Synapse is a Very Stylish Magazine Theme for WordPress. It has a Full Width Layout, which is quite rare these days. Also, It has specially designed components which one would see in a Magazine theme only. Multiple Colors Used in this theme give it a very trendy look. Overall, You should be very satisfied with this theme.
Synapse has been carefully designed to enhance performance in all display devices, ranging from small phones to gigantic desktops.

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How to Add a Logo?
How to Configure the Menu Bar
How to Add Icons the Menu Bar?
How to Set up Sliders and Featured Posts?
How to Set Header Image?
How to Set Image Thumbnails for Posts?
How to hide Featured Images on Posts?
How to Set Up Everything Else like Slider, Social Icons, Featured Posts, etc?
How to Fixed Blurred Product Images, or Improper size of Images?

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If you have any queries, post a comment below & I will try to answer it.

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  1. Hi Rohit,
    I have downloaded Synapse and would like to know how to use the theme from the downloaded zip file in my WordPress.

    Raghu K T

  2. bad, bad bad
    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\Genial\wp-content\themes\synapse\framework\theme-functions.php on line 90

  3. Love your theme! I’m using it as a blog for the moment! Is there a way to allow someone to “subscribe” to my page and get notifications when I post a blog?

    Thank you!

  4. Love the theme, even more so with my custom css, only one thing I can’t resolve, how would I go about added a search box in the very top nav area?

    1. Oh Wow!! I see the modifications you have made to this theme.
      This theme does have a search button besides the social icons. But I think you’ve disable it.

      Anyway, To add a search form to top bar, go to Appearance > Editor > header.php
      Look for div with id top-bar and add the following snipper somewhere in it. I am sure you will be able to style it.

      < ?php get_search_form(); ?>


  6. I think I figured it out. Those are actually “page” options. I have to make them private in order for them not to show up. If there is another way Please let me know. Thanks!

  7. Hello, Like and am designing a website with your theme, a couple things:
    1. how do I get rid of the search button?
    2. How do I make a media photo enlarge when someone clicks on it?


    1. For the search icon, add this to custom css

      #masthead #search-icon { display: none; }

      When someone clicks on a post, it automatically takes you to the post page with enlarged photo.
      Or you are talking about photos in the post? For that you can try a gallery plugin.

  8. Not compatible with the current version of WordPress? Category links are throwing up an error when clicked on, “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_categories() …”

  9. Excellent job, I really like it. As soon as have got more money I will probably ask you to change some few thing. But for the moment everything’s working very well.
    Thanks a lot

  10. Hi Rohit, lovely theme…

    Question for you, please: I am trying to replicate the format of the homepage

    The area at the top, where there are boxes to other pages (but not dated) – how did you create those so that there are X number along the horizontal?

    When I’ve tried to do it from the Main Slider (RT Slider) part of the customise, it just gives me one HUGE picture and title, rather than the neat row of boxes on your version.

    Any help you can share would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thanks for the UK.


  11. Hi Rohit,

    Love the theme!

    Wanna ask is your Synapse theme have a feature to show “related post” below the every single post I create? Thank you.

  12. Hi Rohit, i really like the theme.

    I have a question for you, how to make the Featured Posts slider become under Main Slider (RT Slider).
    Because right now it’s the opposite.
    Thank you

    1. I am sorry, I did not understand.
      You want to input your own data for featured posts slider. If so, thats not possible. It fetches data from Selected posts category only.

      1. I’m sorry if my english confusing you.
        What i mean is the position. Can the position switched?

        Right now the position is :
        – Title
        – Featured Post
        – Main Slider (RT Slider)

        Can i make it become :
        – Title
        – Main Slider (RT Slider)
        – Featured Post.

        Thank you

        1. HI Adikal,

          To switch the positions, you will have to edit the header.php file from Appearance > Editor

          At the bottom of the file, you will see line(s) of code which determine the position of the sliders.

          Switch those lines as whole, with each other and your job is done 🙂

      2. Adikal is asking how to switch the positions of the RT Slider and the Featured Posts slider. If both are activated, The Featured posts slider appears above the RT Slider. He’s looking to make the RT Slider appear above the Featured Posts slider.

        Currently, with both activated, as you scroll down the page, the RT Slider shows first, then as you scroll down further, the Featured Posts slider is shown. He’d like to have the Featured Posts slider appear first, then the RT Slider to show under that as you scroll down.

  13. Hi Rohit,
    Thank you for the theme!
    Two questions for you, thank you.
    1) #masthead #search-icon { display: none; } at me for some reason does not work. Can I remove the button in any other way?
    2) How to change the background color of the text in the post?

  14. @rohit – okay, thanks for the message above… i thought it would a simpler task and i’d missed a checkbox somewhere 🙂

    Thanks for the reply.


  15. How do you change the color of the text in posts? I’d like the text to be black.

  16. RT Slider doesn’t show call to action button. any solution?

    2ndly, is there any way to permanently show post title?

    1. Currently, Synapse theme doesnt support Call to Action buttons. I will add it though.
      Permanent Post titles are not possible right now. But I will surely consider it for a future update.

  17. Hello Dear
    I love Your Theme i using your theme on my site i face i little problem i slider all images are not same width and height how i can make same size of all slider images can you please tell me and when i use your RT slider the slider take image’s total width and height i want to get slider same size for all images by default values

  18. Nice theme with lots of adjustment options. I noticed a problem on page showing category list or tag list on small screens (ipad upright, but not on ipad horizontal or mobile). On small screen (bootstrap col-sm-) sidebar overlaps post list in stead of being positioned underneath list, like on extra small screens.

  19. Hi Rohit
    I have downloaded this theme right now. I would like to know how to remove My account and Cart options from the top. Since I havent started with ecommerce I dont want them on my blog.

  20. Hi Rohit,

    You template is the best! 🙂

    There is one thing I would change. Can you tell me how you can change the size of thumbnails on the home page (Featured Posts Slider). I would like to place the book covers. I can not find it in the CSS 🙁

    Please help…

    1. Go to Appearance > Editor > Functions.php
      Find synapse-thumb. And Edit its dimensions to whatever value you want.

      After doing so, make sure to regenerate the thumbnails.

  21. Hi Rohit, I am a real newbie to WordPress. I am using this theme with beaver builder, I love it. I am trying to increase my page speeds. I had great page speeds (98/100) before converting to this theme but now I am getting lots of issues (62/68). The main one above the fold –…4.5.0/css/font-awesome.min.css?ver=1.7.8. I know it is just comes up with this theme as I changed to others and increased my page speed and this query doesn’t come up. What to do I have spent five days now trying to fix. Can you help??

    1. Hello,

      We do not load font-awesome from
      We use a bundled version of it. Please check which plugin is loading the bootstrapcdn version of it.

  22. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to change the color of the skins?

    1. It will be possible with the pro version. Right now, I can take a few requests. So let me know what colors you want I will add it to the free version in a future update.

  23. Hi there, I’m using your theme on, but no matter what I try, the background image will not display. I go to the custommise menu and can change the logo, tag line and perform all the normal edits as per normal wordpress themes

    But when I select a background image, it appears for a split second and then is gone.

    Is this something that happens a lot?

    Really appreciate and enjoy your theme otherwise.

    Please help.

    1. Hi, This is a full width theme. It does not support background image.
      Try adding this to the custom css to see if background works.

      #page { max-width: 110px; margin: 20px auto; }

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