Lens is a Premium Quality Theme Designed for Photographers. Lens offers you a Variety of ways to showcase your Photos to the World. Although, the name suggests Photographers but this theme can be used by other creative people as well to showcase their portfolio, or even build a news or magazine blog. Let’s Take a Look at some of the Major Features of Lens:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • Multiple HomePage Layouts
  • Multiple Blog Layouts(2 Col, 3 Col, Photography, Standard)
  • Enable Disable Sidebar Selectively
  • Configurable Sidebar Width
  • 4 Column Footer Widget Area
  • Custom Buttons on Top Bar, for multiple purposes.
  • Fully Responsive Slider
  • A Showcase Area
  • An About Me Section
  • Integrated Google Fonts for those who don’t like our default fonts.
  • Custom Widgets
  • Parallax Scrolling Header Image
  • Responsive Navigation System
  • and much more for FREE.

If you face Difficulty using this theme, please comment below. I will help you out.


  1. Good day,

    I am using your theme on my website but i have a small issue and i`m trying to understand why and how this happens.

    I-m using the Main Slider along with Latest post on my homepage. From an unknown reason the title “Latest Posts” uses a link from one of my pictures from the Main Slider. Basically any other element under the Main Slider gets a link from it.

    Could this be a bug in your theme ?

  2. am working with this theme to set up some pages on my website, when I am in the “about me” section there is a green oval around my logo, how do I get rid of that? TIA

  3. Thanks for Lens, I have a couple a questions:

    1) How can I disable this text :
    Latest Posts
    Nothing Found
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help. Buscar:

    2) How can I change the green colour ?


  4. Hi

    1. How I can change LASTEST POST name, becouse it is in English and I must write it in Polish 🙂
    2. How I can delete LASTEST POST?
    3. Can I use more showcase than 3?

    Thank you for help, theme is awesome:)

  5. What size should it for photographs slider?
    Is it possible to change the color green?
    Do you have a premium version with more changes possible?
    Thanks a lot

  6. Great theme, but I can’t seem to get the “latest posts” section to display an image, only “placeholder” picture. I could change the html on the page but I’m sure that would be overwritten the next time publish. Any help? The code <img src="http://…/wp-content/themes/lens/assets/images/placeholder2.jpg”> but your demo has full pictures,

    Thanks, Dave

  7. I’m trying to have the social media icons in the header open in a new tab/window… How might I make this change?

    Great theme!

  8. Hello, thank you for Lens!

    I have three questions:

    The slide is not working in my site, you can help me?

    It can change the color green?

    It can leave the order of recent posts at random?


    1. The slider should work. There are no known bugs. Could you give me more details perhaps?

      You can not change colors in Free Version. Pro Version coming soon.

      For making recent posts Random, I would recommened a Plugin.

      1. hey, can you tell me when the premium version will be available – i really like your theme but i need to edit the green to the colour of the brand….

  9. Hello Rohit, your theme is wonderful! I just have one problem that I can’t figure out.
    I would like to remove the grid/mesh effect from the header image, could you please tell me how this is possible?
    Thank you,

      1. Hello Rohit !

        Thank you for your great theme and all the response you give here !
        I used this tip in the custom-header.php (inc/custom-header.php)
        and it works but the code (#masthead .layer:after { background: none; }) was showing in the image, then I erased the code, the effect is back but the code is still written as you can see…

        Do you have a solution maybe ?
        Thank you in advance !

        1. SORRY ! You can forget my question, I found my mistake + could do what I wanted to !!

          Sorry for disturbing!
          Best regards

  10. WordPress not “live” yet. I just bought LENS last night from Envato Market. Installed tonight and it shows as v1.0. Is that correct? Is there only the first build? That’s fine if that’s the case, I just don’t want to have been ripped off. Thanks! Beautiful theme!

  11. Hi and thank you for an excellent theme for my new website. I have installed and activated the LENS theme which is great. One issue i cant get my head around. If you select a post with an image, the image is seen no problem however when you select ‘catagories’ the posts are listed for that catagory, any that contain an image is greyed out. Is this correct? Should there be a thumbnail of the image?

    Many thanks

  12. Hi,

    Thank you for your theme. Just one question. I would like to hide my title, because Im using my logo instead. The problem is that when I do so, all my social icons disappear as well. Any chance I can keep them?

    Many thanks in advance!

  13. I created this website for my husband. Problem is, it is not responsive on his lap top or if I use Firefox.

    On his lap top and desk top , we lose 1/2 the header image.

    On Firefox, the gallery images on the home page become totally distorted.

    Can you suggest a fix?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi. Please don’t use header images with Textual Information. If you want to show some information in header, make sure its limited and center aligned. For everything else, use a logo.

    1. There is no Fixed Image size. But I recommend you to use a large image. Approximately 1440px * 600px.
      Anything similar will also work.

      1. Should something occur when I upload a header photo and it says “Crop”? I can’t grab the corner of the photo and adjust, or find any controls. Does the theme crop automatically? And do matter if I crop or skip, the image looks the same. Perhaps it isn’t working. Please let us know when the pro version is available. Thanks.

  14. Hi Rohit, I’m having difficulties to embed a MailChimp popup sign-up form on my website.
    Where should I embed it to have it working? Can you please help?

  15. Hi Rohit, thanks for the great theme. I would like to purchase the pro version as soon as possible. I’ve encountered a problem. I’ve already checked the “enable slider” in my settings up the slider doesn’t appear. And I’ve also have my pictures prepared. May I know what is the issue? And how to solve it? Thanks.

  16. Hi Rohit

    Great theme!

    My question relates to the posts.

    When I look at my site I see a camera image but I need to click on the post to see the image. Can there be an image preview for the posts?

    I am creating my posts via Instragrate, but even with a regular post I can’t see an image thumbnail/preview.

  17. I consider myself a novice when it comes to web building so this might seem quite simple, but I did something and now I can’t put menus back on my site using this theme. I currently only have two pages for the site and have been trying to figure it out for the last hour. I have the site as “under construction” right now.

  18. Hi, I’ve installed the Lens theme and most of it works well, but I”m having a problem with the ‘Main Slider’ function. It’s enabled and has images set in Theme customization area, but the slider does not appear on my site.

    Can you provide a fix?

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