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Nevler is a simple and beautiful WordPress designed keeping in mind small to medium scale blogs, news or magazine websites.  It has a section to show your most important news and a beautiful blog area to showcase all your blog posts. The background is fully customisable. And a Bonus, you can sell stuff through this theme too as its fully woocommerce compatible.

Nevler is Fully SEO Optimised, with all tags properly used. Its Mobile Friendly with a 100% score on Google’s mobile friendliness test.

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If you are facing any issues while using this theme or have any other queries, post a comment below & I will try to answer it.


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  1. i don’t see Custom CSS in ” Design & Layout” to add “.single .wp-post-image { display: none; }”

    1. I am sorry about that. I had to remove the custom css option to support the custom css releasing with WordPress 4.7 on December 6.

      You can either wait till then, or install any custom css plugin.

    2. To get around this I made a 10px x 10px white box and used that as my “Featured Image.” It replaces the placeholder image and you can’t see it.

  2. nice template dude ! Good job i’m using it .

    but one thing tho .. how to disable Infinite scroll when we browse on mobile screen ?

  3. Thanks for this theme. How can I change the blue bar styling on the side of the main container area and the bottom of the site?

  4. How to change the text from “Read more” to “Leia mais..>” in resumed posts?
    Excelent template. Thanks!

  5. How do I get the whole post to appear on the posts page without having to link to another page to read the full post?

    1. First you need to determine which layout are you using from Appearance > Customize > Design and Layout > Blog Layout. There are 2 options, Nevler and Standard(Basic). After that go to Appearance > Editor and look for one of the following files depending on your layout.


      And search for the_excerpt() and replace it with the_content(). This should solve your problem.

      1. Hi Rohit. Thanks for replying. In the Editor there are no pages named “content-grid.php” or “content-nevler.php.”

        I went through every page looking for “the_excerpt” and “the-content”. Couldn’t find “the_excerpt” on any of the php pages, nor any code anywhere to limit the number of lines or characters of the posts. Is it possible that things got moved around in your latest update?

        1. From your cpanel/file-manager Navigate to wp-content/themes/nevler/framework/layouts/ You will find the files here. And if possible, try to use a child theme or you will lose modifications with theme update.

          1. Yay. Thank you. It worked. I also commented out the “read more” text & link.

            Thanks again. It is a very nice theme.

  6. Hello Rohit, Very glad you are actively communicating with your users. First let me say: GREAT THEME. I love the amount of customization you have put into it a click away without having to get deep into CSS.

    That being said, I am looking to make the main content container slightly transparent and was hoping you could provide me with the code to place into the custom css area to get this done. I have tried a few different things, but apparently I am not calling out the correct container because it does not seem to be working. Much thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. Here is your custom css:

      .mega-container {
      background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.9);

      Change 0.9 to the value you want between 0 or 1, to control opacity.

  7. Hi Rohit! Where can i rename the ‘Read More’ word to another on the home page at post??
    I want to insert a slider to the main page in the content section, not above the content and the sidebar which i managed?

    1. Read my Reply to Myra to find the the files you need to edit to replace the Read More text.
      To Insert a slider in the content section, you could use the Meta Slider plugin or any other Shortcodes plugin which supports a slider.

      1. Thx. 🙂 Another question: where can i find this sectionˇˇ??

        Now i inserted the slider shortcode to the header, but it appears at single post to, i need it just on the front/home page. Where i need to insert that shortcode?

        1. Add the Shortcode like this in the header.php file wherever u want it.

          < ?php if (is_front_page() ) : [SLIDER SHORTCODE HERE]; endif; ?>

          Make sure u dont put

  8. Thanks for your work Rohit, Is it possible to move the featured content section to the footer area?

  9. Hello. I’ve noticed that if you are using static pages, the section that usually shows “Popular Posts This Week ” has a problem on the latest Safari (mac), ipad, iphone. Instead of collapsing down to nothing, like it does on chrome and firefox, there’s a gap where the background color shows through between the search bar and the start of the content. Is this something that you can fix, or can i remove that part entirely or make a new template that resolves this issue?

    1. You are correct, this is something I should fix. I don’t why I thought a visible background in between would look good.

      I will fix it in next theme update.

  10. Rohit thanks for the help, was quick and easy. I do have (hopefully last) question for you.

    I want the featured image to show on the post summary page, but I do NOT want it to show in the actual blog post – is there a way to do this easily, or would it have to be an update to the theme on the backend?


  11. Hi Rohit,

    thanks for the great theme! I’m searching for the place where to hide the space between the upper menue/search bar and the content. The content should start directly after the menue column. Is there any chance to get rid of this space? THanks for your help.


    1. Sebastian, that bug was fixed in a theme update.
      Can you share the screenshot of your site please, since its under coming soon mode, i can not see it right now.

  12. Hi Rohit, I m looking to import an image that covers the full width of the container, but the theme is resizing them to 640 wide even when I have set the wp imgsrc class to size-full. is there a css overide for this?
    thank you very much.

  13. Hello Rohit,

    thanks for the lovely theme, i like it very much!
    I’m relatively new to making websites so I’m not sure how to position ‘the featured image’ to the center in a post, because they usually on the left which makes me crazy 😀
    Thank you!

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