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Forest is a Very High Quality WordPress theme featuring a Very Rich and Elegant Responsive Design. It supports numerous Options to showcase your content, comes in more than one colour schemes and has a fully configurable sidebar. Multiple Blog layouts make it the best choice for those who don’t like the default ones.

All in all, if you give this theme a chance there is very less probability that you will regret. If you do, I am here to help you and fix any reported bugs quickly. Go ahead, take a look and Download.

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If you need any help related to the theme, feel free to post a comment below and I will try my best to help you out.


How to Add a Logo?
How to Configure the Menu Bar
How to Set up Sliders, Showcases and Featured Product Showcase
How to Set Header Image?
How to Set Image Thumbnails for Posts?
How to hide Featured Images on Posts?
How to Set Up Everything Else like Slider, Social Icons, Featured Posts, etc?
How to Fixed Blurred Product Images, or Improper size of Images or Products?

Developing Free WordPress Themes takes a lot of time and effort. But the love and appreciation I receive from you all, encourages me to keep building more and more free themes. So if you loved this theme, please show your love by hitting one of these links.


  1. Hello, I’m using your Forest theme and I can not make some changes. It would be possible to help me?
    The site is this:

    I would like to
    1: Leave the largest logo
    2: Taking this white background is on the right
    3: List 12 products in all products. He only list 10 and is on a page break.

    Sorry if any term is wrong. I’m using google translator.
    I hope you see my message and answer me.
    Kind regards.

    1. Hi, the height of the logo is restricted to a maximum value, so that it doesn’t break the site layout. You can not use very large logos.
      To Modify the no. of Products per page: Go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading. And Change the value from 10 to 12.

  2. FYI – the site logo code is messed up for the Forest theme. There seems to be an issue with the a href= line in the custom header.

      1. Thanks – 1.0 is not showing up yet on wordpress updates…as soon as it does I will update!

  3. First of all… I’m in LOVE with this theme! I’m having an issue with sliders “ghosting” behind one another when they’re not the same size. I tried making them all 1000 high, but I’m still having the problem. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Kim,

      Its important that all your slider images are of same width and height. This is not just recommended for better performance issue, but it also looks beautiful this way.

      Currently, your slider images are not of same width and height(both). When you are cropping the images, make sure u Fix width and height both to a value.
      For Example: I prefer slider images to be of 1440*400px exactly.

    2. UPDATE: Now the slider is capable of adjusting its height automatically, if diff sized images are used. Update your theme to latest version
      Although, I would recommend using images of same dimensions.

      1. Updated the version , I could fix the number of display of products but now it only shows 2 per line. Where do I change for 3 products per line ?
        Thanks for listening. I am satisfied with the theme and the doubts resolved quickly.

          1. not yet appeared the upgrade option on my dashboard .
            I have a multisite and I clonus the theme to create new sites. Before upgrading cloning was perfect and now he clones with all distorted.
            It will be a bug?

  4. Im having an issue with the slider in that the arrows and the button link appear below the slider images and text, as if the layer is dropped underneath the slider. Can you have a look and advise? PS I love the theme, been searching for hours for a good theme before I found this one.

  5. Hey Me again,

    I just have one request from this theme. The custom feature on the homepage looks great on a desktop and laptop, but it doesn’t look so good on a mobile and tablet as it doesn’t respond. On google speed test the site received a negative mark because of this. Any chance you could modify it so that the individual feature tabs fill the screen?

    Love the theme and have left you a sweet review on wordpress.

  6. The theme loos very versatile and easy to use. I’m only having one issue with the slider since it lefts a blank space between it and the showcase images how can I solve it?…. also whit is the recommended size for the showcase pictures. Thanks

    1. There is no recommended size for Showcase images. They all should be of the same size, that’s it.
      And for the slider spacing issue, could you paste the link to screenshot here so that I can see it?

    1. Advanced Social Icons will be available in Pro Version only. But I will considering adding option for one custom icon in free version as well, sometime in the future.

  7. Hi! thanks for your theme. I have 2 issues:

    1.) My Logo is squarish, but your design caters for a longish logo. Can this be fixed? You may see my site to see what i mean.

    2.) Is there a way to make the sidebar ONLY enabled in the Homepage. For the rest of the pages I would like it not just set to invisible but actually disabled. This is important because I want the space returned to me.
    Hope u can help. Thanks in Advance.

    1. If you Decide to use a Square Logo, make sure its height is less than or equal to 70px.

      And Regarding Sidebar Enabled only on Homepage. Options are available in Pro Version to make this happen.
      But, In Free Version you you could edit the page.php file to manually remove the slider. And Make the #primary-mono full width with some CSS.

  8. is there a recommended size for the logo image? I uploaded an image, and it keeps squeezing it vertically. I played around with the slider to shange the size, thinking that was it, but it’s still squeezed

  9. Love Forest. I have in the past purchased seller pro. On Forest, the “Featured Posts Showcase” Top Coverflow Slider: The pics don’t connect to the corresponding posts? Is there a way to change this? The Square boxes and 3D Cube seem to do this.

    1. In the Coverflow slider, you need to click the name of the product(At the bottom) to link to the products.
      Clicking on the product image, makes it scrollable.

  10. I am having a problem with the blog posts page, all that is showing is a grey square with a generic image. But when I hover over the square it does enlarge so that is very fancy. But there is nothing showing other than the date. The link works; when i click the grey box it goes to the blog post. So the post exists but the posts page is not showing any of it, just some sort of default placeholder image. Please advise.

  11. I solved my problem that I asked about earlier; I could not see anything in the blog post previews because I had removed all the .entry-header for rest of site via css.

  12. Is there a way for the main slider to appear on all the pages and not just the main page?

  13. Hi, I noticed that the images on my site look fine on my laptop and some larger screened smartphones, but on the iPhone 5s and 6 some of my featured images get turned sideways. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


  14. Love the theme… thanks!

    Can you provide the largest specific recommended file size and dimensions for a logo? I’ve really been at this for hours and can’t get it to fit right.

    1. Please disregard my previous question re: the log size. I finally worked it out. Thanks again for the great template!

  15. Hello Rohit! Love the Forest theme.

    I’m looking for an easy way to add the publish time to my blog posts. What is the best way to do that?

  16. Looks like this themes styles are not working 100% within Internet Explorer. Is this a known issues, and would there be an update for this anytime soon? Thanks

    1. Hi. I would be happy to fix any issues with IE latest versions. But We do not support IE 10 and Older, anymore.
      Because the percentage of people using those browsers is very very low and insignificant.

      1. Hi, thank you for your help 🙂

        Another qn: Does this theme affect the SEO snippet? I can’t seem to alter my site’s snippet with Yoast SEO

        1. Absolutely not. Forest Theme is fully Compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin.
          If you unable to see changes in google, that’s because changes will be visible in google only after your site is recrawled and not instantly.

  17. Hi, great theme.

    I have a widget on the posts page showing categories.

    On a mobile device it is placed at the bottom of the posts.

    I would like to place it near the top, between the menu and posts.

    Can you help please. Is there a Custom CSS code?

    Thank you.

    1. I am sorry. There is no custom css code for it, and it would require editing the PHP files.
      Why don’t you add categories to the menu bar? So that mobile users can see categories on the menu which at top in mobile and desktop both.

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