Use of SEO to Increase Traffic in WordPress Blog

What is WordPress? Word press is something that allows any internet user to create their blog or web page; these blogs can be associated with researched documents or any other useful or creative contents. So, any blog can be famous? Well, there are many blogs out there that are not even seen by anyone.  So what can be done, especially through SEO? For now reading this article might help.

All-in-one SEO plugin

WordPress provides an all-in-one SEO plugin. A user can easily install it and choose which option to enable. The uses of the plugin are to keep track of who visited the website and the keywords that they used. Along with that, the plugin provides suggestions to the users on how to tag their posts.

XML plugin

Another important plugin is the XML plugin that will create an XML map of the user’s website. Search engine spiders will use this map to create an idea of the contents available on the user’s website; this will make the user’s site to index faster and more than one page of the website can be indexed at a time. Note that visitors will not be able to see this map.

 Comment on the blog

An excellent way to increase the number of views of the blog is to comment on the blog of another famous blogger. The comment should be attractive and clearly visible for visitors to get interested in reading more. The blog in which you posted a comment should be relevant to that of your blog. A comment about your blog can attract visitors, but the comment should be written in an entertaining manner so that the visitors want to know more about your blogs and follow your blogs. Be very careful in what you write in the comment because you don’t want to offend or criticize someone, keep in mind that you are there to advertise your blog not to start a war. Commenting on other blogs is also a great way to engage in useful conversations about how can you improve your blogs and what your target audience is interested in.

Keywords tool

Use of keyword tools is a must to be up-to-date about what keywords to use, as popular keywords change continuously. When you upload a blog, always try to use different and popular keywords. Observe the trend being followed and implement it to attract visitors. Only change your page titles when the keywords used to become obsolete.

Link with other websites

Always try to link with other websites and take note of where your target audiences visit the most, try to get links from those sites. Don’t try to get links from a website which is not related to your field of work. Always aim for the most popular websites available.

RSS and the Atom

It would be wise for your blog to be available as a feed. The two most popular formats are the RSS and the Atom; the smart decision will be to choose any of these two feeds. Be sure to advertise your feed on your blog and do provide a link for visitors to subscribe and do not upload any worthless information in the feed. Upload contents regularly and the contents should be of good quality, it is up to you on which topic you want to upload, and it might be about your products, your company or anything that might be of interest to the visitors.

Quick Tip for Beginner Blogs

If you have just started a blog and are looking to increase traffic on your site, there is a lot more you can do about it than just SEO. Read How to start a Blog? to find out more about what else is involved in running and maintaining a website.

To increase the traffic on your blog quickly, you need to inquire more about the SEO tools described above and what their additional functions are. Follow the tips provided and you shall prosper.

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