How to Write an SEO Action Plan?

Doing anything in an organized fashion always produces better results than doing it without a plan. And without any doubt, if you organize the SEO Plan for your website you will get much results better. Honestly, I would like to call it an Online Marketing Plan rather than just an SEO Plan. Because the whole purpose of our website is to market our products and then sell it. And SEO is one of the very important phases of Online Marketing. I would go ahead and call the single most important phase as well. So for the rest of this article I am going use the term Action Plan for Both SEO and Online Marketing interchangeably.

Every SEO Agency have their own approach towards tackling an SEO of a website, and so do I. For any website I work on, I divide my work into three phases which are relatively simple and easy to understand. And I would outline all the important things that need to be done in each phase below.

Phase 1: Building a Proper Website

Just having a Website is not enough. It is a very important that you website is professional enough, so that a prospective customer who lands on your website is compelled to purchase something. Here are what I feel are the essential elements of a Proper website.

  • Clean, Clutter Free, Fast Loading and a Responsive Theme.
  • A Brandable Website Logo
  • Well Organized Content
  • Call to Action Buttons Where Appropriate
  • The correct Proportion of Text, Images and HTML.
  • Website Structure Optimized for Conversions
  • And a Very Professional Design.
  • Easy Navigation System

Having a Website with all of the above is very essential before any SEO work can begin. So Once you have a good looking website, you can proceed to the last stage of Phase 1: On Page SEO

Now you can start working on things like

  • Permalink Structure
  • Keyword optimization
  • Title Tag and Descriptions
  • Internal Linking
  • and more.

Phase 2: Promoting your Website as a Brand

There are billions of websites on the internet. And only a handful make it to the top. And if you notice, those handfuls are not just websites but a Brand. If you did all of the steps in Phase 1 correctly, your website is ready to be promoted as a Brand. Here are a few things you can do start Promoting your website as a Brand:

  • Get a Press Release about your Business Written and Distribute it
  • Create a Business or Personal Video and Distribute it on all Leading Video Sharing Sites.
  • Build a Social Media Presence and actively participate in discussions with Other accounts or pages.

These are just a few ways, and depending on the niche of your business there can be a lot more different ways. Its upto you to find out which technique or platform is going to best target your audience and create brand awareness.

Phase 3 : Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

This is One of the Most Difficult Phases of all. It includes off page activities which mostly comprise of building backlinks. There are various notorious and shady SEO companies who will offer Link building at very cheap rates. You need to absolutely stay away from them. Building relevant, quality, and authentic links is a difficult task and take a lot of time.

For this reason, Phase 3 is the longest running phase of all the 3 phases. It often starts along with Phase 2 but lasts much longer. Bigger Companies with Big Budgets always have a dedicated team of SEO Professionals who look after their link building needs all the time.

Although, it’s difficult for a small business to have that kind of a team looking after their SEO 24×7. But this doesn’t mean they are at a disadvantage. With Proper techniques and patience, small companies can grow into bigger companies and this is what happens all the time.

I have put patience in bold above. Because it is important to note that there is no overnight success in SEO, especially for new businesses. It often takes up to 2 or 3 or more months to notice even a small upward movements in search traffic.

And Yes, if you are in a genre with low competition the results can appear sooner. But you always need to remember patience is the key to success.

And finally, I would like to repeat one more time that do not go for cheap link building services. It may appear genuine to you, but if someone is offering 300 Backlinks for $100 or even 50 Backlinks for $5, they are going to get you in trouble and that’s my personal guarantee. Google is very strict and don’t even think for a second that you can fool them.

We hope you Enjoyed Reading this SEO Guide and found it useful.

This post Marks the end of this guide and I wish you best of luck for your website.


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