Etrigan is yet Another Powerful Feature Packed Theme which you may wanna use for your blog. The speciality about this theme is its fast loading nature and light color scheme. It is suitable for all kinds of blog, as it offers multiple layouts to showcase your blog. Integrated with WooCommerce, it will help you set up your eCommerce site as well.


Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Major Features of the theme.

  • Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Featured Content Areas
  • Featured Product Areas
  • Main Slider
  • Multiple Blog Layouts
  • Built on Customizer for Live Editing of the theme.
  • SEO Friendly
  • Customizable Menu


How to Add a Logo?
How to Configure the Menu Bar
How to Use Menu Description?
How to Add Icons to Menu Bar Items?
How to Set up Sliders, and Featured Product Showcase
How to Set Header Image?
How to Set Image Thumbnails for Posts?
How to hide Featured Images on Posts?
How to Set Up Everything Else like Slider, Social Icons, Featured Posts, etc?
How to Fixed Blurred Product Images, or Improper size of Images?

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If you have any queries, post a comment below & I will try to answer it.

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  1. Hi!

    I like the theme, but having problems with the header image.
    The image becomes blurry and goes grayish when I’m on the blue skin.
    On the orange skin the image stays clear and colorful, but only scales for about half the page.

    Anyway to fix these problems?

  2. Hi, the pictures in the blog post outline are not equal .
    I want buy the pro version you have a German support ?

    1. Please install and Run Regenerate Thumbnails. It will resolve your issue.
      Yes, Pro Vesion supports German and all other Languages.

  3. Hello, I like the theme, also having problems with the header image.
    The image becomes grayish on any skin. i reload the image from the site and is normal, the template is making something when is displaying it. do you have any fix ?

    1. That is intentional. It helps in making the Header text readable. But if u have not header text. Add this to Custom CSS to make the header image bright.

      #header-image img { -webkit-filter: brightness(1); filter: brightness(1); }

  4. I like the theme very much, looking at going pro with when my site goes live however i am not able to see the menu from my mobile phone

  5. Hi, I love the theme but I’m having trouble with the 3d pr.oducts slider. It doesn’t slide and doesn’t go to the products and the bar with the writing goes over the edge of the image on the right hand side

  6. I just checked it works on my iphone but not my laptop. But on my iphone the related products don’t align properly on my iphone but the look fine on my laptop

  7. Hi Rahit,

    I have this theme on two different sites but for some reason the featured image in the blog posts behaves differently on my iphone for the two different sites. WHen I go to the blog posts page on one site the featured images show up. But on the other site the featured images don’t show either in the blog post page or in the post themselves. I couldn’t find any settings that may have caused this – but i may have just missed it. They both work fine on my PC

  8. Hello,
    can you give me a hint where to change the collapsed navigation-menu background-colour (dark-greyish) at mobile view?
    It doesn’t seem to apply my changes made in style.css, default.css and/or slicknav.css

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