Sixteen is a Very Artistic theme suitable for most blogs. This theme has a grid layout on homepage to display latest posts. It supports a custom header image, to which a parallax effect is applied making your site a lot attractive. Plenty of customization options present in the theme make it the perfect theme for your next blog. And its responsive too.

Purchase Sixteen Plus – @ $24.95 Only – Overloaded with Skins, Features, Customizations & Awesomeness.

Here are some of the Features of this theme:

  • 2 Column Layout.
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Custom Background Support
  • Retina Ready(HD/Vector Icons)
  • 5 Level Nested Comments
  • Support For Galleries
  • Fully Styled Comments and Posts section
  • SEO Ready
  • Social Network Icons (SocioCons)
  • RTL Translation ready(.pot File Provided)
  • Featured Thumbnails
  • Cool CSS transition Effects
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • 3 Column Footer Layout
  • Easy to Remove Footer Credit Links
  • Full Width Layout For Pages
  • User Friendly Time/Dates
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Option to choose right/left sidebar layouts

Checkout the Demo Site


Purchase Sixteen Plus – @ $24.95 Only – Overloaded with Skins, Features, Customizations & Awesomeness.

If you need any help regarding this theme. Please use the Support Forum. Comments are Disabled on this Post. Support is Dedicated only for Pro Version Users only.


  1. How to install this theme in word press by theme integration please help me to guide how to implement this sixteen-wordpress-theme code implement on my localhost in my wordpress cms..

      1. please tell me how to suppress or turn off the comments section of the template when I create a new page. I don’t what it to appear on every page.

        thanks, this is a very good Word Press theme.


  2. Hi, Rohit, i’m new to wordpress and i don’t have any knowledge on Coding , i’m trying to change the colour on the main section of the theme, under the header image, behind the contents (the large yellowish section), how do i change it? i want to change the colour to Gray or Dark Gray. i really like this theme, simple looking and modern.


      1. Thanks for Reply, that was very quick. sorry not the Background colour, i’m not able to explain properly, i meant the Colour that wraps around the contents, which is similar to the default background colour.

        Thanks again

        1. You can change it. You have to look for the background of the CSS #content. From Aldehyde Settings, under Layout. Add the following to the Custom CSS:

          #content {
          background: #aaa;

          1. i’m not explaining properly am i ? it seems like the colour of the borders has changed, the colour i need to change the inside of the border, behind the main contents and text.
            Is it possible to send you a Screenshot of the page?
            I will point out what i mean.

            I Appreciate Your Help.

    1. I will try to add it in the next theme update. Till then, all you have to do is replace any unused icon in the images folder. And use it as linked it.

  3. Hi Rohit! I’m enjoying using the sixteen template. I am new to WP and need help with how to have a picture show up under the recent posts on the home page instead of the blank black box with clipboard. Thanks in advance for your help!:)

    oh yeah and any way to remove all the below two lines under the comment section like you have here… “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:


    1. That’s a feature of WordPress. But, I will surely provide a solution for it in the next update. Just wait for a week.

      And to show a picture instead of a blank box with clipboard, all you have to do is set a featured Image when creating or editing a post.

  4. Im using Sixteen for mye new company (Norwegian) – great to work with for a none-html-code -man like me!

    – and all good with the “widgets” in the sidebar, But I would like them (widgets) who I use to show my partners – to go sideways on my front / first page. By side ways I mean like the “blog posts on the front page.

    Can be done?

    1. Firstly, a recommendation. I see you have set a background image. I recommend that you should remove your current background image and use it as the header image instead. Upload it from Appearance > Header.

      Secondly, you can not enable sidebar on the right side, for the blog page. If you want the sidebar on right you have to use a static front page. But, I don’t think that’s what you want.

        1. That is something I see in great demand. I will surely add that feature in the update scheduled for 30th October. Just hold on.

  5. Hi, how can I change the background color where the search bar is placed (at the bottom of the home page, at the right side on the posts), also how can i change the background of the posts?
    I’ll send you the image to be clearer.

    1. I got your image. To change the background of the articles area and the sidebar, add the following CSS from Sixteen Settings > Layout.

      #primary, #secondary {
      background: #555555;

      You can replace #555555 with your desired value.

  6. Hi Rohit Tripathi. First of all I would like to complement you on your great work! I have just changed the theme of my WordPress page to your theme, Sixteen, and I love the design. I have an unsolved problem though. There are 3 elements that I haven’t been able to remove from my pages. It’s a search function, an Archives box and a Meta box. I hope that you can help me solve my problem. Thank you very much in advance! Best regards Dan Vium.

    1. Just add a completly blank Text/HTML widget to the Sidebar. Those things will disappear. They are fallback widgets, to let you know that there is a sidebar.

  7. Kudos for your theme. It has beauty and it is different in it´s layout. I am using it for this upcoming site for one of my books. Let me know when you plan to publish a professional version and I´ll purchase it and recommend it.
    I would like to change the color of the Menu Bar text (contains now pages). It´s now a sort of brown on a black background and it is difficult to see. How can I do that?
    Also, right now there is nothing to the left or right of the front page slider, is it possible to insert a widget there? Another option could be the ability to insert a widget in the header, and I´ve seen other themes with that feature, like Openstrap. I just need to include more information in the first half of the front page.
    Finally, I am using a plugin, Sliding Panel by Justin Tadlock, which opens an otherwise hidden space for widgets on top of the header. Makes a good match.
    Thank you again, best regards, Gabriel.

    1. Wow. Thanks for the lovely comments. To change the color of the menu bar text, use the following Modifications

      #site-navigation ul a {
      color: #FFFFFF;

      I will look into the sliding plugin. Currently, there are no provisions for widgets beside the slider.

      1. Thank you, it worked.
        And to achieve the same elsewhere, like widget´s header? (Sorry for not including this in my first question).
        Finally, there is a slight problem (in my site) with the size of the content boxes inside the slider and the slider. There should be room for 4 in a row but instead only 3 appear. And the same thing happens for the widgets of your sidebar. There are three and they should appear side by side, by they appear in one row. I hope I explained myself correctly. The site is
        Really thank you very much!

        1. I checked your site. For me, 4 posts appear in a column. You are seeing 3 because the theme is responsive, it has automatically adjusted according to the size of your screen. Check your site in a higher resolution device.

          And secondly, some bad plugin is causing the mess with the sidebar area. De-activate your plugins one by one to see which one is causing the issue.

          1. Thank you again. I see 4 posts appear in a column in Chrome, but 3 on Firefox. I tried to change the resolution, but is at the highest, 1920×1200. and changing it down, had no effect.
            You were right about the plugin in the sidebar area. It is Image Widget, which I use to show a cover of a book with a link to the Amazon page where it is being offered). So when I use other widgets (i.e. tag cloud, recent posts, categories) other than Image Widget´s, the 3 of them appear on one row.
            Thanks again, the best for you.

  8. Hi there,

    Love the layout! I just had one question…
    How do I move the sociocons to the header/top portion of the page? It seems like I can only move it to the sidebar.

    Looking forward to your response. Thank you again!

  9. Hi Rohit. Simply an awesome wordpress theme which has everything accordingly. I Customized the CSS and I’m stuck at one point. I have a single line navigation bar same like in your theme, but instead of the navigation bar scrolling down along with the contents, I want the bar to stick to the top while scrolling down. In other words I want to lock the navigation bar at the top once it reaches the top…. I’m not that good at js or jquery and that’s why I’m struggling at this point, Awesome theme once again. I’m helpless here and there is nobody other than the theme make to help me out with this one. Thanks 🙂

      1. Thanks alot! I will go through and look what I can tweak up… 🙂

  10. I think the Theme is great. But I am having a problem where there the Recent post overlaps on the header. I need help, anyway to lock the recent post so that it doesn’t move up, only down. Please help.

    1. First of all I must say, you have made some quite amazing modifications to the theme. Just lovely.

      If you are talking about the parallax behaviour of the header. You can not disable it, as it is one of the USPs of the theme.

  11. First I just want to say I love your theme Sixteen its just amazing!!!! I only have 1 issue / request that I hope you can help with.

    Issue: When I add 3 widgets and 1 of them is RSS it makes the home page footer vertical instead of horizontal. when I remove the RSS feed widget and use say page, text, and tag cloud it lines them up nicely horizontally. do you know why the RSS feed widget makes it go vertical? The only thing i can think of is the RSS feed text is wider than the area allowed.

    Request: it would be a nice option under theme options to have the ability to hide the home page footer widgets and just show them on pages / posts on the left or right. That way I can have an odd number or widgets and still have the home page look clean without all that extra footer widget stuff.

    just a thought and like I said before I LOVE your theme “Sixteen” it is amazing!!!! so well built!!!! I will be using this theme over and over again!


      1. Rohit,

        Thanks for the quick reply! I do have one more question for you. On the Sixteen basic settings page the 2nd box down says “Custom Code in Footer” but your description says that the code will be applied before . Wouldn’t this make it not “footer” code but “body” code. I want to place my Google Analytics code in the footer after so it tracks all pages.

        Please correct me if I am wrong and that box 2 on basic settings IS where I should be pasting my Google Analytics code.

        Thank you and again I love this theme.

        1. Do not worry about that. You can place your analytics code there, without any worries. It will work like a charm. I will make its description more clearer in next update.

  12. Sorry for troubling you, Replaced the div id to “site-navigation” in the jquery code and placed it under the custom codes for head section as you said, but still now luck…no sign of sticky menu any help please…

    1. Found a solution rohit! 🙂
      installed a plugin from the dashboard and changed the jquery codings…..
      things are fine now 🙂 thanks alot for your help!
      btw yes, shonda king is my client and it was for her i was redesigning your theme…

    2. You could read some online tutorials. Getting this to work requires major coding knowledge. Unfortunately, I can not help much with this extent of customization.

  13. Can you tell me how to change the background color of the links from black? i.e. Recent Posts has a black background in the text box. I’d like to change it to something closer to my background. Thanks!

  14. Great theme. Is it possible to add a graphic logo to be lined anyhow with the site title?

  15. Nice theme! Thank you. How do I change the colour of the Widget titles and the the post titles?
    Thank you

    1. For post titles: h1.entry-title

      and for widgets, h1.widget-title. It recommended, that if you are not good at CSS, then you rather not make these changes.

  16. Probably a simple fix but i am new to coding. I have set my main page to “recent Posts” instead of a static page, I want to change the recent posts title to “latest News”. How do I do that without altering the Home.php file in the theme since it will be written over with updates?

  17. Hello! I love the Sixteen theme! I just wanted to know if I could change the yellow background color. I saw the thread from Jamal…and I think I need the same answer. Can you help me change the background color?

    Thanks a mil!


  18. I’m new to WordPress and love your template. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to change the footer. On some of my pages, when I go full-width, the search bar, meta, and archive are near the top (almost touching the header). Anyway you could help?

    Sorry for the lack of knowledge.

  19. I want to delete the sie panel on one page, when I remove it, it shows up at the top. Please help! 🙂

    1. Although, I am not aware of any such issue. But, the next version of the theme will remove the possibility of any such error cropping up, due to change in design structure.

  20. Dear Rohit,

    Firts of all thank you for this very nice designed theme.
    I am new to wordpress and I’m trying to do things on my own with a little help also from a friend.
    But I have 2 little problems:

    1/ I have created pages and sub-pages. I am having trouble with the cells of the sub-pages, they seem to be not so sensitive to the mouse. I keep on clicking anywhere in the cell to access the sub-page but t is very hard. Not all sub-pages have this problem.

    2/ The welcome page gallery/ slide-show is very big and I don’t know how to make it smaller ( half of it maybe ?) and displace it also, maybe in a corner or else.

    Could you have answers about these issues ?

    Thank you very much;
    Best regards,

    1. Unfortunately, the Slider can not be made any smaller. You could use images smaller in height, but the width will remain constant.

      I just visited your site. I am sure you are talking about sub menu items. They are very clickable. Could you tell me which browser are you using, Because I did not face any such problem in any major browser.

      1. Thank you Rohit !
        Hello Rohit !

        I tried the sub-menus with Explorer and Mozilla, but indeed I think I need to click on the text rather than the rest of space of the cell.
        But it works except that sometimes I need to do it twice. Now I’m with Mozilla and it seems to go rather well.
        For the slider it’s fine I think it can stay like this now.

        I tried to access my site with smartphone, I am really impressed by the responsivity !
        Thank you very much !! :o)

  21. Hi! I love the theme… I was setting this site up with a purchased theme, ran into issues with no help and decided to find something else. Yours is great and very functional!!! Thank you!

    I have a couple of questions: How can I change the border color around the menu? I changed the menu color – now there is a black border around it. Also, can I change the rollover color in the main menu items to be the same as in the sub menu items?

    And is there any way to make them menu align to the right of the page and not auto space through the center?

    Thanks again!

    1. All the changes you requested are possible. You need to look into the css/main.css file. There you will have to modify the properties of .main-navigation class.

  22. Hello,
    Very nice theme and very good support.
    Can you please tell me how to have a custom logo in this theme.
    I am new to wordpress

    Thank you

  23. hello! Rohit i am a new webdesigner and i succefuly instaled the sixteen theame but i have difficulty to custmize plz help me!

  24. Hi Rohit
    Great theme! Took me ages to find one I liked 🙂
    I’m still struggling with the child/parent thing – not the concept, just how to activate the child theme in Instant WordPress – googling till my brain feels like it’s melting! (Building on a local server until I’m ready to replace our dinosaur site.)
    But what I wanted to ask you is how do I limit the number of new posts to four – I only want one row visible on my home page.
    Also, is it possible to put my social icons at the bottom of the page, instead of the top?

  25. – sorry Rohit, me again… I just downloaded sixteen-plus and there isn’t a child theme folder in there? Thanks 🙂

  26. Hi,
    i wanted to know how to change the number of latest posts from 10 to 8. i wanted to limit them to just 2 rows.

    and thanks for such an awesome theme.

  27. I love your “Sixteen” theme! It has been wonderful and easy to work with, but I had one question for you. I noticed on the header photo a screen-like covering on it. Is there a way to get that off?
    Thank you so much for your time.

  28. I have another question for you. I would prefer to have my header as my logo also, but I have to have a written title in order for the menu bar to not run into the words on my logo. (Am I making sense?)
    Do you have a way to leave a space between top of the web page and the menu bar without a typed-in title?
    Thank you!

    1. Add some Margin-top to the Menu Bar from the css, like:

      #site-navigation { margin-top: 200px; }

      Make the margin more, if that’s what you need.

  29. Here is another question for you 🙂 How do I change the my menu items from “Sample Page” and “Blog” to whatever I would like for my web page titles?

  30. I am sorry to bother you again, but I have spent hours with trial and error on css, and have not had any luck. Nor have I found the image folder with a overlay.png in it. Do you take phone calls, so I can call and ask you some questions?

    1. Unfortunately, I do not provide phone support at all. But, I do provide dedicated support to Sixteen Plus customers.

      The image could be located from your host’s file manager, yoursite/wp-content/themes/sixteen/images/. It’s right there, overlay.png.

  31. i am looking at upgrading to the sixteen plus pro. however, i want to know about menu options. How many menu options does upgrading to Pro have? Also, will one of the menu items allow me to link to paypal so people can have a direct link to donate/pay for items for sale. thank you so much.

  32. Hi,
    Great theme. Can you let me know which field to change to modify the font for the page title?



  33. Hello there (Love your theme)
    Can you just help me with changing text “Leave a reply” to something else?

  34. Rohit,

    I would like to change the height of the menu bar to reduce the space above and below the links contained therein but I cannot figure out how to do this. Can you help?


  35. Hi, im running the free-version of Sixteen, and i can´t seem to find the main.css file, do i need to purchase the extended/full-version to obtain it?

  36. Good afternoon Rohit,

    First of all I’ve to say I’m brand new in wp! How can I display the slider? I already uploaded 3 images to it (Appearance>Sixteen Settings>Slider Settings).

    Cheers from windomearle

      1. Hi Rohit!

        Congratulations for your theme, it is simple and clean! I forgot to mention that I already did that, enable the checkbox “Check this to Enable Slider” on Slider Settings. Do you know what am I missing?

        Thanks + cheers from windomearle

  37. I’ve finally zeroed in with your Sixteen Theme on what I want for my site. Many Thanks. I’ve changed the Menu Bar Text Color & Background according to your guidance Sixteen Settings->Layout Settings->Custom CSS->

    #site-navigation ul a {
    color: #FFFFFF;
    background: #0084b4;

    Similarly I want to change the Widget Title Background & Color also. Please help. (I newbie on wordpress/html/css. Expecting your comment on my site)

  38. How do I place images in the “2 boxes” on the homescreen of the 16 theme? I uploaded 1 as a test and enabled slider but it didnt work. I created a post which subsequently created anothet of those “boxes” at best when I click on it it takes me to a separate page/post to display it.

    1. To insert images on those boxes, please set a featured images for those posts.

      And to enable the slider, after you have enabled the slider. You need to add images to them too. The option to add images is present just underneath the enable slider option.

      1. What are the specific dimensions in pixels height/width for the slider and those little boxes in the aforementioned inquiry. I uploaded a test pic and it covered almost the entire screen. Thanx in advance

  39. Hello,

    I’ve managed to create a childtheme for sixteen. Now I would like to remove ‘Sixteen theme by inkhive’. I have no idea how to remove this. Can you help me?

  40. Hi Jocelyn,

    Features to add more Images is available in the Pro Version only. The slider comes with more skins in Pro too.

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