Need some guidance on selecting themes?

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Jay Patel asked 2 years ago

hello rohit sir,
i want to start website with image content and text as well (basically motivation field image grids)
can you please suggest best theme for it with seo and ad sense(if possible).
Thanks In Advance 🙂

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Rohit Tripathi Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Jay,
You can choose from a lot of available free or premium themes at Although, I do not fully understand your requirements right now. But for a site depended mainly on image you should try either Tribal or Synapse Theme.
Both these themes support text. Infact, all themes support text content. 🙂
And For SEO, all our themes are optimized for SEO and follow proper recommended HTML structure. For Better SEO  you do need to install a SEO plugin. Same for Adsense, you can insert it directly in theme(through widgets) or use an ad injection plugin if you want advanced configuration.

Jay patel replied 2 years ago

Thank you so much rohit sir for responding, i really appreciate your answer. it helped me so much thanks for your genuine guidance!  🙂