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Synapse Pro is a premium multipurpose WordPress theme with powerful features to help you create a professional website in a very short time. It also supports WooCommerce plugin if you plan on creating an eCommerce website.

Synapse Pro is a Creative, Unique and well-designed WordPress theme with Features that will make your site looks beautiful and amazing.  It has all the features inbuilt to create a really professional and successful blog, website or online store.

Fully Responsive Design


Having a fully responsive website is no longer optional. Synapse Pro will help you build a fully responsive and user-friendly theme! Tablets, Smartphones, desktops and every other device this is the one theme you need.

Better and More Powerful Administration Panel


Customizing your website is now easier and better with the new Administration Panel. It’s not just easy to understand! The new Administration Panel is now easier to navigate and has a cleaner look.

Boxed & Full Width Layout


If you don’t want a full width theme, you can always use the boxed width layout anytime. Synapse Pro allows you to switch from one layout to another easily. You have already liked the Full Width Layout in Free version of the synapse theme, so we created the demo blog using the boxed layout.

More Featured Content Areas


Important content needs to be highlighted and that’s what Synapse Pro can do for you. This theme supports a lot of Featured Areas to showcase your exclusive content.

  • A Custom Showcase – to highlight 4 of your most important content, pages, posts or anything else.
  • Featured Slider – which can be enabled on any or selective pages only.
  • 3 Featured News Sections – And you can use each of it with a different category.
  • Featured Posts Slider – Also in the Free Synapse theme, show your top posts in a carousel.
  • Featured Products Showcase – To list your most popular products from WooCommerce.

Advanced Slider Options


With Synapse Pro’s advanced Slider options, you can choose to display the slider on each page of your website, on the front page only or on a selected pages. This option makes the slider more useful and can help you create great landing pages. Also there are more options to control the speed, animation and autoplay of the slider.

More Custom Widgets

Synapse Pro offers many custom widgets to make your widget areas look good.  Watch the demo blog to see the some of the widgets in action.

Inbuilt Ad Support

Ads are the best way to make money online. You can earn more when your ads are strategically placed on your site. With Synapse Pro’s Inbuilt Ad Support, you’ll enjoy higher sales and revenue.

More Advanced Header Options

With more header options and layouts to pick from, you can make the header center aligned or large or small to suit your needs. You can also hide the cart icon or search bar or conceal both. More Header Layouts coming soon to the theme, and also on feature requests.

100% WooCommerce Compatible

Synapse Pro is one of the most unique woocommerce themes out there. This theme will help you create a stunning online store and bring in more sales and revenue from ecommerce.

More Page Layouts

With Page Options, you can create pages of various looks, functionality and styles. It’s possible to create a slider only page, a full width page with only content or a blank page. Here are just a Few examples of the pages you can create.

  • A Page with nothing but the slider.
  • A Page with only the showcase, or any other featured ares
  • A Page with Slider, Showcase and some static content
  • A Full Width Page with no title
  • A Full Width Page with a Slider and some content

These are just a few combinations, you are fully free to create combination you want.

Many Blog Layouts

Not everyone prefers the default way to publish posts. Synapse Pro has over 7 Blog layouts including options for standard blogs, photography layouts and basic grid layouts suitable for everyone. Each layout has an optional sidebar and can be configured to suit your needs.

Page Configuration Options

Page Configuration Options allow you to disable or enable different components on a page. Pages are a vital and powerful part of a website. With our Custom Page Options, you can make them even more powerful.

650+ Google Fonts


Pro Version offers over 650 Google fonts and the list is updated regularly, so you can make your website as elegant and trendy as you want. These Google Fonts are updated regularly and we constantly keep adding more and more fonts to the theme.


Synapse Pro allows you to create your own custom portfolio. If you have a blog where you have to show your portfolio, you don’t need to mix them up with other pages or posts. There is a separate featured portfolio section where you can showcase your best work in style.

Advanced Sidebar Settings

The advanced sidebar settings allow you change the sidebar’s width, move it to the right or left and disable or enable pages. You can also have the sidebar disabled on few selected

Over 30 Social Icons

This theme offers more than 30 social icons of popular brands. We also keep adding more and more icons regularly on user requests.

Multiple Footer Columns

With multiple footer columns, you can choose to have a 4 or 1/2/3 column footer widget area.


You know how important it is to impress your customers and the best way to do that is through testimonials. Just like Portfolios, Testimonials are inbuilt with Synapse Pro. There’s no need to find plugins. Watch the demo for Testimonials in the Demo Blog.

Arrange Items (Sequencing)

Synapse Pro allows you to arrange the order of items easily.  If you want the Posts slider to appear after the Featured Content areas, you can do that very easily.

Unlimited Colors


Synapse is already a very colorful theme. What happens whe you add an option for Unlimited Colors? Each and every color in this theme can be changed to what you like. Synapse Pro also has 6 Pre Built skins to choose from, and an option to build your own skin as well. Go Crazy with the Colors.

FontAwesome Icons

Synapse Pro allows you to use font awesome icons in your menu bar and other pages.

Remove Credit Links Fast

Pro version allows you to remove the footer and credit links fast. You can also add your own copyrights message.

Google Analytics

There’s no need to edit files or add extra plugins as you can input the Analytics code directly in the Customizer.

Fully Translation Ready

Each and every string in this theme. Front end or backend is trasnlation ready. You can even use Synapse Pro to create a Multilingual website.

Disable Featured Images

Duplicated featured images can be disabled on posts while keeping them as is everywhere else.

CSS3 Animations

Tromax Pro uses less of JavaScript and more of CSS3 powered animations to provide the best speed and performance.

Easy to Set Up

There’s no need for huge documentations to set up this theme. Tromax Pro’s set up mostly involves uploading the theme to your website.

SEO Optimized

Since all proper tags are in the right places, you can expect your site to rank higher in the SERPs.

Retina Ready

Many Ultra HD and Super HD devices are becoming more popular today, so you need to make sure that your site would look great in those devices. This theme is Retina ready, so you are rest assured that your website would look perfectly HD at all times.

Fast and Easy Support

Our premium themes come with fast and easy support. If you have trouble installing the theme, just message the support team and we will do it for you for free.

Free Regular Updates

As long as WordPress exists, Synapse Pro will be supported and maintained. New features will be added to the theme and a free upgrade to existing users will be given for lifetime as well. There’s no need for renewal or anything.

Automatic Updates

Synapse Pro comes with Automatic updates. You do not have to re-download an manually instal the theme for updating. You do it like you would update any free theme, directly from your dashboard.


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