Nitro is a Very Premium Quality, Highly Stylish WordPress Theme with Countless Features. Built using the Modern Bootstrap 3.0 Framework and Integrated Font Awesome Icons. This theme provides every basic thing a user may need. From Multiple Fonts, Multiple Skins to Multiple Featured Areas. Nitro has been carefully designed to enhance performance in all display devices, ranging from small phones to gigantic desktops.

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How to Add a Logo?
How to Configure the Menu Bar
How to Add Icons the Menu Bar?
How to Set up Sliders, and Featured Product Showcase
How to Set Header Image?
How to Set Image Thumbnails for Posts?
How to hide Featured Images on Posts?
How to Set Up Everything Else like Slider, Social Icons, Featured Posts, etc?
How to Fixed Blurred Product Images, or Improper size of Images?

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If you have any queries, post a comment below & I will try to answer it.

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    1. Yes. Theme already supports all latest versions of WooCoomerce. If you face any difficulty, let me know here. I will help you out.

    1. Currently, the theme is not live. Its in Beta stage. It is expected to go live in less than a month. once its live, I will add more features.

  1. Hi… please can i ask about Nitro – Enable Square Boxes & Posts Slider.
    there was that 3D Cube working will
    but now when i enable the post boxes sliders, the design goes very wide and all images appear on one line, in the square boxes. without 3d Cub

    thank you for your help 😀

    1. Hi Alaa,
      As I replied to you on email. The problem is due to your Menu. It has some characters which are disrupting jquery.
      Please recreate the menu step by step and the problem will go away.

  2. Hi,
    I’m currently working on a website with this theme (really nice theme by the way) and I’ve incorporated the front page slider. The slider is showing up on all the pages even though the toggle for all pages is off. Any suggestions? The site is currently on a virtual server on my computer so I’m afraid I can’t share the site.

  3. Hi, Rohit!
    I’m using the Nitro theme for a site I’m creating, and I have to tell you that I love it! It’s great! However, I do have two somewhat significant issues with it.

    One: How can I set up drop-down menus?

    Two: Why can I get only two categories to show up? I really need more than that.

    Thank you very much for sharing your talent and skills with us!

    1. 1. You can Create the Menus from Appearance > Menus.

      2. You can create as many categories you want. You can do that either while creating a post, or from Dashboard > Posts > Categories.

  4. Hi, Rohit–Now I have another question: Can you recommend a text editor I can use with this theme which will allow font options like underlining, more font colors and sizes, etc? Thank you.

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