Store is a Premium Quality and one of the Most Powerful WooCommerce Themes ever created, and the best thing is its available for free without any Restrictions. This Free theme has so many features, that you won’t need to use any other theme to run a successful eCommerce business.

Its a Very Strategically Designed Responsive Theme, to give you the best mobile website that you could ever imagine. And Every Component of WooCommerce works Flawlessly.

Shop Demo

If you have any queries, post a comment below & I will try to answer it.


How to Add a Logo?
Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Site Logo, Title & Tagline. 
How to Configure the Menu Bar

Go to Dashboard > Appearance >Menus. This theme supports 2 Menus, You can Disable them Completely. To Do so, set these menus to any Empty Menu.

Primary Menu – This is the Menu which shows up at the bottom of the Header.
Top Menu – This is the one which shows up on top of the site. Choose a relatively smaller menu for this.

How to Set up Sliders, and Featured Product Showcase

Go to Appearance > Customize > Featured Product Showcase

Everything you need to do is here. Just make sure that there are enough products in the categories you select.

How to Set Header Image?

This Theme Does not support Header Image.

How to Set Image Thumbnails for Posts?

While you are Editing the Post, Scroll to Bottom and Click on “Add Featured Image”. These Featured Images will show up as Post Thumbnails by default. For More Details, read this.

How to hide Featured Images on Posts?

Go to Appearance > Customize > Design & Layout > Custom CSS and add the following:

.single .wp-post-image { display: none; }

How to Set Up Everything Else like Slider, Social Icons, Featured Posts, etc?
Please Pay a visit to Appearance > Customize. Every setting for this theme is in there. 
How to Fixed Blurred Product Images, or Improper size of Images?
Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display.
At the bottom, you will see various product image sizes. Change it higher values. Minimum Recommended values are 600*600 for best performance. Higher values could effect site loading speed a little.

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  1. Hi Rohit,
    First of all thanks for this awesome theme!
    I’ve been discovering it for a while, but not able to set up that good looking 3d slider that can be seemed on demo site for featured products.
    Is there any documentations somewhere I could check what went wrong?
    Thank You

      1. Thanks for prompt answer. Yes I do. I’ve just uploaded some products, however I can’t make it displayed in the slider.
        I don’t have any categories sat. Can it cause this problem?

      2. It all works fine now – sorry it was self explanatory, just rushed and never touched any ecommerce plugin before..
        Actually I’m absolutely amazed of the quality of the theme; have been searching and trying quite a lot for my first webstore in the last couple of days; was just about to go for a premium one, when found ‘Store’.
        If there will be a premium version in the future, I’ll go for that, just to credit your efforts of creating the theme.
        Sorry for my English.

    1. Gerg, when you select Menu Location for Primary, does also your primary menu turn up instead of center? If so, how did you fixed it? I just recently visit your website.. and how did you make it transparent? 🙂 Thank you in advance

  2. Excellent theme! Would love to be able to change the blue color, could you please tell me where / how to change it please? Kind regards!

    1. Please tell me which colors do you need. Also, I request other users to tell me the colors they want. I will add them in a coming future update as an option.

      1. Hi Rohit – I’d love to be able to have a selection of neutral colors (white, black, greys). Thanks for the great theme!

        1. Marnix, Marko, Leonardo
          In order to change top menu color, insert the following to custom css :

          {background: #000000}
          (#000000 can be replaced with any of your html or rgba color codes. You can use this site for example:

          In order to disable top bar:
          {display: none}

          Good luck, I hope it helps!

      1. I have one more question. How to remove top menu? Thank you. I love this template. 🙂

  3. Hi Rohit,

    Loving the theme so far except for one thing (which could be my setup fault). I’m using the Store Theme Layout (3 columns) and I’ve selected a featured image. The problem is that it doesn’t seem to be using the thumbnails so all the pictures are a different size, making the homepage seem unorganized. Is there any way I can force the pictures to all be the same size?

      1. Great, that worked like a charm! One more question, the same homepage looks weird on mobile (each post preview is a very thin column with one letter going down) but the individual posts look fine. Anything I can do to fix this?

  4. And one more question, how would you recommend I add custom fonts (really custom: not in the list or provided by google/typekit)? I am considering making a child theme but it does seem overboard (similarly with my previous question).

  5. Wow! I don´t know only find your amazing theme just today lol. Love it & i´m seting up. Thanks for create this cool theme. There´s a way to put Pinterest button on top too? Hugs

  6. Store – WooCommerce Theme
    Hello Mr. Rohit Tripathi
    would very much like Free Themes ” Store ” as shown using the color brown .
    Is the? How can I install the Store ?
    Looking forward for your help ….
    With best regards

      1. Hi Rohit

        Thanks for such a good theme..
        Can you help me out with the read more issue in my store page..
        I am unable to delete it.

          1. Hi, That code is not meant for Shop Pages.
            For Shop Pages, please add this:
            .woocommerce ul.products li.product .button { display: none; }

  7. Hi Rohit,
    Thanks for a great theme. Can you help me use the Square Boxes widget, when I display more than 5 products, 3 of them goes to a 3rd row.

      1. Hi Rohit! Even though your theme is pretty clear with directions, I am just a newbie to building websites and have run across an issue I can’t find answer to! I only have 3 products to list at this time. On front page “product lines” the 3rd product drops to 2nd line. Is there a way to have all 3 on same line?

  8. How can i remove the search bar in the header? I don’t have a header widget.

    Also the Main Slider option you have included in the recent update, doesn’t work or i can’t seem to get it to work.

    1. Currently, the search bar in the header can not be removed. I will add an option to remove it in the next update.
      What’s the problem you are having with the main slider? Could you share your URL?

      1. Is there a way to remove the search option? I am new to this and do not like how the products show up on the search results page. Until I can figure out how to change the view, I’d like to remove the search option altogether.

      1. Add this to Custom CSS:

        #top-search { display: none; }

        For main slider, just set it up from Customizer. Make sure all slider images are of same size. That’s all. If you have any specific queries, let me know.

  9. I downloaded this template to learn how to build a store. I may have overlooked this but, I can’t find where I can add the pricing to the products. is there a tutorial for this? Please help.

  10. HI !

    i very like your theme , it’s awesome !

    BUT i have a little problem:
    1. how can i translate the word “Menu” in mobile view ?
    2. how can i translate the sentence “Select a page” in mobile view ?

    wating to your help.

  11. Can i use custom css to make the footer stick to the bottom of the screen?
    May be this?
    footer {

    How can i do this?

  12. Hi Rohit,
    I’d like to make my site multilingual. I’ve tried polylang, qtranslate, transposh plugins – but as a result either they crashed the site or translations simply didn’t appear.
    Any advices please?

  13. Hi Rohit, how can i add products to the page? with link “add to cart”
    and second question : how to make login page to my users?
    Thank You
    Great theme

  14. Thank you Rohit for this amazing theme! I will definitely let my friends know about your work!

    I love the coverflow for product and the 3D Cube Product slider and the square boxes. However, I have a lot of product categories that I want show and I don’t write post. Would it be possible to change the coverflow, 3D cube, and square boxes for post into for products? Or better yet have multiple of these for products?

    Again can’t thank you enough for this wonderful theme!

  15. Love the theme! I do have a question, though: I want to change the number of products shown on a page from 10 to 12. How do I do this?

  16. Hi bro, nice theme but is there a way to remove the sidebar on other pages (Not the in the entire pages) or is there a way to let the sidebar only showed in blog page and blog post?

    Thanks, the color is beautiful.. I love the design.. 🙂

  17. Hello,
    First of all, it is a impressive Theme!
    About the sidebar, is it possible to display it on the left column of the site?


  18. I can not get any of the sliders to show up. I have configured and activated all settings but nothing is showing up on my webpage. I am trying to use the sliders as image buttons for product categories

    1. I am sorry, but there is no tutorial yet.
      After installing the theme. Just add some products and posts.
      Then go to Customizer. From there you can tweak and modify the site as per your needs.

    1. So you want a non clickable title? or You want it to point somewhere else?
      In any case, go to Appearance > Editor > Header.php

      You will find the relevant code to remove there itself.

  19. Dear Rohit! Thank you for this theme! It’s very good!

    The only thing I’m facing right now is that the search bar doesn’t search just woocommerce products only. It searches the whole site. How can I set it to search woocommerce products only?

    Besides, whenever I finish a search, in the results page, there’s always these meta infos that I can’t seem to remove! I’d like to get rid of the author name and date e.g. posted by.

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Add this to Custom CSS .postedon { display: none !important; }

      And The Search bar is meant for the entire site right now.
      Future updates should add an option to make it for products only.
      But, not right now.

  20. Hi Rohit

    Awesome theme, loving it!

    I want to add my logo, that part works fine. The only problem I am experiencing is that the header padding is way too much and throws everything out of balance.

    Please help?


    1. Hi Pedro,

      Is the SSL only for the Checkout Page? If your Entire site is https, then perhaps your logo should also be uploaded in https.
      Check that please, in customizer? What URL to u see for the logo?

  21. Hi Rohit

    Awesome theme, I love it!

    I have a small problem. I created a new menu for the top menu, a Top menu and I did all the animation with sliders.

    Please help.

    The theme is very cool.

    Thank you!

  22. Hi Nice Theme but problem occurs when i select Static front page Slider doesn’t work ,
    Static Front Page Can’t be removed or disabled from the theme.

  23. Hi,

    My Checkout Page is not displaying the Payments Icons, like Visa etc.
    Any ideias?

    Thanks in advance

  24. Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in C:\xampp\htdocs\store\index.php on line 14

  25. Hi I want to congratulate you on this theme,
    I want to know how I can make social networking buttons open in another window and not in it.

        1. Hi Rohit, In Slider and 3D Cube, I can’t see how to make the images clickable to take my Customer to the product page. In your Demo Store, when I click on Woo Ninja Tee Shirt, it takes me to the product. That’s what I want to do please. Sean.

  26. Hi, love the theme, only on problem. When I upload an image 600x600px and make it a product image and add it to 3D Cube then it shows the image as 300x300px. The source code reveals that the cube width is 352px. There is a 52px gap on the right side. In addition when I make the browser window smaller then the gap widens. And when I change between the images in the cube then some of the pictures make the scrollbars really big. When I change the image size in WooCommerce from 300px (default) to 352px then it fills the whole cube, but changing the browser window size leaves a gap again. In your Store demo everything is working fine. Can yo help me?

  27. Hi,
    I Have a problem with editing home page. I installed Homepage Control but when I go to appearance>customize>Homepage control, i get this message: No homepage components found. See the docs for details of available homepage component plugins/themes. What do I have to do to solve this?

  28. Hi,

    Im having trouble with the checkout page on my site. When I select the Proceed to Checkout option the appropriate window doesnt load. Is there something i did wrong with the check out and/or cart woocommerce page?


  29. First of all, well done with this theme.

    Can I change the slider time delay? It is going to fast. And the arrows are not working when I try to switch slide.


  30. Hi,

    Thanks for the theme. Im currently working on personalizing my homepage, is there a way for the tagline, logo to appear closer together? the top section of my homepage is too spaced apart. Also Im trying to add a coupon flyer picture on the homepage that will display above the feature products showcase, is there somehow a way for me to do that?

  31. Dear Rohit, I love your theme. It’s a great theme. I’d like to know, how to change title font size. Because My title is a little long. 🙂

  32. Hi congrats for the theme, i want add the social button for pinterest, can you help me?

  33. Hello Rohit,

    Thanks so much to create this theme.
    I m very satisfied with it.
    I just notice a problem on welcome page (only with Firefox and not with Safari or Chrome).
    The vertical and horizontal scrollbar are very long and seem to have no limit.
    Do it exist a solution ?

    Thank you

  34. Excellent template, thank you. But what size the logo will be the best? Please advise 🙂 you can see logo on web page 🙂

  35. Hello Rohit,

    Awesome Job creating the theme. Thanks.

    I need some help with my store. I would like to know if it’s possible to reduce the size of the shown products to add more per line. Currently I only can have 3 items per line and can’t find a way to accomplish my goal. Another request is to have the sidebar at the right margin of the site.


  36. Hi Rohit,

    Again, thanks for the Theme.
    I am having problems with the WordPress Info Messages and Notices on the Cart page.
    For instance, the Coupon code error messages.
    No message is displayed and I have already checked the CSS.

    Thanks in advance

  37. Hey rohit. One of the company’s you guys provided with a template has ripped me and a friend off. ( when I attempted to contact them their number was false (#123456789) and their email was random letters. I’m highly upset and it would be wonderful if you guys could provide me with a way to contact them so I could get a refund. Thank you
    Devin Ford

    1. Hi Devin,

      We don’t work directly with people who use our themes. You purchased a Product from someone using our free theme. 1000s of people use our theme for free, and we don’t even know who they are. I recommened you file a complaint with your Credit Card Company.

  38. Congratulations! a great job.

    I need to change some css properties, but have the problem not as modify the orange.css. I can not find it.

    I also like to remove the cart, because I use WooCommerce as an exhibitor, say catalog

    Thank you

  39. hi rohit the main slider in not working properly beacuse it slide all images all the same time

    1. Hi,

      Dynamic Skin Designer will be a Part of Pro Version which Will be releasing soon. If you have knowledge of CSS, you can edit the css files too.

  40. Hello Rohit,
    Thanks so much to create this theme.
    I m very satisfied with it.
    I just notice a problem on welcome page (only with Firefox and not with Safari or Chrome).
    The vertical and horizontal scrollbar are very long and seem to have no limit.
    Do it exist a solution ?
    Link site demo
    Thank you

  41. Hi,
    I have modify one of the skin colour to suit my need and it working fine. But when I updated the theme recently, all the modification has gone and roll back to its default setting. Just wonder what is correct way for me to update the skin colour and it wouldn’t roll back when I update the theme next time.


    1. The correct way is to use child themes. And in the child theme, create an assets/css/ folder, where you should put your modified css file.

  42. Hi.

    Can I ask you how to change the color of the stars of reviews? It’s blue in default, now I wanna change it to white cause I wanna put it at the footer (the footer I choose skin blue). Thanks in advance.

    By the way, I love your theme, and I from Vietnam.

  43. Hi Rohit,

    Does the free theme support INR, and also Pay U Money integration?


    1. Technically, these are WooCommerce related queries.
      WooCommerce and Store both support INR. I am not sure about Pay U Money. Look if there is a plugin for Pay U Money with WooCOmmerce.

  44. Hi Robit,

    I am really new to building websites. My questions is How do I add product to my website?

    1. You can do that From Dashboard > Products > Categories. Create new categories, child or parent. And when creating a product, add it to them 🙂

  45. Thank you for your wonderful website theme .

    But one problem here , all my pictures are 600*600 , and it’s really beatiful at home page , but when I choose one catalog , the pricture will come shorter and seems ugly .

    Can you help me ?

    1. What do you mean by Catalog page? The single product page?

      ALl Images of WooCommerce are generally cropped in 600*600. The problem should not appear. If it does, check your image thumbnail settings from WooCommerce > Settings.

  46. I’m having troubles controlling the number of columns that show up on my products page and and a bunch of blanks are showing up.
    I’ve changed the number of columns in woocommerce, but it isn’t working.

    does this theme override the number of columns of products in my store?



    1. This solves my problem, but it messes up my mobile view:

      .woocommerce ul.products li.product {
      width: 18.75% !important;

  47. I was able to solve the problem using:

    @media screen and (min-width: 1024px) {
    .woocommerce ul.products li.product
    width: 18.75% !important;

    Please let me know if there’s a better solution.

  48. Dear sir,

    I am getting the below messages while i am click on the “About Us, Cart, Check out, Contact us and Terms and conditions pages in the main Menu. Please guide me how to avoid this problem.

    The requested URL /about-us/ was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Apache/2.2.29 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.29 OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server at Port 80
    Please let me know if there is a solution

  49. Hi Rohit,

    thank you for this awesome theme!

    What can I do if i do not want to have my site-title as H1 and site-description as H2 in the header on every pages?

    I want my site to have only one H1 and only one H2 for each page and I want them to be different on every page. I don’t want to use H1 and H2 in the header, but in the body of the page.

    H1 = title of the page
    H2 = description of the page

    What do you suggest?


      1. Ok, thank you, but my SEO manager is worried about this and in his opinion we have to set only one H1 per page. What can I do to fix it?
        I don’t want my site-title as H1 but i wanna continue using your theme. Do you think is it possible?

        1. I am sorry but I would like to disagree.
          Sites are absolutely allowed to have more than one h1 tags, where it makes a semantic sense.
          As far as I know, Many Google Owned Websites have more than one h1 tags.

  50. Hi Rohit,

    I just visit the “Store” demo on my iphone 5c. The layout will be alright on homepage. But when I enter any product page, the “related products” parts will get wrong. The background’ width of the related products will be about a quarter of the screen’s width rather than a half.
    Please let me know if there is a solution.

  51. Hi Rohit!
    I have recently changed my shop to your free theme, and I’m having some troubles, because the option Appearance/Customize doesn’t work, so I can’t change the header. I’ve desactivated all my plugins and tried again, but the same error appears.
    Is this customizing possible in the free version? Do you know what the problem is?
    Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Hi. The customization is absolutely possible in free version. This can be some other error as well.
      Please try the default theme and see if the issue persists.

  52. hello is there any plug in or a away to put custom fields on the “regular price” and the “sale price”
    i need 2 extra fields with prices for example ” Web price $$” “physical store price $$”

    1. You can choose from the custom skins available with the theme, in the customizer. If you are not happy with those colors you can edit the css files in the assets/css folder. if you want complete control over each and every color, you should try store pro version.

  53. Hello Rohit,
    Hello from France!
    After the last update of WordPress in 4.7.4 + the theme (I use a child version for info) + my extensions, the image gallery by product no longer appears.

    I tested by disabling the extensions that could possibly generated this, I also removed the custom CSS. But nothing to do, the images are always one below the others.

    Do you have an idea ?

    Congratulations for your theme 😉

    1. Thank you, it is corrected with your update of the theme in 1.0.6.
      Rest the left / right arrows in the image gallery. Another image appears in roll-over.
      I also disabled my plugin to test, it is always the same.

  54. Great page. Just have a question how do I fix the bottom header which will only show copy right 2017 and store name but it also shows other writing how do I delete the other writing

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