HTTPS Fresh Install on WordPress?

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Raoul asked 12 months ago

I found your article about migrating from http to https, but what about fresh install of WP on Are all the steps needed? What about using the Really Simple SSL plugin?
And what about about the kind of SSL needed; since some hosting servers give more than one option together?

Thanks in advance

Rohit Tripathi Staff replied 12 months ago

You can choose the Basic SSL, unless you are a big company. uses PositiveSSL by Comodo!

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Rohit Tripathi Staff answered 12 months ago


If you have already configured your domain with your SSL certificate through your hosting’s cPanel. Then you do not need to follow the steps mentioned in that article.
You just install your site directly on the https. Yes, You could use the Really Simple SSL plugin, or WP Force https plugin as well. The latter will create a 301 redirect from your non-http URLs to the https URLs.

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