5 Ways To Show Customers You Care

When it comes down to it, customer service is all about showing customers that you care.

Everyone wants to feel valued, especially when they are spending their hard-earned money – customers want to feel appreciated for their patronage and loyalty.

It’s important that business owners and employees constantly show customers that they are grateful for their support.

Here are five ways to show customers that you care, because after all, it is all about the customer!

Be a good listener and take action

You can only service your customer if you know what they want. Ask questions and read between the lines to translate what the customer is really saying. If they are a loyal customer, ask them how they feel about the customer experience. What can you do better? What do they love the most and what has turned them into a loyal customer? Pay attention to the tone of their voice, and if you are able to see your customer face-to-face, analyze their body language and adapt a friendly and open body language in return to make customers feel comfortable and welcome.

From our experience with Baseline Communications, we know how important customer experience is. They are a video production company, that had helped many businesses create a very authentic video that shows how much they care for the customers.

Make customers feel important

Always treat customers as individuals and real people, not just as an opportunity to make a sale. Introduce yourself, ask for the customer’s name, and refer to them by it. Try to find a common ground or compliment the customer in some way. By building a relationship with the customer instead of solely focusing on making the sale, you will create a level of trust that leads to customer loyalty down the road.

Go out of your way to help and thank customers

When a customer has a request, if it is reasonable, say yes – forget about the red tape. If a customer has a bad experience, do whatever you can to make it right. Make it easy for customers to do business with you, and give them something they can’t get anywhere else. What can you do that your competition isn’t doing? Even if a customer doesn’t buy your product or utilize your services the first time, what can you do to thank them anyway?

Reward your customers!

Coupons and discounts can go a long way with customers, and they are a great way to stimulate business. Gifts and freebies are also a great way to show customers that you appreciate their business. Everyone loves to get something for free, even if it’s something small!

Say, “Thank You!”

It might seem obvious, but always say “thank you” and express your gratitude for the customer’s patronage, whether they buy your product or not.

The bottom line is that quality customer service is the best way to show customers that you care, and a huge part of that is making a connection with the customer and going out of your way to provide a positive experience.

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