5 Top WordPress Security Plugins of 2017

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for websites supporting everything from blogs to large company websites. More than 25% of the world’s websites use WordPress. Because of this, maybe, WordPress seem to get more than their fair share of attacks from hackers and cyber criminals.

It also determines to test their security measures to the full. However, there is a need of security for your WordPress website from foreign elements.

Now we will take a look at the five best plugins available from WordPress to help keep your website as secure as possible.

iThemes Security

It’s a WordPress plugin that provides over thirty ways of securing and protecting your WordPress site from attack. There is a free version and a premium version.

The protection it offers includes 2-factor authentication, brute force protection, and lock-out of users attempting multiple incorrect log-ins. Also, it offers mandatory use of secure passwords for specific user roles and file permissions and monitoring of core files for any changes.


WordFence is one of the most popular of the security plugins. It starts out by checking to see if the site is already infected. Other features include log-in security, security scanning, IP blocking, WordPress firewall and monitoring. The premium version also includes 2-factor authentication and country blocking as well as other features.

All In One WordPress Security and Firewall

It is another very popular WordPress security plugin. For the less technically-minded among us, there is a very user-friendly interface. Your website is protected by checks of vulnerabilities and the implementation all the latest security measures and techniques.

It detects malicious code on your site. It’s equi[[ed with a scanner that notes any changes in your system. There is also a meter on the dashboard that rates your site for security. By increasing security features, you will increase your security rating.

BulletProof Security

Yet another very popular one from the security plugins!

BulletProof security gives you a single click security solution. It protects against RFI, XSS, CRLF and SQL injection and code injection hacks.

It also includes records of the number of log-in attempts, file monitoring and quarantining. Also, it helps to determine e-mail alerts for certain user actions and when there is the suspicion of malicious activity. There is a ‘pro’ version available that has even more enhanced security features.

Sucuri Security

This plugin is available in the WordPress repository. It includes a variety of security features to help protect your site. It includes malware scanning, auditing of security activity and monitoring of blacklists. It also helps in file integrity monitoring, security hardening and a site firewall.

The Sucuri plugin will track all the activity on the site. For instance, when someone logs in or when you make any change to the site. If there does happen to be a breach of security, then you can check the user logs. In addition to that, you can check what has occurred. In fact, the Sucuri plugin helps to support any existing security that you already have.

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  1. I think ALL IN ONE is pretty good security plugin for WordPress!
    iThemes security is alzo good feature enriched plugin!
    Tried all of the mentioned plugin above and I think only security plugins is not enough to secure a blog!!!!

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