Tribbiani is a stylish WordPress theme with a Magazine style design. It is apt for Entertainment Blogs, but with proper customization can be used on any genre. It is a very easy to set up theme. Tribbiani depends heavily on the featured-images. So, if you are not in habit of using featured images on your blog, this theme is not for you.

Tribbiani theme has a Giant Slider which makes it all the more attractive. It also has all latest featured of WordPress and the theme has been tested up to WordPress 3.6.1.

Here is a Summary of all the features of this theme.

  • 2 Column Layout.
  • Custom Background Support
  • Retina Ready(HD/Vector Icons)
  • 5 Level Nested Comments
  • Support For Galleries
  • Fully Styled Comments and Posts section
  • SEO Ready
  • Social Network Icons (SocioCons)
  • RTL Translation ready(.pot File Provided)
  • Featured Thumbnails
  • Cool CSS transition Effects
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • 3 Column Footer Layout
  • No Credit Links Required
  • Full Width Layout For Pages
  • User Friendly Time/Dates
  • Numbered Page Navigation

Checkout the Demo Site

If you need any help regarding this theme. Please comment Below. I will be happy to help you out. But, it’s a request to not ask for personal customizations. If you think something is missing in the theme, then comment it and I will add in the next theme update.


    1. Well, I have already submitted the theme for review at I will update the link once, the theme is approved. It should take less than 2-3 days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. In the style.css file, locate: font-family. Then you can change the fonts. Please use child themes to make the changes, otherwise your changes will be lost with updates.

      1. Could you tell me how can i do it? The problem is that the one of the fonts do not have my language special letters: ล‚, รณ, ฤ‡ etc. There is a lot of “font-family” in style.css Which one is responsible for menu on the top? There is a problem.

  1. I’m having problems seeing my content with the black background. Is there a way to change it? I’ve changed the homepage, but haven’t seen any other settings for color. i love the theme, it’s perfect for our biz. Just need to work out the color thing and we’ll be golden. thanks for your help!

  2. When creating a child theme to add an additional social icon I noticed that the file header.php uses get_stylesheet_directory_uri() to find the image source. This then looks in the child template image folder instead of the parent template for the social images. I have found that by changing this to get_template_directory_uri() for the parent images I can have my new icon located in the child theme without copying all images in to the child as well.

    I am not an expert and there may be a better way to do it but I hope this helps.

  3. this says that the theme is responsive but it isnt, is there a reason for this? great theme just not great on mobiles.


    1. No bro. I don’t say it anywhere that this theme is reponsive. I did not make it responsive due to the amount of animations and effects involved with the theme.

  4. Hi,

    Like your theme, however the slides change is a bit too fast. I know how to edit css and php, however this slider is a challenge so far. How can i adjust this?


    1. The settings for the slider are present in the custom.js file located in the js folder. From there you can change the value of the pauseTime to something higher.

      BTW, the slideshow pauses when you hover over it. So, mostly for a genuine reader the default settings are fine.

  5. Hi,
    Is it possible to change all pages/post and categories to full-width. (every single page) I know i can do it manually but there is an option to do it in one go?

    1. There is no support in the theme to do that. But, here is a quick trick that can save your time a lot.

      Go to All Posts Page. Select all the posts, and then click on Edit. From here you can change property of 20-100 posts at once. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Ok, thanks for ad vice. Thats works perfect for pages but when i try to do the same think with posts i can’t find that option.

  6. I am looking to make the slider images smaller as they dominate the page. Any suggestions on how to make the Slider Images slider. I’ve tried uploading images that have smaller dimensions but the theme then forces the image to be stretched.

    How can I change this?

  7. Thanks for the theme. It works pretty well, but my smartphone isn’t the displaying the page nicely. Do you have any tips or ideas on what I can do to improve it for smartphones?

    1. Tribbiani theme is not responsive. Unfortunately, you will see the PC version on the SmartPhones too. You may look at my other themes if you need responsiveness.

  8. Hi and thank for your work. I really appreciate it. I dont find how to have the date on top of the post instead of “2 days ago”. I also want to translate that in french but dont find it in the files.

    1. Please use the tribbiani.pot file in the languages folder to translate the theme. I will add better support for translation in the coming updates, though. I can not help with moving the Post Meta section to top.

      1. Sorry, my question was not clear. I just want to format the date, instead or “2 days ago” i will prefer “octobre 23, 2013” for the post date.

      2. In the .po files, where do i find the
        X days ago
        figuring on beginning of a post. I’m trying to translate it but i just don’t find it. I’m using Codestyling localization.

          1. Hi again! Thanks for the 1.1.2 version. It’s very nice to work with. I did the translation of the .po files and it work well. But it does not translate the ” 5 days ago” in the home page and the post page. But it work for the attachement page. But anyway, in what file and line can i do this change with the css editor instead? I just dont find it.

          2. That functionality is implemented using a Javascript. To make the change you will have to edit the js/timeago.js file. If you do not understand, then just erase the contents of that file. But, do not delete the file. This will then display the date in standard format: 14 November, 2013.

  9. Great theme, love it very much!
    One question – on the page I have always 10 entries with pictures which looks weird, you have 6 in your demo – also if the headlines spans over 2 lines the entries ae not of equal length beneath each other, is there a way to fix it?

    1. WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Reading

      From here you can change the no. of posts displayed in your front page.

      And the auto adjustments of posts, when the title spans over 2 lines is a feature of the theme, namely masonry layout.

  10. Excellent theme. Really done very beautifully.

    Many thanks, Mr. Tripathi; this was just what I was looking for.

  11. One question I have:

    Short of creating a child theme, is there a way to change the text under the site title (in your Tribbiani pic it says “just another wordpress site”).

    I’m using a black background and hoping for white (rather than grey) text. Can’t see where I’d be able to control the sizes or colors of the text. I’ve tried in the style sheet itself, but I must have been modifying the wrong area.

    Still, it’s such a perfect theme I want to use it : )



    1. .site-description is the css class you need to target. We have also added options in Appearance > Customize to modify the site title color. See if that helps you.

  12. Hi, I’m pretty new to WordPress, so please excuse any stupid questions ๐Ÿ™‚

    So 1) How can I make the text in the sidebar (any text not the titles) a brighter/lighter color? Right now it’s medium-dark grey text on dark grey background, so not ideal.
    And 2) How can I remove the “Leave a Reply” section below each of my pages?


    1. 1) Add styling for h1.widget-title.

      2) You can disable comments on posts from Settings > Discussion. To disable comment for everything on your site, use a plugin.

  13. I have a separate page for “Blog.” I want the image slider to show on the home page, but not on the blog page. I only want my blog posts to show on the blog page. How can I disable or keep the image slider from showing up on my Blog page?

  14. “That functionality is implemented using a Javascript. To make the change you will have to edit the js/timeago.js file. If you do not understand, then just erase the contents of that file. But, do not delete the file. This will then display the date in standard format: 14 November, 2013.”

    Thanks, it work fine for me for the translation with that file.

  15. Rohit

    you are a genius … Amazing theme ..

    it is not compatible with mobile sorry …. i wish it could be ..

    please 1 request .. do you have any “FREE” form builder … i am totaly tired about all forms asks for money .. my business still in the step 1 .. and no time for lost money ๐Ÿ™‚

    thank you very very much for the AMAZING THEME <3

      1. Dear Rohit

        Please Help ….

        this website i am using it for small business …

        before 10 minutes the website dosnt appears any more …

        what can i do please …


  16. The demo site shows an instagram icon, I have looked and looked and cannot find where to enter my instagram info, obviously I am not looking in the correct spot!

  17. I am trying to add code to the header and footer sections through the Basic Settings area for Tribbiani Theme. I have a code provided by another site for a music widget but your theme keeps clearing it out instead of applying it. How can I add code to the theme in the header section? Thank you! Great theme by the way!

    1. The code can be simply added via the sections you are trying to. The code will be rejected only if it contains malicious components. That section is generally to input style, script or meta tags. If you still want to go ahead and place the code, please do it from header.php file.

  18. The demo site shows an instagram icon, I have looked and looked and cannot find where to enter my instagram info, obviously I am not looking in the correct spot!

  19. Excellent theme! We are using it for a website theme and would like to add the business phone number to the header for each page, any plans to make this an option in the future? BTW, our website using your theme is not published yet.

      1. Thank you for responding. I now have a challenge, I am using constant contact’s Jazz Blue form on the sidebar, unfortunately they do not provide a means to change the background color of the input fields (they seem to be transparent).

        Is there a way to change the background color of the sidebar so that the input text will show while entering the first & last name and email address? Or is there a way to disable transparent backgrounds?

  20. Hello there! awesome theme man!
    i have just one thing to make this site as i need.
    How can i edit the Blog page? (in this case is FRAGMENTOS)
    I need to have the sidebar floating on the left (because my menu its on there)
    Can you help me with this trouble?
    Thanks!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. HI there,

    Urgent: got 48 hours!

    JustHost is upgrading to PHP 5.4, and when I go to cPanel and change from the current PHP 5.2 (Single php.ini) to PHP 5.4 (Single php.ini), the website disappears and an error appears:

    [an error occurred while processing this directive]

    Please advise whether Tribbiani is PHP 5.4 compatible, and if so, what should I be doing to get the site back in WordPress?

    I love your design and really don’t want to change it. Please advise asap as I have 48 hours left until they change over to PHP 5.4!



    1. All our themes are upto PHP 5.5 Compatible. So no need to worry. Just wait for Justhost to do the update. Nothing would happen. Also, make sure that you use the latest version of WordPress.

  22. Absolutely phenomenal design! Great work ๐Ÿ™‚

    Perhaps I might have overlooked it within the sleuth of comments, but I was just wondering if there was at all a link to download this theme yet? If so, I might be a little “slow” in locating it ๐Ÿ˜› Sorry

    Let me know when you can ๐Ÿ™‚ Would love to use and promote your talents!

    Thanks again.

  23. Hello,
    First let me just say thank you for all the amazing work you do!
    I am not good with this sort of stuff, however I saw a template you had made and fell in love! I took it upon myself to do it all myself….and half way through it I was not completed at all but needed to stop and tend to other household mommy things,lol
    When I had gone back to complete and try and finish the site and the menu area I messed up big because i CA NOT EVEN GET TO THE SIGN IN TO DO ANYTHING, IT JUST STAY ON THE PAGE NO MATTER WHAT i HIT IN THE MENU OPTION!!!!
    My site, or lack there is if you go there I am sure you will see what I am talking about and hopefully you can tell me what I did!
    Thank you so much!

  24. is that still possible to download this theme? i guess the button is broken.

  25. I love the theme, it’s been easy to work with, even for a newbie like me.

    How can I stop pages from posting across the top? I am using the side bar menus and don’t want the page tabs up there.


    1. Hi Steve, thank you for the comment.
      To remove those pages from the top, go to Appearance > Menus. Now create an empty menu and set it as primary menu.
      IP Singh
      (Rohitink Support Staff)

      1. Thanks for the previous reply. Now I have a feature request. I would like to put sliders on specific pages, like Seller Pro. I am willing to purchase a Pro version of Tribianni or please let me know what it would cost to add that feature.

        Thank you!

  26. Dear Rohit,
    I found your theme very good and I downloaded it :I would like to know where can I limit the number of articles on front page?
    Thank you,

  27. please could you give me the code to cut and paste into the css so that the text on the sidebar is readable against a dark background – i have tried following your instructions above but can’t change it!! as you can see, i can’t read thing!!

    thanks Ax

  28. Hi.
    Love the theme..
    I’d like to know if the theme support Jetpack’s infinite scrolling.

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