About Me

Hi There!

First of all, thank you for showing interest in knowing about me. My Real Name is “Rohit Tripathi“, but you probably know that. 🙂

I am a WordPress Theme Developer. You can check out My Themes at rohitink.com. I am also one of the original co-founders of inkhive.com

I am Skilled in PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery and everything else that has to do with Web Development. I generally Work with Designers to Develop my WordPress theme. I also do some Designing my self in Free time.

If I am not sleeping, here are the list of things that I might be doing right now!

  • Making a WordPress theme.
  • Reviewing a theme for WordPress. (That’s right, I am a theme reviewer at WordPress.org)
  • Making some open source script in PHP.
  • Cursing Internet Explorer for being such a stupid browser.
  • The rest includes daily chores which are a must to survive.

My Current Projects, which are available to public.

My Future Projects, the ones which i hope to add to the preceeding list in the near future.

  • Contributing to WordPress core.
  • iOS Applications
  • Building WordPress Plugins