with the original wp install, and i got it all working. I have one more question. I have read about child themes. Should I make a child theme from your seller theme, so that if you update your seller theme again, I won’t lose any of my changes?


  22. I tried to install version 4 however wordpress wont allow the file it says it is too big. Can you please do an update through wordpress so we can simply install. My whole webpage crashed after the update.

  23. Hi Rohit,

    Love the theme! But one problem. When I use blockquotes the them often puts the first letter of the blockquote in a different case e.g. if the quote is bold, the first letter will be unbolded. It also makes the first letter of a blockquote a different size.

    Is there a fix for this – it looks untidy.


  24. Hi,

    Really nice looking theme. Would love to use it, however, Live Preview for this specific theme seems to not be working. I don’t want to activate the theme and go live without knowing how it will look. I am using the theme for regular blogging with no WooCommerce installed.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  25. I am thinking of buying your theme Seller. I have some questions first. Sorry about my english, but i supose that you don’t speak greek either swedish. 🙂
    1. In pro theme kan i have sidebar on the main side?
    2. In the pro theme kan i show the slide bar in every post page?

  26. I’m trying to set up sub-menu items on the top navigation bar but it seems that the image slider covers them when they dropdown. what are my options here to solve that problem.


  27. Hi Rohit,
    Im very new at this sorry for asking a silly question but how do I connect Instagram to my my website? I’m using Seller and was able to connect Facebook but cant seem to find the option of connecting IG.
    Thank you

  28. Hi rohit,

    Great Theme By the way, Can you help me with the featured image/thumbnail of the posts? since one of the post’s featured image do not automatically resize to its default thumbnail size for preview. as a result, imbalance grid layout. I hope you can help me on how to fix this.


  29. Hi Rohit,

    I just started using your theme for my webshop and I love the possibilities. Just got one question..
    Is there any way I can center both Site Title/Site Branding and the Navigation Bar?

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Mick, thanks for the comment.
      In full width browsers, it’s not possible, but when viewing in a smaller device like a phone or tablet, it’s the default layout, i.e. it will all come in the center.

      IP Singh
      (Rohitink Support Staff)

  30. Hello! i have a problem, i maked a mistake, i deleted the footer in mi blog, i wanna come back again, can you help me? please!
    thank you! this is what i have:

    ‘footer’ ) ); ?>

      1. Still waiting for a response to my question waiting moderation from March. Hope you can help! Thank you.

  31. Hey, I’m trying out your theme Seller, but I enounter a little problem. I set featured image on posts and they do show up in my home page, but the problem is, since the images have different sizes, in the home page they show up with different length, causing some shorter image posts with empty white space under them. Is there a way to fix it like a auto crop or do I have to crop my all my images to a certain size in order to make them fit neatly? If so, what is the recommended size of those images? Thanks for your reply in advance!

  32. Hi –

    I am using Seller. I have enabled the Facebook social icon. When I click the icon, Facebook is opened in the same window as WordPress replacing my site. Can it be setup to open in a new window or tab?


  33. Hi I am using your theme now. Cool theme, btw. I’m just having troubles finding how to do the drop down menu on the pages just above the slider on the upper right hand. It says ‘Shop demo’ and ‘drop down’ on your theme demo. Please help me! Thank you!! 🙂

    1. The bug has been fixed in Seller Which will be available for update in 2 days. But, in meantime You can fix the issue by going to Appearance > Editor, then select social-fa.php file.

      Delete everything that’s in there. And add the contents present at this link to it.

      Save the file.

      1. Hi Rohit,

        I just did exactly what you suggested but the icons are not working still. Should I just wait for the update?


        1. It should have worked, send me the contents of social-fa.php via mail. I will see why it didn’t work.

          You can always wait for the update too 🙂

          1. Hi Rohit,

            I decided to wait for the update. Will it be ready soon? I have noticed that the email link in the header does not work along with the social icons.


  34. People cannot comment on my blog pages. The window does not display at the pottom for them to write things. How do I set it up?

  35. Hi Rohit,

    I couldn’t wait for the update and did as you have said in your reply and the social icons are now working. However, the email link in the top does not work still.


    1. Hi Christie,

      There is no email link at the top. Its just the email Section as of now. Which displays your email, besides the icon. But, I would consider adding an option to make it linkable in one of the future updates of this theme.

      But, just FYI, email links, attract spammers and thats how your mail ends up in smappers mailing lists.

  36. Hey, sorry to bother you again, but I have a question regarding the preformatted text. Sometimes the last word in a line is split instead of placing the whole word to the next line, and it breaks strangely. For example:

    This is an ex

    How can I fix this?

      1. Yea, for example in this page lepei(dot)me/aura-kingdom/duelist-gunslinger-guide/ , you will see in the end of second and third line, the word “have” and “and” are split instead of putting them onto the next line. Thank you for your response!

          1. I have tried that actually, but it didn’t work. I tried it again today in Custom CSS, CSS Stylesheet Editor, the style.css file as well, it doesn’t work. I’m using a child theme by the way, if that may affect this somehow? Should I reinstall the theme, or?

  37. On the front page,it shows 10 latest posts, 2 of them are alone at the bottom leaving a blank space, how do I change it to only show 8 latest posts? Thanks

  38. Hi Rohit, I have been using your theme, its perfect except for one thing – i can’t remove the page title on any of the pages, nor the grey band behind it.

    can you help?


      1. ah thanks

        where do i put that? (sorry i’m not very adept at using html)


  39. Hi, I love this theme, its perfect for my website but I’m having problems with the top menu, when its on full screen the drop down menu is far away from the link but if you make the browser window smaller they are fine. Could you help or let me know which css and .menu to adjust.Thank you. Jay

    1. By Default, there are no problems with the menu. Such issues occur, when you edit the css files yourself. Anyways, in your case the following piece of custom css will fix the issue:
      #top-nav #site-navigation ul ul { top: 7.8em; }

  40. Is it possible to centre the main logo as opposed to having it default to the left side of the page?

    1. The center Logo option is default for Mini Laptops. You can resize your browser to see the effect. By Default, it will be in left on large desktops.

  41. Hello,
    I love love love your Seller theme ….. One question, what size do you recommend for the featured image ? if you check my site, I have all different size 🙁 Please HELP

  42. I have been thrilled with the support I’ve received on my theme. Thank you. I would like to increase the font size of my main menu to at least 14 or possibly 15…where or how can I change this? Many thanks!

    1. Hello, I can help you make that change but it will introduce other anomalies. Please do it at your own risk. Add the Following Custom CSS.
      #top-nav #site-navigation a { font-size: 15px; }

  43. This theme is incredible and easy to customize. 🙂 One question though, where can I edit the homepage slider action from fade to just a simple slide? Thanks!

  44. Hello. I love your Seller theme, and I purchased Pro this evening. It’s awesome. A couple questions for you:

    1. Is there a way to increase the size of the social icons?
    2. Is there a way to get the social media page to open in another window rather than redirecting the user from my site?


  45. I suppose my only question left-since Im done and all looks great – under my page shop by category-the link with the numbers of how many items are showing is a bright yellow- any way to change the color? Or is this a woocommerce issue?

  46. Dear Sir,

    I have to say that you’re doing a good job, and I’m glad to use your theme Seller. But the sidebar is not showing on Woocommerce SHOP page and the same thing on categories pages (attribute is set to standard template) and I cannot figure out how to solve this issue.

    Thank you,

      1. I really like the Seller Theme. But is it still not possible to add a Sidebar to the Shop and Product category Pages?

  47. I just moved over to the Seller theme over the past couple of days. I’m having a problem with the slider image, though. It works fine in Safari, but is not showing up in Chrome. Any idea why that might be? My image size is 1440 x 450. Thanks.

    1. Never mind! The problem was that I only had one image set up in the slider. All fixed now. Thanks.

  48. Hi Rohit

    I am using the seller free theme it is very nice theme.. I have come across a problem with ‘shop ajax navigation widget’.. In Appearance – widget we have this shop ajax navigation widget for Narrow down the products list without reloading the page.. It’s fine and it show the all widget settings and I did the all settings and saved it. But It is not showing the widget in the side bar in live site. all other widget tabs or working good but this was not playing why?

  49. Hi Rohit, beautiful theme. I’m having a problem though, when I set the static page for Home, the title “Home” is there below the slider, how do I remove this? Hope it’s clear

  50. My apologies if you answered this already…
    Is there a way for the viewer to go between blog posts without having to back out to the homepage? Ideally, i’m looking for a “next” or “back/forward” to live at the end of each post – similar to the homepage.

    Can you advise how I can turn on that feature if there is one?

    Thank you in advance!

  51. Hi!

    Great template! \

    just a quick question: can I make my menu nav bar fixed?


  52. Download free version of Seller early January as it currently offers everything I need right now. Have been working on adding content but I am finding my content is only displaying in ‘Text’ format only. I do not have the option to switch to ‘Visual’ which appears to be a basic function in WordPress video tutorials. Very frustration and time consuming.

    Am I missing something here. Have gone through all areas of settings to try and find where to turn on option but have not yet found anything. Do not want to play around with editor coding as I only have basic knowledge.

    Earliest response greatly appreciated.

      1. Thank you for prompt response but I am still no closer to resolving problems. Should this basic function be available with the ‘Seller’ Theme?

        I have viewed through installed plugins to see if I can identify which one might be related to problem. Being new to this, I am not certain what I should be looking for.

        Do you know which of the plugins is related/necessary for this function that I can check for? Or, is this a matter I have to go directly to WordPress Support.


  53. Hey Rohit, Thanks for the great theme.
    Is it possible to have sidebar on the shop and product categories pages?
    I have the template set to default but cant see the sidebar

  54. Hi, we updated to 1.2, and now the slider only appears on the “posts” page instead of whatever we set to the static home page. Is there shortcode so that the slider can be put on any wordpress page?


  55. Hi Rohit, I’m back with yet another question. I’m currently using a custom page template for my homepage, and the slider or the showcase don’t appear, and I’m not sure what has gone wrong. I checked that I have enabled it in customize option.

    Thanks in advance!

  56. Hello. I updated your Seller theme, and now products don’t show up on any of my pages.

    Also, my blog categories under the menu don’t route me to the blogs in that particular category. Instead, for both of these issues, i’m routed through an “archives” page to the actual page. My pages are completely white. Can you help me out?



  57. Hi!

    This only happens when trying to implement a child theme.

    So it looks like the new update causes the colophon div and the header menu div to shift left leave blank space on the right side where it used to occupy.

    Appling the css rule float:none; fixes the issue in firebug but when attempting to override the rule using custom css ( doesn’t matter if it’s in the customizer or in the child style sheet ) the rule can’t be changed.

    It also causes issues with the dropdown menu on mobile screens. The divs on the header area are all misaligned and the dropdown menu displays improperly, pushing other divs off the screen.

    I can even empty out all the style sheets and custom functions.php files and have nothing but the theme info in the style.css of the child.

    The issue still persists.. So doesn’t seem like conflicting php or css.

    Also reverting to the parent theme fixes all issues. But now I can’t make custom functions in my child 🙁

    Deleting and re-installing the theme does not seem to fix the issue when re-enabling a new, blank slate child theme either.

  58. Hi, can I change the thumbnails in the free version? With Regenerate Thumbnails it doesn´t work…

  59. HI Rohit,

    I’m using your template but it seems that I cannot see the sidebar when I open the main page from the Webshop. It is visible on the productpages. Can you help me out?

    Thanks in advance.

  60. Hi Rohit,

    Many thanks for this theme. I have a quick question – I have made the “shop” page on my website the homepage, but I would like to remove the “shop” banner from the homepage along with the white space underneath it. How would I do this?

    Many thanks,

  61. Rohit hello, can you tell me where you change the width of the main container side, I want to have a wider page, 1200px width.

    1. It can be changed from the css only. Seller is built on bootstrap, which has a max container width of 1170px.
      So you can add this to custom css, but it may not work well throughtout.

      .container { max-width: 1300px; }

  62. Hi there

    Is it possible to change the background colors for the writing on top of the sliders and showcases? right now they have this blue is color. And can you also change the bars that are shown when you add sliders to your page?

    Thanks a lot


  63. Another thing – how do I remove titles on pages? I have tried using plugins and custom CSS but the titles are still shown. Do I need to change the theme file?

  64. Hello Rohit,
    Can you please let me know how to keep submenu or sub-submenu open in responsive mode?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Best regards,

  65. Hello! WordPress is telling me that the Seller theme has the following woocommerce file out of date:
    Just wondering if this is something you are planning to update?

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