Introduction to this Guide

This Guide is written for People who have little to no knowledge about Optimizing their website. After reading this Guide you will have a clear understanding of what is Search Engine Optimization and why it’s important in today’s world. I¬†will also tell you about the Features of WordPress which you can use and the best plugins for giving your site’s optimization a boost. We will also be talking about analyzing your performance in google and how you can use that information to further improve your SEO. In the end I will tell you what steps you need to take next and how you should¬†write down an SEO Action Plan for your website and also share an eBook about SEO with you with Additional Chapters and some Bonus Content.

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What Happens After You hit Submit?

Once I receive your e-Mail, I will be manually visiting your site and inspect it on the basis of the following:

  • Website User Experience
  • Website Speed
  • Content Quality
  • Content Optimization
  • Website Structure for Conversions
  • SEO Friendliness
  • Adsense Optimization
  • And Other Niche Specific Checks

If you provided us with a Monthly budget above, I will tell how you should allocate your funds and what should be the priority for you based on the current assessment of your website. I will tell you exactly how much you should spend and where you should spend it.

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About Me

Hello! My name is Rohit Tripathi and I am a Web Developer with over 8 Years of experience in building and managing Websites. And I am just 23 Years old. I was introduced to the world of Internet when I was 15.

Back then, I was a kid and the first ever website I created was about Bollywood & Hollywood Movies and I built it on Blogger's free platform. With Passion and Patience I was able to grow my website significantly in just one year. I was getting around 80,000 Visitors on good days and around $1000 monthly Revenue. But soon everything became unmanageable for me and I ended up selling the website to someone else.

Till this time I had absolutely no professional knowledge of creating a website I had already sold a website for huge profit. So I started learning Web Development and over the next few years I built countless websites. I used to create websites, optimize them, promote them and when they started performing well - I sold them. I used to get over 30-40% ROI on each website I sold.

Then I realised, that instead of creating websites from scratch and selling them to people. Why not help people with small businesses who have already started a website but don't know how to take things to the next level? So I Learnt WordPress development and started creating WordPress Themes and today I have over a Million Downloads for my WordPress themes. And I really enjoy working with people and helping them with their website designs and often offer them with tips and tricks to improve their traffic, user engagement and sales. I only charge money from people, who don't have the time to look after the promotion of their websites. So, why don't you scroll up a little and fill that form. I am really looking forward to work with you :)