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Last Updated On: 2017-04-23
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Newp 2.0
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Newp 2.0 is a rebuild of the Newp WordPress theme. I have kept all the design elements almost the same, so the look and feel in this upgraded version is essentially the same. This brand new version comes with a lot of new features as well including

  • multiple skins and colors
  • google fonts
  • 2 Blog Layouts
  • configurable Sidebar
  • custom widgets
  • full woocommerce compatibility
  • bootstrap 3.0 responsive framework
  • a new featured posts area
  • highly configurable slider

It has all the other basic features included in all the themes at like a mobile friendly design, SEO optimized structure, navigation menus, footer widgets, custom footer text, etc.

WooCommerce Shop Demo


How to Add a Logo?
How to Configure the Menu Bar
How to Set up Sliders and Featured Posts?
How to Set Header Image?
How to Set Image Thumbnails for Posts?
How to hide Featured Images on Posts?
How to Set Up Everything Else like Slider, Social Icons, Featured Posts, etc?
How to Fixed Blurred Images or Unaligned Thumbnail Images?

If you have any queries, post a comment below & I will try to answer it. Please Do not read old comments (posted before 2017), as they are for older version of the theme. Post a new comment, and I will help you with your query.


Developing Free WordPress Themes takes a lot of time and effort. But the love and appreciation I receive from you all, encourages me to keep building more and more free themes. So if you loved this theme, please show your love by hitting one of these links.


  1. I have some problem with wordpress editor after installing Newp. After loading page it just dissapear. For example “menu” page. I can’t make structure of website. Thanks for help.

    1. This is not a theme Fault. It happens because jQuery from your Core WordPress Installation is not loading. It could be due to some of the plugin that you are using. This issues arises when you have a plugin, which is incompatible with current wordpress installation. Either you can locate that plugin and remove it or use the method listed below:

      One solution to it, is using CDN to load jQuery and other available scripts. This can be achieved using the Use Google Libraries Plugin.

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for answer. Indeed problem was in server options. Now, everything is OK. But, I have one more question. Why you don’t made possibility to past image logo instead of title of website?


  2. I have three questions…
    1: I created a child theme, and without inserting any new code to the style.css the slider broke… It jumped to the right corner of the website.

    2: The “new post boxes/divs” at the frontpage… How can I put the posts in boxes like these at the category/archive page?

    3: Is it possible to have both a text on the frontpage + the “posts boxes”? So I have a text before or after the “newest posts boxes” (eventually with some changes in code?)

    1. 1. Make sure you followed proper instructions to create the child theme.

      2. The boxes are available for homepage only. In this theme, each page has been alloted a unique style.

      3. You can do that using some external customization or plugin. Unfortunately, no such options are inbuilt in the theme. You can add a <div> section in the content.php file, before the posts. And place whatever you want in that div section.

  3. Hi Rohit,

    First of all, great themes, I appreciate the fact that it is free.

    Now I have a query, as I can make the pages do not contain the sidebar and be full page on the site?



    1. Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t have a without sidebar layout. But based on your suggestion, I will try to inculcate it in the next update to this theme and my upcoming themes.

  4. Hi Rohit,

    I really like this theme you’ve created so, thank you!

    Anyhow, I was wondering if there’s a variation of this theme where it has two sidebars on each end?

    Thank you very much

  5. Hi Rohit,

    first of all, thank you for creating this excellent theme, a couple of queries below requiring your assistance.

    1. I can’t seem to add a favicon to the main website, appears only on the wordpress admin sites. Under admin customization, favicon is a .ico file, login logo is a .jpg file and admin logo is a .png file. Your advise please.

    2. How do i add a site logo at the top left hand corner? Better still where do i edit the top of the website above the menu area?

    3. On a typical windows desktop, upon loading the homepage, the single tier menu option shows as it is. However, when surfed on a mobile, both iPhone and Android mobile, it does not show the full menu options but show menu only, and upon clicking menu, will it drop down to show the full menu options. How do i show the full menu options immediately on mobile?

    4. The pages that show on mobile does not fit to screen, possible to add a responsive upgrade?

    5. How do i hyperlink the squarish thumbnails below the slider feature to an intended page?

    Thank you and have a pleasant day ahead.


    1. 1. Please use a Plugin to add favicons.

      2. This theme doesn’t support logo, as the height of the header is small. If you still want to make changes, you can play with the header.php file.

      3. This is a trick to prevent the site navigation from collapsing on certain smartphone screens.

      4. This theme is not responsive. I don’t have a plan right now to updgrade it.

      5. In the next theme update, I will make sure that the thumbnails link to the intended page.

  6. Hey Rohit!

    I love the look of this theme, I just have two questions:

    1) Is there a way to add hyperlinks to the “recent post” thumbnails/featured image that appear in the middle/bottom of the screen? (Note: I did see post above, when will this update occur if there is not a way to go ahead an make the change?)

    2) Is there a way to adjust the speed of the slider speed? I feel like it moves about 2-3 seconds faster than I’d like 🙂

    Let me know and thanks again for the beautiful and really cool theme

    Clay –
    (Btw, my site is blocked for building purposes)

    1. No there is no option in theme to adjust the speed. But, the problem with its fast moving can be easily eliminated. If you hover over the slider, the animation stops. It will stay on that slide until you move the pointer away. So, this way if someone wants to see the slide for a while, they can place their mouse pointers over it.

      This is a very common slideshow behaviour. 🙂

      1. Great thanks! 🙂 Now how about the thumbnail/recent post being able to be clickable with a link to the associated post? Is there a way to set that up currently or do I need to wait for the update mentioned above? If so, when will that update be? Thanks and Blessings

        C. Pauley 😀

          1. Fantastic! Along with providing the thumbnail/recent posts being clickable to enter the desired post, what are some other big changes coming with this update?

  7. Hi Rohit,

    1. I see that you can change the background color.
    Is there any way to change the color of the fonts and the color of the black
    squares around pictures in the latest post?

    2. is there a way to limit the latest posts shown?
    I just switched over to your design after being in another one for a year so
    I have a lot of articles and pics that I don’t want to be shown on main page
    is there a way to limit the amount of articles to be shown on latest posts to
    Thank you

    1. 1. Unfortunately, there aren’t any customizations to do so. I added the option to change background color, so that you could use a different shade of grey or any other dark pattern.

      2. Yes, you can change that from your WordPress settings. WP Dashboard > Settings > Reading

      1. Thank you
        There is not possible way to change the color of font as i think its very hard to read the gray on the black. Even though i changed the background color, I don’t think I’m able to change the color of the square that the font is on and its hard for me and a few of my followers to read the light gray on dark black.
        Thank you, Avi Schneider

        1. Add the following CSS Code to change the background of the box:

 article { background: #333333 !important; }

          Change #333333 to the color you want.

  8. Love the theme, thank you for making it available. Just wondering how to center the images on the posts that show below the slider. I tried a few settings in the CSS sheet but I’m afraid to screw it up so I stopped…

  9. Hi Rohit,

    Just wondering, is there any other way to display the “posts” on the main page instead of the boxes 3 side by side, ie a scrolling type wall posts?

    Thanks for the great theme!

  10. Hello…

    Trust you are well, loving the theme

    How do i remove the comments block at the bottom of each page and just leave it on the contacts page….


    1. You can do from the wordpress admin panel. This is not a functionality of theme. It is present in all wordpress installations. To disable comments, on post pages select “Screen OPtions” from top and Check the discussions option. Then you will see an option to enable to disable comments for selected posts below your post editor.

      You can do this for posts in bulk using the edit page.

  11. Great theme.
    Question, I’d like to reduce the size of the images displayed in the slider.
    Meaning, reduce the size of the slider frame itself.
    I didn’t see anything in the admin panel for this.
    Is there a way to do this?

  12. Good morning, congratulations for this interesting subject! I was wondering if it possible to insert the slide into the page or it can only be displayed in the home page.
    Thank you

          1. Yes I have the latest version, but I can not find this option. Where is it?

  13. Hi, rohit this is a great theme i love , but i have a question a want to know if i have to create a child theme to make changes on the theme? thank you

    1. Sorry. Implemention of Child theme in Newp is not easy. You will have to copy a lot of files If you can do that, go ahead..Otherwise, to make CSS modifications. You could use the feature provided under Newp Settings. 🙂

  14. Is there a way to create front page posts categories? And also is there a way to have thumbnails next to your posts when u click on the menus?

    1. Could be a little more clear about the question related to front page.

      And for the other part, if you are talking about showing a thumbnail next to menu item in the nav bar, then its not possible.

      1. I will like it if only posts that belong to the categories selected will be displayed on the front page. So when i create my post I will have to check Home for it to be display on the homepage but if i check video and I publish it, it will be seen in the video Categories but not on my home. If you go to my website and click MIXTAPES, you will see the list of them but no thumbnails.

        1. I figured out the front page categories problem but I still having problems setting the image features. Under Mixtapes

          1. that’s great. To set the features images, all you need to do is look at the bottom right corner of the page. There is an option to set a the featured image. that is all you need to do.

        2. Unfortunately, no such feature to display posts based on a single category on the front page. You could probably find some plugin which could help you achive this. Or you may want to set some of the posts as sticky posts, if you want them to stick to the top.

          1. I know how to set feature image, but i only see them on the homepage everywhere else is links

  15. Hello Rohit

    trust all is well

    i am loving this theme however i cant seem to upload my logo???

    can you help me with this?

    siddiq mia

  16. Hi Rohit,

    First off, great theme.

    I’m wondering if there’s any way I can adjust the speed and the transition animations for the slider? I feel like they move too fast, and I’m not crazy about all of the transition animations. There are a few that interest me. So being able to customize those things would be great. I saw that someone already asked you about that, and that it’s not customizable, but are you sure there’s no way to change it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    1. Well, they move at a decent speed. Secondly, if you reader wants to carefully scrutinize any particular slide, they would naturally hover over it, which would pause the slideshow.

    1. I couldn’t see any such button in your theme. The text you are talking about is “Post Comment” in Russian. You can edit the ru_RU.po file and change it to whatever you want.

      1. Thank you very much, that helps.

        Another question: then you put your mouse on social button such as flickr or facebook you will see small pop-up message on yellow sprite with text “flickr” and “facebook”. Where can I change this text?

  17. Please tell me about what the plugin is works about story thumbnails on the first page.Thank you for your help.

  18. Hi Rohit,

    Great theme. When I experiment with it, it seems I can’t stop it from giving “excerpts”. Can you tell me where I can control this? I want all posts to be full posts not excerpts. The pages with the problem are “category post pages”, which might be the cause the problem.

    I tried changing “the_excerpt();” to “the_content();” in the “content.php” file, but it seemed to have no impact. Any suggestions?


  19. Hi Rohit,

    First of all thanks for developing such a great theme. Secondly: I want to replace the slider with a different one, to be able to adjust the speed and animations. Any suggestions on how to do this?

    Many thanks!

  20. Firstly, let me say I love this theme. To the question. Does this theme has a footer or header widgets?

  21. Hi,

    I was wondering if it is possible to change the black border which is around the slider? I have managed to use the css code to change some other small features/colours, but cannot find where to change the colour code that is around the slider.

    Thank you,

  22. HI i really like this theme!
    it is possible have the same layout from the home page in archive page?
    i mean have the same post grid, with the featured image?

  23. Hi! I use the newp theme for my blog and was great until the actualization to the last version. After the actualization, all things gone weird and I cannot put it in shape, even changing the widths in the main css. The sidebar appears just below the blog entries and, in the home page is the same. Also I cannot setup the slider. Just appear as a black box. Honestly, I found the previous version more usable, I miss the old style of slider and some controls on the customization that made it more friendly to the users not expert in css.

    Could you be so kind as to help me on how to adjust parameters for a correct visualization?

    1. The Old Newp was outdated. I understand it affects some users significantly, but a design change was on the cards.
      The new theme is now mobile friendly and more. What new features do you want in this theme?

      1. Hi, Thank you for the response. If you take a look to my website, you will see several visualization problems, which appeared after the actualization and that I cannot solve. The worst is that the sidebar appears below the main text box and I cannot change sizes or correct this. Do you know what I could do to change it?. Maybe adding some css? I tried to change widths in the main css, but without effect.
        What I miss is more control in the customization (sizes of boxes, number of column and sizes of the blog entries boxes in the home page, control of where do you want to see the sidebar, option of full size blog entries without sidebar, fonts and font sizes, for example) without need to access to the css. The slider do not seem to work for me (appears just a black space, no image, no sliding) and I miss the old slide option, I think it was more friendly than this new slider through a plugin.

          1. Hi Rohit,
            I figured out what is happening with my page. Your theme looks great in internet explorer, but the problems appears when I use Chrome. Do you know how to correct this and improve the vision under Chrome?.

  24. Hello Rohit! I want to thank you for this beautiful theme!
    I just started making my site.
    My question is: is it possible to replace the social network icons (in the upper right corner of topics), gray by default, on their own color icons (redesign)? If such an opportunity, then how to do it (I’m not a programmer – I do not understand the programming language, sorry)? Help!

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