Freak is Creative WordPress theme suitable for a variety of sites. The main attractions of this theme are a Large Header with Beautiful Social Icons and Multiple Navigation Bars. It has all the Features you need in a theme and a lot more. Some Features of this theme include:

  • Built on Bootstrap 3
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Static Menu Bar
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Retina Ready
  • Featured Images
  • Custom Widget for Recent Posts
  • Beautiful Menu for Mobile Phones.
  • Social Icons
  • Responsive Slider with upto 10 Slides.
  • A Featured Posts Showcase Area
  • Multiple Blog Layouts
  • 4 Column Footer
  • Parallax Effects
  • Beautiful Typography

If you have any queries, post a comment below & I will try to answer it.


How to Add a Logo?
Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Site Logo, Title & Tagline. 
How to Configure the Menu Bar

Go to Dashboard > Appearance >Menus. This theme supports 2 Menus, You can Disable them Completely. To Do so, set these menus to any Empty Menu.

Primary Menu – This is the Menu which shows up at the bottom of the Header.
Static Bar Menu – This is the one which shows up on static bar, when you scroll beyond the header. Choose a relatively smaller menu for this.

How to Disable the Static Bar?

Go to Appearance > Customize > Design & Layout > Static Bar.

From there you can disable the Static Bar. The menu on static bar converts to a sliding menu on mobile phones. You can disable that as well.

How to Set Header Image? What are Recommended Dimensions for Header Image?

Go to Appearance > Customize > Header Image. Choose or Upload a Header Image. After you have uploaded a Header image, Choose to “Skip Cropping”, unless its really necessary.

Recommended Dimensions: For Header Image, the rule is the Bigger the Better. Use Large header images. Atleast 1440*600px.

How to Set Image Thumbnails for Posts?

While you are Editing the Post, Scroll to Bottom and Click on “Add Featured Image”. These Featured Images will show up as Post Thumbnails by default. For More Details, read this.

How to hide Featured Images on Posts?

Go to Appearance > Customize > Design & Layout > Custom CSS and add the following:

.single .wp-post-image { display: none; }

How to Set Up Everything Else like Slider, Social Icons, Featured Posts, etc?
Please Pay a visit to Appearance > Customize. Every setting for this theme is in there. 
The Featured Posts Image Grid is not showing Posts. Why?

Here is how the Grid Works.

The setting asks you for “Max no. of posts”, and not “No. of posts”. Notice the “max”. A Great Feature of the Grid is that it properly aligns in the rows. It will only show a row, if there are enough posts for it.

For Example, there are 6 posts. The first row will occupy 4 posts, but the second row is falling short by 2 posts. It can either display the 2 posts, leaving white-space on the right of the row, or it can choose to display just one row and not display the second one. This results in a much better organized look with no unnecessary white spaces.

This is how the gird works. Once your Category has enough posts, around 12-15. You can set it to a max value around 15 and see 3 Beautiful rows of the grid.


  1. Hey,

    I’m currently using the ‘Freak’ theme for a build, however, I appear to be unable to get the social icons to display. can anyone offer any suggestions on how to fix this?


    1. Have you set up the Social icons from Appearance > Customize ? If yes, what error are you getting. Share your site url for me to check.

      1. I have the social media links entered in the Appearance > Customize but it doesn’t show up. The site is in maintenance mode, if you need to see it, email me for a temp admin username/password.

      2. Hi Rohit,

        I’m having the same problem. Typed all the links in but still no icons appear on my page.

  2. Rohit I just LOVE this theme. Many thanks for posting it as a free install. I looked for similar themes and all that were similar were at a price. and being on a budget ( a tight budget ) I delayed buying them. I’m glad I did this works perfectly with the site I am creating, directory for my local city. Normally and I know I shouldn’t say this or do it but I have been known to remove the designers link ( that’s not my attitude now ). Quite simply because the amount of work learning and creating such a stunning piece of internet artwork as this deserves recognition. I’m just learning myself at the moment about child parent themes and wondered if this is one?
    Many thanks again, well pleased.

    1. I am glad that you like this theme. And to answer your question, Freak is a Parent Theme. If you want you can create Child Themes for Freak.

  3. Rohit, just a quick question. I love this theme, think it is perfect for my site…but the header image is too large for my purposes, I want to make it shorter, around 300-400 pixels. Could you please tell me how to do that? There doesn’t seem to be any option in the Customize section to do so.

      1. Hi Rohit,
        thanks, for this great theme. Do you have a timeline for this update? Or can you give me a hint to modify it manually?
        Many thanks.

          1. Perfect. Thank you for this quick support.

        1. Hi The Update(v1.0.0.3) is now available. It will be available via your WordPress Dashboard soon. But, in the meantime you can download manually it by clicking the Download Now button in the post above..

          1. That’s exactly what i need. Thank you.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing this theme :).

    I have some trouble with static pages or when i try to read an article. I was correctly redirect but the article/ the page is showed like a list element.

    Any idea ? Thanks 🙂

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for your great theme. I am unfortunately unable to access the full article (when I click the read-more, I go back to the home page). When I look at my logs, I’ve got the following error :

    “GET /wp-content/themes/freak/assets/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css?ver=4.2.2 HTTP/1.1” 404 6490 “” “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_4) AppleWebKit/600.7.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0.7 Safari/600.7.5” “3.49”

    And indeed, the /web_root/wp-content/themes/freak/assets/font-awesome doesn’t even exist.

    Any idea on how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

      1. I’ve tried reinstalling it directly from my wordpress installation, and same problem. But when downloading it from your site, it’s OK. Thanks!

        Another question : doesn’t the theme support custom fields?

  6. Hi Rohit, thanks very much for your awesome theme.
    May I ask 2 questions yet:
    – Is it possible to create a portfolio (just like you made with your “Trending on Freak” example) with the lite version of Freak? or do I have to purchase any full version?
    – As well, I don’t see any possibility to create “blocks” on the homepage to set the portfolio?

    Thanks so much for your answer

    1. Hi Martin,

      The thing which you are calling Portfolio, is the Featured Posts Grid. And its a part of the free version. To Set it up go to Appearance > Customize > Featured Posts.

      To use it as a Portfolio, it is recommended to create a Category for your Portfolio posts, and then use that category here.

      1. Thanks so much for answering.
        I did what you say so the grid appears but only in the customize tab. When I go to my website that grid doesn’t appear.

        1. Could you share your Site URL, and also do you have sufficient posts in the Category you are choosing for Featured posts. Please read in the FAQ above, for why the Grid Won’t work.

  7. I love this theme but I can’t figure out how to disable the “parallax” effects in the header? I just want a normal image instead.

    1. Hi, to Disable the Parallax effect. Go to Appearance > Editor > Header.php
      Search for data-stellar-background-ratio="0.5" And Change the value from 0.5 to 1 or 0, depending on your preference.

  8. Excellent theme.. Thank you!!

    Am trying to delete the search box in the middle of the header..

  9. Freak!! Its a superb Theme, but I have some challenge with the theme. The theme doesn’t allow the display of images of snippets that are published. Pls can you find a solution for my challenge? Thanks in anticipation for your positive reply.

  10. Great work on the Parallax Rohit!

    Is it possible to minimize the header image height in all pages except the home page? The image looks nice at 800px for the home page but is odd on all other pages.


    1. Daniel, Adding options in Customizer for Minimizing Header Height is on top of the list for next theme update. 🙂
      Just watch out for it.

      1. And I need this! 🙂

        Or a template for other pages with a shorter header (without seach area, and with logo, menu and social icons).

        When do you think the next theme update will come?

  11. Hi Rohit .. many thanks for making Freak available free of cost. Freak is really simple to use and a wonderful theme. Need a small help – is it possible to shift the logo from the center to the left upper or right upper corner? Could you please guide me with the steps?

    1. I am sorry, but its not possible right now. Because, you wont have to move just the logo but other things in the header as well to make it look good.

  12. Hi Rohit, very nice theme – many thanks. I’ve noticed that the header image is aligned to the left on a mobile phone. Is it possible to center align it? Currently, it looks very bad with a heavily center-focused header image.

    1. By Default, the Header image is set to center align on phones. But, some relatively older phones may not properly align the header image. Could you please tell me on which phone are you having this issue, and also your url.

      1. Hi Rohit, thanks for the reply. I’ve since found that the issue is worse. I have a 600px high banner on my page, and I’ve had two problems with Freak:

        1) background-size: cover does not play well with fixed positioning, leading to the banner being terribly resized (well-known CSS issue, see e.g.
        I ended up simply removing fixed positioning, which seems to work well on my page.

        2) On Firefox 37.0.2, and on my (3year old) Android Phone with the standard brower, this broad banner did not center horizontally, but left-aligned. On Chrome it was fine. I ended up modding your included stellar.js to hard-code “50%” background-position-x in the two places it is being set. (btw, you forgot to add a non-compressed stellar.js in assets/)

        1. Thanks for the Comment.

          1) That issue is not so prominent now. If you use a larger image, then this issue wont be a problem. But, if it works for you, then great.

          2) Okay. I will look into it. Thanks for the tip as well. I will add Uncompressed stellar.js too. 🙂

  13. Hi,
    Love the theme. Was looking for something non commercial looking, and this was the only one that stood out for me.
    I’m a complete techno granny and have so many questions I’d bore you to tears, but the most important ones: (Refers to posts on landing page.)
    1) Is it possible to show posts without not just a featured image, but actually without any image, but then without the ugly empty image box that says ‘view’? So many pics are triggering my ADHD 😉
    2) Is it possible to reduce the size of the box posts are in, so I have a larger border around it?

    Many, many thanks – also from my dog who is going nuts from me ignoring him in favour of my laptop.

    1. 1) If you want to show no image if you are using Freak Layout. Then go to wp-content/themes/freak/framework/layout/content-freak.php and remove the entire code starting from <div class="featured-thumb col-md-5 col-sm-4"> to </div><!--.featured-thumb-->

      2) I did not understand the second question. Which box? If you are removing the images, there won’t be any box. 😛

      1. Sorry to be such a div, but where do I find this to change it? I’ve looked in Editor but can’t find anything like the above, and don’t know where to find the wp-content/themes etc.
        Please explain as if to a four year old.

  14. Rohit, I can’t seem to get the slider or social icons to activate in Freak. I uploaded a photo to the slider and added URLs to the social icons, but neither comes up after saving. Is there something I’m missing?

    Also, there is a post on the homepage that I cannot seem to get rid of that just links back to the homepage. Any thoughts on how to fix that?

    Thanks! Let me know if you need to contact me or provide any other info.

  15. Hi again and great easy-building theme again,
    May I another question that could interest others:
    Is it possible to change the highlighting text when you pass the mouse over a window in the grid?
    For now, we’ve only the possibility to display “VIEW”, right?

  16. Hi Rohit, what size do you recommend so that featured image is not cropped and perfectly fit your window?
    As well, is there a recommended definition (72 dpi or more) for the best ratio: quality/displaying speed?
    Thanks so much

    How to change the main color (Orange at time) for another one?
    and increase the size of the text in window grid?

      1. Do you have an estimated idea on the pro version release date? This is easily the best theme I’ve found thus far and would love to tweek things like color.

  18. Hi Rohit,
    I’m having a problem with my blog posts on front page.
    Have set it up as a static front page, and selected settings to display a number of the full posts, but it only shows bullet points and some arbitrary numbers, not the full posts.
    Is there anything you can suggest to make the front page work properly?
    On my full blog posts page it is working fine.

      1. Hi,
        You asked for my site URL, but it’s not yet public. Can I mail it to you/ do it in a way so it’s not on this page? Thanks.

  19. Hello Rohit, I was wondering how to remove the image box on a post when there is no image in the post? Also I have turned on the slideshow but am unable to get it to appear… What step am I missing??? Thanks so much in advance!!!!!

  20. Hi Rohit, Great theme!!!
    I am having troubles with the Featured Posts function though and hope you can help. I have created a category called “Featured” and assigned >6 posts to it. In the Customize section I have set the Featured Posts settings to a maximum of 6 and chosen “Featured” as the category, but I’m not seeing any featured posts. Any ideas what’s going wrong?

    1. One more thing. Is there any chance that uploaded logo images can be made responsive for mobile viewing? At the moment my logo remains full size and gets cut off the edge of the screen.

        1. Hi Rohit. Thanks for this awesome theme! It seems that my website works just fine using Chrome, but using Safari the logo is not displayed properly. Furthermore, my logo and color changes to fonts and various other parts of the website seem to disappear on mobile devices. Is there a solution to this? Thanks!

      1. Yes, they do, but the old images were 1920×580 for a previous theme I was using.

        I’ve updated the images to 1920×1080 (or larger) and still having no luck. When my connection is slow I notice that the images appear briefly, but in a single column, and then disappear.

          1. I found the problem, but hadn’t had a chance to post it here. If people use Proton within Jetpack it will prevent the featured images from showing. Just disable Proton to fix it.

  21. This is an incredible theme! One question:

    I want my blog to show one complete post after another (like a typical blog), but the theme is only showing excerpts of posts, requiring an additional click to read the complete post. Is there a way to display blog posts the old fashioned way? I’ve checked the Blog Layout option, but switching from ‘Freak’ to ‘Basic Blog Layout’ didn’t help.

    Thank you so much for your help! You do incredible work.

    1. You need to edit the content-grid.php and replace the following

      <span class="entry-excerpt";><?php echo substr(get_the_excerpt(),0,200).(get_the_excerpt() ? "..." : "" ); ?></span>


      <span class="entry-excerpt";><?php echo the_content() ?></span>

      1. Unfortunately, I can’t find the content-grid.php within the Editor. I have the following content-related templates available:


        I’ve searched through each template in the entire Editor for Freak and cannot find the code you suggested.

        Also, since there is no way to pay for the Freak template, is there anyway to donate? I’ll gladly pay for this excellent theme.

        Thank you so much for your time!

        1. Hi Clayton, I will release Freak Pro around June 23-24. You can buy it to show your support. And to find content-grid.php you will have to access the files via file manager or FTP. Its located in the wp-content/themes/freak/framework/layouts/ directory.

  22. Hi Rohit,
    what would be the easiest and best way to add a “Contact” form?
    Thank you

  23. Hi Rohit,

    I am using this theme for my blog and it looks awesome on web. However on an android mobile platform the Site Title is getting cut. The same is fine on a windows mobile. Please look into it.

  24. Hi Rohit, thanks for helping me with my previous question.

    I have one more: The slider (which had previously been absent for some reason) is on the site…but on the posts page. Is there a way to move that to the front page? Should it be there in the first place? Thanks!

    1. I will add it to the issues to be fixed in next theme update. In meantime, you can go to Apperance > Editor > slider-nivo.php and search for is_home() and replace it with is_front_page()

      1. I would also like to see the Square Boxes & Posts Slider on the HOME page, not the Blog page. I tried the fix you mention above, but I don’t see is_home() anywhere in the code. Any other tips?

  25. Hey, Rohit,
    First off, thanks for the theme!
    I was just wondering if there was any chance of adding a ‘Tumblr’ button to the set of social buttons?

    1. Also, while I’m being clueless and asking questions, is there any way I can add a bit of space at the bottom of the page, between the end of the posts and the copyright bar, with tthe background visible? I’m not suggesting a change to the theme, just wondering if there might be a way of doing it, because I am clueless, and our pages are very short, so it would be nice if we could add a bit of space in there.
      Sorry to bother you.

  26. Hello,
    I have followed the procedure for changing the header image, but it does not actually change. When I am viewing the site through the customizer it shows correctly but when I visit the site organically it shows the default “city” image. Please help 🙂

  27. Hi,

    is it possible to open the social icon links in a new window or tab?

  28. When I load my theme on an iPad (Safari and Chrome browsers behave the same on iPad), the header image is huge and it looks like something is wrong with the page until you scroll down. It seems that something isn’t working correctly with the responsiveness of the header image.

    My images are 1920 wide and the one I experienced the issue with was 1080 high.

    1. Sorry, I meant ‘when I load my blog’ not my theme – clearly it’s your theme and it’s great! 🙂

  29. Freak is a fantastic theme, Rohit–very nice job.

    Can you please let me know if there is any way to add a Pinterest icon to the strip of social icons that is above the “Search…” box? It is not one of the listed social media websites in the options.

  30. I love this theme so much. I looked at dozens and couldn’t find anything that I loved. Then I found Freak. Thank you so much.

    I do have a question. When I post a page or blog, I always add a featured image. However, when I share to Facebook, Google Plus, etc., the image doesn’t show up. It is just the generic gray male picture. How can I fix this? Thank you!

  31. Hi Rohit I been trying to make a child theme out of this fantastic one you created. But I’m Having dificulties because I don’t know which CSS manages de look of the site, on style.css (I want to modify some colors and fonts), I see no reference to the actual elements of the page on that file. Any help or tutorial for this?

    Thanks on advance

  32. Hi,

    For the most part, everything seems very easy to use. Lots of great features. One issue I’m having though, is with the sidebar. In the demo, under Latest Articles, it shows a small thumbnail next to title and date. I’m unable to get the thumbnail to show up (just title and date). Will you please help with this issue.


    1. I just found solution to my own question. There’s a Widget titled “Freak Recent Post with Thumbnails.” Worked perfectly.

  33. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks so much for your theme Freak. It’s brilliant! Ive spent about 4 hours searching through all the themes and yours is perfect. Just a quick question: when I’m feeling lazy to add a featured image on my post it comes up with a blank box next to the link in my ‘trending posts’ widget.

    How do I get rid of this?

  34. Hi Rohit

    Loving the theme, thanks 🙂

    I have 2 small issues that have appeared and I don’t know how:

    1. When using widgets in the footer to show recent articles, blog categories and custom menu’s, everything seems to be indented a little bit, so they do not line up directly underneath the heading, but rather a tab space further in.
    2. On the blog page where there are excerpts and thumbnail featured images are, my images appear a bit larger than they were when the theme was installed and what your demo shows.

    Both of these seem to have occurred at the same time, and I have no idea what could have caused it. Are you aware of what this could be and what the fix is?
    If you’d like screenshots, please suggest how to forward to you as this website is not yet live.

    Many thanks 🙂

  35. Hi Rohit!

    Wonderful theme with tons of customization options! I get to be lazy thanks to all the options…

    I really like the Google Font Raleway for the title, but it seems the nav is also tied to this font. You lose the menu items if this font is selected. I tried to find the class for the menu items, but it doesn’t seem to be in the main stylesheet. It seems to be changing the font-weight to lighter and the color is too light for this already thin font.

    Can you either put the option to select a different font for the navigation or tie it to the body font instead?


  36. Hi
    Firstly thank you for allowing the free use of yoiur theme it is excellent, but I have one problem. I ran a few SEO checks and and faired badly as there is no tiltle found on my site. I really would like to keep using this theme as it is just what i require for my site, but obviously need a site title to show for the search engines. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am new to WordPress (running on Bluehost) and do not understand the coding so well, but trying.

    Thanks in advance.

  37. Hi Rohit,

    In my Google Webmaster Tools, under Search Appearance > Structured Data > hatom (markup:, I am getting the following two errors on all of my website’s pages:

    Missing: author
    Missing: updated

    After doing a lot of research, it seems that the concensus about such errors (which are apparently rather common) is that it is a problem with the theme. There are various suggested temporary workarounds, e.g., by modifying the code in the theme’s single.php file, but I am wondering if this is anything that you might be able to fix in an upcoming update to the Freak theme?


      1. Thanks, Rohit. Another question.
        Can i put the slider in anothe page with a short code, for example?
        Ty and congratulations for the them

  38. Hey Rohit,
    Thanks for your theme, it’s everything I was looking for.
    I’m having difficulty with the formatting.
    I want my blog to display the 5 most recent posts, and nothing else on the front page. However, Whenever I do that, It shows 5 thumbnails, and then it loads all the rest of my posts. The only way to disable this is to get rid of the infinite scroll feature, which I’m fine with, but as a result two ugly scroll boxes are put on the side and bottom of my front page.
    Do you know how to resolve this??
    Thanks so much!

    1. Freak Currently does not support Jetpack’s infinite scroll. So, its recommended to disable that.

      And to Show only 5 posts, go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading.

  39. I love the theme!
    When i applyed it today the featured posts feature was not working correctly. Rather than show featured posts hirizontally it showed a large phot vertically. It wasn’t like this when I was initially testing the theme.

    I’d be grateful for any help.

  40. Hi Rohit,
    thank you very much for this fantastic theme !
    But I have one point I like to ask you for support:
    How to add other google-fonts to the site-title ?
    Many thanks in advance !


      1. Thanks for the information. Where can I find the freak pro theme to buy ?

  41. Hello Rohit,

    Thank you for a very fantastic website theme! We really find your theme intuitive. However, We are not very familiar with HTML or CSS programming, so we would like to know if it is possible to change/move the location of the logo, search box, and social icon in the header? How can we also change the color of the text in the Menu when you hover on it? Would you be able to help us out. Thank you very much, and we look forward to hear from you. Again, thank you very and great job!


  42. Hello Rohit,

    There seems to be an issue with the responsive part of my website. When the width is around 768 px to 991px, my blog posts on my home page disappears, but otherwise they’re there at other widths. Also, what do I target in the CSS so that the navigation links does not have the underline when hovering over it? I tried multiple element names, and can’t seem to make it work.

    Thanks a lot! Love your theme.

    1. Add this to Custom CSS:

      #top-menu ul li a:hover, #static-bar #static-menu ul li a:hover { text-decoration: none; }

      And Regardint he Disappearnce of Posts on iPad width, is possibly due to any custom modifications you have made. Please see if u can see the issue on demo blog as well.

  43. Hey I love this theme, just spent a little while changing to it and it looks beautiful here

    My issue is that I cannot figure out a way to have a link back to the main site from the blog, this is important as we are an e-commerce business and I need viewers to be able to switch between them quickly.

    What do I do?

  44. Hello, I absolutely love the theme and the update is awesome!! So appreciative! I love that you can change the header size, but I was wondering if it was possible to make it even shorter? Thanks so much!

  45. Hi Rohit, I’ve just started using your fantastic theme. There is one thing I do not know how to get by with – the menu is very sensitive, I mean when there are some categories under the main menu category it is very hard to click on them. Is there a chance to make it more “fixed” ? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. I’ve encountered this problem too, while working on a site for a client. Mousing over the menu reveals all of the sub-items, no problem. However, it’s sometimes impossible to mouse down to those items before the sub-menu disappears.

      Otherwise, the theme is beautiful and easy to customize. Really great work!

  46. Great theme, first of all. Easy to navigate and the only question I had was answered in this feed. Keep up the good work!!

  47. Hello Rohit, I love this theme!

    I was wondering when you plan to have the pro version ready for sale?


  48. Rohit

    2 questions

    1) Why does my site load slowly? (For example the slider does not initially appear)
    2) While spacing between paragraphs are visible when editing a post, the final readable version has no spacing. What do I need to do to resolve this?


    1. Rohit

      I solved #1. But need help with #2 because I think I will need to editor a bit of code in Appearance – editor.


      1. For the issue #2, if you want consistent spacing throughout the site. You will have to add it via custom css. Otherwise, it will use theme default.

        I saw your site, are you using any shortcode plugin to implement the spacing?

  49. Hi Rohit,

    I LOVE the theme, just one question though – Is is possible to remove the sidebar from a specific page? I’ve tried other ways I’ve found in the web, but they still leave a blank space where the sidebar would have been.

    Thanks in advance,
    ~ Sam

  50. Hi,

    how can i change the “entry-meta”? i dont find it…
    i would not show the author on my page, just the date.

    how can i change the “entry-footer”?
    i would not show the category.

    thanks for a beautiful theme 🙂

    1. Hi Christain, Currently Personal Customizations are a part of Pro Version only. I will add a few of them to Free Version sometime in future.

  51. Hi Rohit, Congrats on launch of Freak pro.
    I wanted to view the demo, plus that of the blog layouts, but both links come up with error messages.

    Until now I have been unable to do the following things with free Freak. Will I be able to do these with the pro version?
    Thanks. Dominique
    (site not yet online, sent details previously)

    line at bottom on every page: – make go all way across, so 1 footer instead of 4.
    Posts pages:
    – Control amount of post/post summary on post page (I’ve done everything you’ve said to set up so you see the full post, but I still get only the post summary unless I click on read more).
    – Text able to go over the full width of white space (also if you have no pic here).
    – ‘read more’ that navigates smoothly (at the moment if I click on ‘read more’, the page moves as if it goes to a new page. I would like if when you click on read more, the post box gets larger on the page you are on, covering the other posts, so you stay in the same place).
    – Control over position of social media buttons.

    1. Hi Dominique,

      Thanks for Reporting the Errors. I have fixed the links on the site. Now you can test the layouts.

      And with the Pro Version you will be able to do most of it except the “Read more” thing you mentioned. And our team with help with the other small customizations you require.

  52. Hey Rohit,

    Love your theme!! its simple and easy to setup for a newbie like me but also very customizable for a newbie like me. One question… I cant seem to get the name of my site…”Flyboard of Vermont” to show up on the title tabs of any of my pages. I think this helps with SEO. is there something I’m missing?
    Thank You, JJ

    1. If you want advanced SEO options. I recommend installing a SEO Plugin. By Default the theme will show the Site Title which you set in General Settings.

      1. Hi Rohit,
        when I search for my website in Google, it doesn’t appear as a result. Where this problem could come from?

        1. Themes play a very very little role in regards to that. It depends on how old is your site? Does it have enough content?
          Give it some time to be indexed. I’d say a week or so.

          Also, install a Good SEO plugin to boost things up.

          1. The site is one month old, 7 articles, and a SEO plug-in.
            I was surprised that when I tape the exact name in the Google search window my site doesn’t appear as a result then.
            However it appears when I add “.com”.
            My site name contains a – dash – so maybe it is the reason why it is hard to be referenced?

          2. What is your site’s name. If its a common word, there is a very limited chance it will jump to top. You need to give it time.

  53. Rohit greetings from New Jersey. This theme looks great and is perfect for my new blog. Very creative! However, I have a problem. When I set the featured image it appears at the top of my post with the same image I chose for the post. So it appears twice. I’m confused as to why this is happening. How do I correct this? Thanks for the free theme.


  54. I decided to leave Blogger and join WordPress and your theme is just what I was looking for, so thank you! I could mak all the little changes i needed, except for one. I can’t change that salmon color and this color doesn’t combine with the rest of my new blog. So ho can i change it, please? This is all that’s between me and my perfect blog. Thanks again for this incredible theme.

  55. Hey Rohit, love the theme! I was wondering if you could help me remove the underlining from the text when hovered on for a post. I found the code above from another question about disabling it for the main menu, but that doesn’t seem to work for the post links. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am using the Pro version.


  56. Hello Rohit,
    Well done on the theme, it’s just the theme I’ve been looking for! I have a couple of questions, and maybe after looking at my site, which is still under construction and not yet live, you might be able to see what I’m struggling with.

    1. I love the slider, but can’t seem to find uniform images to place in the slides, this causes the page to shift up and down as the slides change and I could see it being a big distraction. Is there a uniform size the images should be? Help!

    2. The header image is HUGE, and when you navigate to my website, the opening page is 100% the header image, it shows no other content, you have to scroll down the page in order to see anything else. On your demo blog you can see the slider and the header image on the same page. Help!

    I can send you my site IP if you have a private forum or an email address.


    1. Hi Greg,

      You can easily reduce the Header Size from Appearance > Customize > Header Settings.

      And for Slider Images, you have to first Resize the images on your Computer First, and then upload it to the slider. While, you are resizing the images give them all a common width and height.

    1. Have you Modified any of the Theme Files, or added any custom css perhaps? This error is a result of custom Modifications only. So, let me know which ones, so that I can tell you what’s wrong.

      1. I’m working on a child theme and I’ve made several modifications. I’ll take them out one by one and see if I can figure out which change caused the problem. Thanks!

  57. Working on a new project, the first part is a blog and the second part will be an Amazon Store, which will be added to my main domain.
    As part of my blog, I am trying to add to 2 amazon astores. I prefer to have them open inside my site, than out.
    The problem I have is they will not fit with the sidebar, I removed all the widgets, but do not know how to remove the sidebar container from these 2 pages so the stores will fit.
    My coding abilities are very limited, is there a way that I can fix this?
    I have built another dual site using the Freak theme, and I really love how easy it was to build.

  58. Hey! Thanks for very good theme but unfortunately i cannot find where i can change the font color of posts, as i see it is manually set as #404040; but i need other one, i was trying to find it in style.css table but i cannot find it there, can you please write me where exactly in style.css is i.
    Best regards, Kate

  59. Hi Rohit, thanks for this fabulous theme! I would like to rewrite the “read more” link into german. Where can I fix it?

    1. YOu can either translate the entire theme, using the pot files in the languages folder. Just to Edit Read More text, go to the following file, freak/framework/layouts/content-freak.php

      And replace it.

  60. ROHIT

    Last week I posted a series of questions here. I am using the Freak theme on one of my sites (currently under construction) and want to be able to make some changes. The post was here for several days awaiting moderation, then disappeared.

    What happened?


      1. Hey, I realized that my comment above could be read to mean that I am writing Freak off. Not so! If Freak pro theme can do the things I inquired about, I would be delighted to buy it.

        Hell, I’ll even write an article about how long it took me to find a theme I liked and could use, and how happy I am with Freak!

        PS: Your page detailing the pluses of Freak Pro do not address my questions . . .

        1. HI Neal, With Freak Pro. Most of the Questions you asked could be done easily from the customizer. If something is missing. Our staff will help you with the required customizations that need to be done, without editing any core files.

  61. Hi,
    I can’t see the widgets on the home page, I can see them only in the articles pages or in the others. The only one page I don’t see them is the Home page.
    Can you help me?

  62. Hi Rohit – I love the theme! The only problem I’m having is fitting something on a page – is there any way to change the dimensions of a page? Specifically, I need the width to be 750 pixels or larger. Thank you so much for any help!

  63. Hi. Loving the theme! But how can I change “theme accent” colour with custom CSS? Other than that theme is perfect.

    1. Theme Accent with Unlimited Color Customizations are a part of Pro Version only. If you try doing it with Custom CSS, you will have to write a lot of code.

  64. Hi Rohit!
    First of all, thanks for a very nice looking theme.
    I was just wundering if Freak doesnt support using avatars?
    In my guestbook the users avatar doesnt show at all.
    In the WP panel – Users I can se that the avatars are there but they dont show in the guestbook or when the users comment on a blog post.
    Is there any way I can fix this problem?

  65. Hi Rohit,

    First thanks for an awesome theme.

    Second: I’m having trouble with the Parallex filter. It shows in the preview when I customize the header, but not on the site it self. This conflicts with the color of the title and makes it hard to see on the site.
    Can you help?
    I’m currently using chrome.


  66. Hi Rohit,

    Thank you for your great theme! It’s perfect for us.
    I have a small issue with a checkbox on the checkout page to subscribe to our newsletter.
    The thing is that the checkbox is right above the text “add me to the newsletter”. There is no space between the checkbox and the text, so it doesnt look good. The ideal solution would be that the checkbox is before the text, instead of above.
    I have tried multiple plugins, but I cannot seem to fix it. Can you help me out?


  67. What are the proper dimensions for the feature image? I want my thumbnails to look right and not have any of the picture cut off.

  68. I am enjoying the Freak Theme. Well thought out.

    I do have a question though, I would like to add different template pages, like one with a side bar and one full width. I realize you could select one one or the other, but I would like the option when I create individual pages. Can I create a Fullwidth.php page or Is that feature in the Pro version?

    Thanks again. The product is working nicely.

  69. Love the theme. Currently using it for or blog site, thanks for creating it. I was wondering how I get all dates removed from all of the posts? I’m using 2 plugins right now. Date Exclusion SEO & WP Old Post Date Remover. With those 2 installed and active the date does not appear on the Last Post widget or when viewing the actual post. But if you click on any of the pages from the menu the date appears in the Last Post widget and if you click on “Our Blog”, a list of articles or blog posts show up with the dates.

    Can you recommend a plugin that would remove the date from all sections of the site?


  70. Hello, I am using your theme Freak on my very first WordPress site, I will warn you I am completely novice and am struggling my way through this and any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I understand that the theme supports 2 menus, I don’t fully understand what this means. Currently on the static menu bar, it just says Home. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to add things to the menu such as About Me or Contact Me or something like that. I found the custom menu feature and I tinkered with it, but nothing ever appeared on the static menu bar. Does 2 menus mean I can have 2 links period such as Home and Blog, or does it mean something else. Please help teach me! Thank you!

    1. HI Amanda,

      First you need to create those pages. Once you have those pages, “About Me”, etc. Then you can add them to the Menu from Appearance > Menus.

  71. Hi Rohit, thanks for this fabulous theme! I would like to know How i can Disable Sidebar on multiple pages even all pages but need sidebar on post .

  72. Hi Rohit!

    I love this theme! It works great for my new blog. Is there a way to add a Pinterest sociocon? I don’t see it as an option within the Appearance menu.


  73. Hi Rohit,

    Thank you for taking the time to create such a great theme as Freak. I seem to be having a problem with the ‘Site Title’ though, when I view my trial website on an iPhone the site title does not appear as responsive.
    What I mean is that I have my company name entered as the ‘Site Title’ and the words appear across the main header image but when this is viewed on an iPhone the words are broken up and not re-sized to fit the screen as expected. Can you give me any guidance on this?
    Thank you.

  74. Hi Rohit

    Thanks for the great theme!! I am converting our Travel / Photography website over to a WordPress Blog, and Freak seems to fit the bill. I have two questions:
    1. Is there a way to add more images to the slider?
    2. Can I change the color of the menu font?

    1. 1. How Many Images do you exactly Need? Having Many images will slow down your site Significantly.
      2. Yes. Coloring Features are a part of Pro Version only.

  75. So, I have changed my header completely, as it just did not work on my iPad. The theme works now on the landscape mode on my iPad, but not on portrait mode. Hoping for a fix soon. Thank you.

  76. Thank you for bringing Freak to us. I wanted to remove the date and name boxes on posts found your answer in a previous reply. Thank you, it worked perfectly. Is it possible to also remove the name? .

  77. Hi Rohit!

    Thank you for the beautiful theme! I am by no means techy and have been finding the theme very user friendly, so thank you for that!

    I apologize if this has been asked previously, but I want to make my header height portion smaller. It feels a little large for my taste. I know you were previously working on a way to make it smaller. Any progress on this?

    I’m looking for a way to make it smaller on the non-code side 🙂 I get a little lost on the code side.

    Any advice would be helpful!

  78. Hey Rohit!
    I have the pro version of the Freak theme and I was wondering if there was a way to edit what pages are displayed on the static bar at the top because I have some pages that I don’t want it to display as links. I only see the option to disable the static bar.
    The menu that is at the top of the page does not display the pages, but the static bar after you scroll down does.

  79. Hello I really like your theme but I’ve been screaming frog and has a serious problem of SEO ON PAGE me repeat 100 % of h1, because the title of the web is in H1 and are 100 % duplicate, how i solved it? Tjanks

      1. Thank you very much ¡ H2 have got the same problem, the description blog below the title is a H2 and repeat in all post how H2, and screaming frog says that are H2 100% duplicate too, sorry my english not is my languague native, thanks u again ¡

  80. The theme is great.

    I added my logo on the Front page. Now it is left aligned instead of centered. How do I recenter it?

    Also, what file contains the H1 tags? My SEO programs are telling me I have multiple H1, H2, H3 etc.

  81. Hi Rohit,

    I have the free version of Freak, I have made a child version of it, and I am trying to add some padding to my website’s tables. (I have a bilingual site and the two languages are side by side, using two table cells). However, nothing works, when I play around with style.css, other than adding a black border, which I don’t need.

    Am I missing something?


    1. Hi Siam, You are absolutely correct. This is a bug and needs to be addressed. I will fix it right away in a theme update.
      Please update the theme once you see an update available.

      1. Hi! How can I change the font for this theme, because it looks like a poor Times New Roman.

        1. Oh No!! I love that font. But I anticipated that some people may not. Hence, Freak Supports many alternatives to that font.
          You can change the fonts from Appearance > Customize > Google Fonts.

  82. Thank you for the Freak Theme. It is one of the best I have seen out there. I just have one question. I have looked everywhere to figure out how to add the “Next Post” and “Previous Post” links to the bottom of single posts. Is there a way to add this? Thanks again for the theme.

    1. Currently, its disabled for this theme. But if you want to add it go to Appearance > Editor and search for the file, single.php
      In Single.php look for this line of code and remove the preceeding // from the code. If it doesn’t look nice, comment back and I will give you the CSS as well.

      1. Thanks for the reply. The links look good. I think I will leave them the way they are. Thanks for the help.

  83. Rohit, I have been trying out the free version of Freak (1.0.3). It seems pretty nice, but it seems to have trouble with its responsive behavior at certain device sizes. The problem happens with a standard ipad in portrait mode or a Nexus 7 in landscape mode. On both devices, the main post area appears as an empty gray box. None of the posts show up. The posts do show up on each of those devices in the other orientation.They seem to be ok on larger screens, too. Any suggestions?

      1. Rohit, Sorry for the delay. I wanted to check some things. I posted the URL in your form. FYI, I have created a child theme with Freak as the parent. I am really only using it to alter the size and transitions types of the image slider on the main page and to alter that orange detail color you used in various places in the theme.

        In addition to Freak’s response to certain screen sizes, there is something a little odd about the main menu behavior. When the cursor is over a top-level, main menu item, the sub-items appear in the drop down box as expected. However, as you move the cursor down towards the sub-menu items, SOME of the time, the drop down box will disappear before you can select a sub-item. Sometimes if works, sometimes the box disappears too soon. This is true of all the top-level, main menu elements.

        The “alternate”? menus, that appear when the main menu is hidden, do NOT seem to have this behavior and work correctly all of the time.

        Thanks for looking at this.

        1. I tried disabling the main image slider to see if it made a difference, but it didn’t. The problem with the drop down sub-item menu box disappearing before you can make a selection and the problem of the posts being missing at certain tablet screen dimensions is still happening.

        2. Hello Bill,

          Add the following to Appearnce > Customize > Additional CSS

          #secondary { clear: both; }

          I will also fix this in the next theme update.

          I do appreciate your donation as well.

  84. @Bill, adding

    article.col-sm-12 { float:none; clear:both; display:inline-block; }

    to the custom CSS worked for me.


  85. Rohit & Harm,
    Both of these CSS snippets DO make the posts reappear on my Nexus 7 in horizontal mode. Unfortunately, they also cause the two column layout to become one column in larger screen mode (full size mode?). Everything in the sidebar gets moved to below the post area. This two -> one column effect happens on my laptop in the customize editor, the minute the code is entered into the “Additional CSS” area and BEFORE I have clicked the save button (and it stays that way after save is clicked.).

    Rohit, Also I see that you added versions of the “#secondary” selector to main.css and main.less in your updated theme, version 1.0.5. That change is NOT working to make the posts area visible on my nexus. I still have to enter either your code or Harm’s code in the “additional CSS” area to make the posts visible.

    I have Freak 1.0.5 installed on my site, and do NOT have any code in the customize -> additional CSS area if you want to check this.

    1. Also, I just tested your site. Works fine in iPad.
      It seems you have some cache. Clear your site and browser cache to test your site.
      Check it in incognito mode in browser!

      1. Rohit,
        Yep, definitely a cache problem. I probably would have figured that out if it hadn’t been 2am in the morning. The posts are displaying properly on both devices now.

        Thank you very much for your help!

  86. How do you activate pagination?

    I like Freak a lot but there is no pagination of posts.

    I’ve tried pagination plugins but the code replacements are not compatible with the way pagination is set-up. This surprises me!

    The PREVIOUS/NEXT WP default is nowhere to be activated.

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