Tips and Tricks for ON Page SEO

SEO or Search Engine optimization is a process of improving search engine rankings. If you’re a new blogger or site developer in the SEO world and want to have a success you should focus on the list of top seo tips and tricks 2017. Here you can find some basic tricks which are sorted out to promote your rankings.

In the search marketing field keywords will either break or make your web page. The list below shows some ways worth using to you website.

  • Google Keyword Planner – This is the first step to create a successful site. This planner brings useful ideas and traffic estimates to help you frame a Marketing Field. Keep in mind that this is a powerful tool because Google is the best Search Engine among the other tools in the market used worldwide.
  • Low Competitive Keyword with High Rank- While choosing you keyword you should be very careful. In order to overrun your competition of SEO and boost your rank you should be sure that you have chosen low competition keywords. In this way you won’t ever wonder why your competitors are doing better than you.
  • Select Highly-Effective Key Phrases- One of the essential steps of SEO is the choice of key phrases. Your key phrase should drive many visitors to your website. You should focus on them to optimize your project.
  • Sort out Applicable Keywords- Use the Keywords that will attract more audience. Find long-tail keywords with comparison to others that will be right for your business. Doing this you will market your services to your target market successfully.

Crucial Tricks and Methods for Website Development

  • Impressive and Captivating Article – Choose the right words for your article. The poor content is a path that will ultimately get you nowhere.
  • Content Quality- You need to create quality and original content. Your unique content should stand out from the crowd. Only in this way you can have your own place in SEO world.
  • Perfect Title- The title should catch the eye. While writing a headline, make sure it is informative that lets your visitors know what the article will be about. You should really spend more time crafting more original titles.
  • Relative Meta Paragraph- Meta Description is to summarize the most important things in the article encouraging further reading and attracting the audience.
  • Optimal Keyword Density Ratio– If you don’t want to get a Google Algorithm Penalties you should control your Keyword Density
  • SEO Friendly URL- URL should be straightforward and meaningful. URL keywords are important as they promote your ranking.
  • Keyword in the First Clause- This trick catches an eye, as search engines use this information to interpret what the paragraph is about.
  • Heading Tags- Using H1, H2 tags will make people read articles easily.
  • Keyword Focusing- Properly crafted keyword will increase your optimization. You should just try to choose the perfect focus keyword.
  • Image- Sometimes images become valuable to optimize your website ranking. Images are crucial to compete against the others to be most loved, most shared and most visited.


  1. How to maintain keyword density. Well, Keyword planner is the best tool to searching keywords even here you can choose low competition keyword with high searches.

    Thanks for the useful information.

  2. I love using Google Keyword Planner especially when doing keyword research. This really helps me a lot. Though I have read an article that says Google won’t longer give free access when using Google Keyword Planner.

  3. Hi,
    Interesting post. Do you have social shares do still have impact? I’ve tested it with some websites, but there was no impact on the rankings..

    I also think that Google+ hasn’t a great impact anymore. And it also seems that pages with no keywords in the URL can rank really good on high competition keywords, what is your opinion about that?

  4. Hello

    We must maintain keywords density and Keyword planner is the best tool to searching keywords even here you can choose low competition keyword with high searches.

    Thanks for the useful information.


  5. HAZEL thanks for these helpful tips and things we can include in our website to make it more search engine friendly.
    I would love to add , use of ‘LSI’ keywords in content which help us in ranking for related keywords also and make it more natural rather than targeting only exact matched keywords.

  6. All aspects of on page SEO plays a crucial role in ranking website at top of search engines. One thing is absolutely needed in this new era of SEO and that is content depth. Content should be of high quality and must be supported by appropriate images and videos.

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