Keep your Email List Clean with Email Verification Process

Email communication is now very important to most of the businesses. You may have started sending your business emails to your subscribers. However, this email platform is going through various transformation. That is why the conventional method or formula may not be highly effective. The ISPs or Internet Service Providers filter out the spam emails and the unsolicited ones. These ISPs are highly strict on choosing the promotional emails, sent to the recipients and subscribers. Alternatively, marketers cannot be confident of whether the emails have reached the subscribers’ inbox. For this reason, they need to verify their email addresses. This is the best way of keeping up hygiene in the mailing list.

Maintaining the clean email address lists

The low-quality email list will result in a negative effect on your email marketing campaign. While your subscribers are not receiving the emails, you may not get the right outcome from your efforts. With the increasing number of email addresses in your list, you need to invest more for email marketing. Thus, you must remove the invalid and inactive email addresses. That can be done with a good quality email checker easily. We refer to it as the process to retain a hygienic email address list.

Dirty email list- How does it affect the business status?

ISPs constantly check your emails to know whether you are using spam traps for reaching your subscribers. This Internet world has several spam traps. For instance, Pristine and Typo Domain are the common spam traps, known to us.

You may have send your emails to the desired email addresses. However, the emails get into the spam folder of the recipients. As a result, you can find a high email bouncing rate.

Apart from ISPs, there are email security services and spam monitoring systems. They can find out the undelivered spam and unsubscribed emails.

Tips to make your email list more valuable

One of the best ways to maintain the healthier and cleaner email list is to validate the emails. In some cases, the subscribers may have mistakenly provided you with the email addresses. That is why email verification process is much important.

Another option to you is to implement anti-spam laws. It is essential to you to take clear permission for sending the promotional emails.

Various tools (BriteVerify and eHygienics) are available to you for reducing the risk of blocking your emails by the ESPs or ISPs.

To conclude, we can say that a long email list does not always mean more engagements and more subscribers. Hence, you must focus on the quality and not on the quantity.

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