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Last Updated On: 2015-01-09
Current Version: 1.07

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Verge is a Fine Magazine style theme which supports Woo Commerce as well. So, if you need a Magazine theme where you can sell products as well. Then Verge is the best choice for your WordPress theme. 

Verge has all the Features which are present in my other themes till now.

  • Built on Bootstrap 3.0
  • Uses Font Awesome Icons
  • Retina Ready
  • Featured Images
  • Responsive Carousel
  • Full Width Pages
  • Fully Responsive
  • 4 Column Footer Widgets
  • Translation Ready
  • WooCommerce Ready

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How to Install the Theme?

Download the zip file. Upload it to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload. That’s all. If you are facing problems using this method. The read the following article regarding alternative ways to install. Methods to Install a Theme

Setting Up Post Image Thumbnails

To Replace the Default Thumbnails in the Image, all you need to do is set a Featured image for your posts. While you are creating a post, or editing one. Look into the right bottom area, for an option to “Set Featured Image“. Use that option to set an image and your done. Make sure that images you upload are atleast 400px*275px. And you are good to go.

Setting Up Top Ad unit

To Display an Ad in the Top Region, Go to Appearance > Widgets. And Insert a Text Widget containing your ad code or snippet in the Top Ad Widget Area. This Ad unit is meant to work with simple image/links ads. But, however on request I have optimized it to work with Responsive Adsense Units. Now, You can simply place in your Responsive Adsense code, and it will work perfectly. Make sure that when you create you Adsense Ad unit, you select the Size to be Responsive. Read Following article for help. Creating a Responsive Ad Unit in Adsense.

For Any other Help, comment below.

Developing Free WordPress Themes takes a lot of time and effort. But the love and appreciation I receive from you all, encourages me to keep building more and more free themes. So if you loved this theme, please show your love by hitting one of these links.


  1. Hello Rohit

    I am testing the Verge theme and… is very beauty. But I like me “hide the ad widget in the header”, I like me put in “withe”, I upload a image but no resize.

    The menus in Firefox when the cursor is over the blue line, then the sub-menus hide

    The titles in widgets I think should be some pixeles smaller

    I am continuous testing, great theme!!

  2. Is it possible for you to let me know how to make the Main home index where the blog posts appear be a 3 column instead of a 2 with a right sidebar widget. Could this be done with this template because i really wanted 3 columns on the main homepage.

    Hope you are able to help me with this 🙂

  3. I have installed this theme on my blog. It is quite beautiful and professional. But the first image of the post cannot display on the homepage as thumbnail. How can I solve this problems? Any help will be appreciated.

    1. Hi Cherry,

      For the Thumbnails to appear correctly on the Homepage, you need to set a featured image for each post. To set a Featured Image, while you are Editing a Post, or creating a New one. You will see an option on the Bottom right which says, Set featured Image. Just use it to set an image for your post. It will automatically then show up on the Homepage.

      More Details on How to set Featured Images

  4. Hello Rohit

    Another problem: the advertising in the header (I am using Adsense) no show full. And I like me add “Advertising” text before the ad, but there is not space for this.

    Thanks for help me.

  5. Hello Rohit

    I like me change the font size and font family in the post editor, it is possible? I am testing with some plugins, but not working, and the font is very small in my screen computer. Thanks for support

  6. Hi, love the design. Have a few questions:

    what size should we use for the header image that would render best?

    how do i change the color of the top text and the section headers?

    is there a way to change the # of widgets that dispay on the homepage vs a post page?


    1. The current images you are using on your site, are perfect. You just need to resize the Thumbnails once, and your site will look beautiful.

      Install The Regen. Thumbnails Plugin, and activate it. After that, Visit Dashboard > Tools > Regen Thumbnails. And Regenerate all thumbnails.

      Option to Change Colors is available only in Pro version.

      You can have different widgets on Homepage and Posts, by using the “Simple Sidebars” Plugin.

  7. Hi Rohit, I love the theme and tested it out for my blog. Makes my blog looks very nice in the browser and also on the phones. I have one issue that I couldn’t find in any of the options – once I’m in post, there is no way for me to navigate to the next or the previous post. Any ideas? Did I miss something in the theme options or do I need to tweak the editor code? Would greatly appreciate your response.

      1. Oh wow, thanks!! Looking forward to the update 🙂
        Qq – so will I be able to automatically update the theme, just like wordpress? Please lmk.

          1. Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to the update.
            I have one more suggestion – in the list of social icons that appear at the top of the theme, are you planning to add the “Pinterest”? I would love to add a link to my pinterest page. Thanks!

          2. Hi Rohit, any eta on when the update will be available? I’ve been checking every day.

          3. Thanks Rohit! Also, on my question in the earlier comment regarding the list of social icons that appear at the top of the theme, are you planning to add the “Pinterest”? Please advise. Thanks!

          4. Currently, I do not have plans on adding pinterest. I prefer to keep some icons in pro version only But, I will think of a workaround which will allow free users to add 1 or more icons of their own.

  8. Hi, Great theme. You can ignore my last question about ad units. I was able to create responsive ad units in AdSense. However the issue with the ads in mobile view being right justified instead of centered still remains. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks…

    1. I have fixed the issue. Please wait for the Update version 1.04 to go live. I have made some changes to the theme, which will enable the adsense units work properly.

  9. Hi,

    why this name for this theme?
    in french the word Verge means penis.
    Rename the theme would be nice.

    Thank You

    1. Oh Crap!! I wasn’t aware of that. However, its an English name. It can not be changed, as it has been submitted to WordPress. So, I guess, the french people feel weird when the read Verge – The magazine or their website 😛 😛

  10. Dear Rohit, I am very pleased with Verge theme on WordPress/Hostgator, but yesterday when I was working at Yoast SEO social menu, I received this message: Fatal error: Call to a member function execute() on a non-object in /home2/miasesor/public_html/wp-content/themes/verge/assets/frameworks/redux/admin/redux-framework/ReduxCore/framework.php on line 383
    I would appreciate your cooperation to solve this problem.
    Many thanks!

      1. A few bugs with this theme i thought you’d might like to know about, shame as it’s a good theme if only it worked…
        I have spent hours, still cant solve these issues.
        Drop down menu only works on homepage, if i navigate to another page then the dropdown doesn’t work. this means i cannot add any shop categories to a drop down. There is also no woocommerce sidebar in widget area which should have been added by default when woocommerce was installed, for some reason your theme doesn’t do this. The shop page doesn’t show default sidebar so i cannot even use that to show product categories.

        1. The Dropdown issue is with Chrome’s current version, it will be fixed soon as soon as Chrome Updates. It will be automatic.

          To have a different Sidebar for woocommerce page, use the Simple Sidebars Plugin.

      2. Hi Rohit, i had the same problem with previous comment. how do i install it if i could not open wp-login? many thanks

  11. Dear Rohit, I’m having trouble with the home carousel since I enabled this option. And desable option doesnt work when I save the change. Please give me a hand. Regards.

    1. This issue should not be there. If you are facing difficulties saving the theme options. Perhaps, try installing the Redux Framework Plugin, separately and see if that solves the issue.

  12. Hi there!

    This is a great theme. I’m wondering if it’s possible to select featured images for some posts, and no image or placeholder for other posts?

    Also, the drop-down menus work on the home page, but don’t drop-down on any other page. I would love to have them work the same way on all pages.

    In terms of the layout of the home page, I notice that all the posts are allocated the same amount of space, so that some posts have empty space at the bottom, to maintain the structured layout. Have you considered the option of a masonry-style layout? That way the posts would just be laid out to occupy whatever space they need, without potential blank spaces.

    If these are options in the Pro version, then I’m happy to buy that.


  13. Hi there, I am facing some issues with the menu (transition and delay) while using the last evrsion of Chrome.. all plugins are deactivated at the moment, updated for the last version, still the same problem. Can u please give me some advice about this? Thanks a lot. Would not like to change the theme, I like this one a lot =) good job over there, thanks

  14. Hi Rohit,
    thank you for this great theme!

    I am wondering how/if I can create a dynamic front page, where I can add content plus add the recent posts widget and not only recent posts.

    Is this possible? If not, would this be possible in the Verge pro version?


    1. Hey Susanne!

      I am not sure I understand what you need. There are plugins like widgets in posts which can help you add recent posts to pages along with extra content. Contact me on mail if you have specific needs.

  15. Hi Rohit
    I use your theme on my blog and I like it a lot ! it perfectly matches the picture i always had in my mind for my blog (the masonry style)
    is there a way i can change title /heading ackground color from blue to black or any other color? also i need to decrease margins , how can i go about it ?
    thanks in advance

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