New Features in Upcoming WordPress 4.7

The last release of 2016, WordPress 4.7 is expected to release with a brand new default theme ‘Twenty Seventeen’. From moving the focus to business websites instead of blogs, WordPress 4.7 shall be seen with a lot of innovative features for the aid and comfort of the admin users and enhancements for the developer community as well.

Let us take a look at some of the key features of this new release:

Theme Twenty Seventeen:


While the focus of the new theme is websites, it can be used for blogs as well. Gear up for some fun and change with theme Twenty Seventeen!

Starter Content:

The new theme ‘Twenty Seventeen’ provides support on starter content to new users/ websites in its beta version that is out now. Existing users/ websites will have to wait for the the final release of the theme to use the starter content. Sigh! But the release is not too far.

Platform/ Device Agnostic design:

With the ever increasing use of mobiles to access the internet, the design approach had to be mobile friendly. And WordPress 4.7 does not disappoint you with it. It is up-to-date in supporting access on mobile platforms and other devices as well.

Video Headers:


Many of the premium category themes in the existing version of WordPress, already allow users to place video headers. The  added feature in new theme ‘Twenty Seventeen’ supports the customization of video headers. Freedom and ease to upload your own videos or from YouTube and Vimeos is also an added feature in this version of WordPress.

Setup Flow:

Setting up your website in one go was never so easy. With an improved interface you will now be able to search, install and customize your themes easily from the theme customizer option. Navigation and setup flow is such that, reviewing starter content, editing the content and design, adding pages and panes is made fast, fun and easy.

Language Control:

With WordPress 4.7, users will now be able to change their language preference unlike the earlier version, where users were forced to live with a language set by the admin. We are sure it a big relief to a lot of users. However, to help users enjoy this feature, you will have to install all the languages.

Custom CSS Live Previews:

With CSS live previews, you can now change the look and feel or tweak something in your theme and see a live preview while you customize your website.

Thumbnail Preview of PDF uploads:


PDF files that you upload will now show a thumbnail preview of Page 1 of the document in the library. So you will have a glance of what’s cookin’ before entering. Earlier version only showed a file icon.

Editor Tools:

Along with some subtle but important changes in placement of icons in the Post editor, you will now have access to some keyboard shortcut tips and other tools at your service.

The developer community also has some good news with enhancements in managing bulk actions, locale switching, expanded settings register API and much more. Worth trying the beta version NOW.

Use the Beta Tester Plugin to try it out.

WordPress 4.7 basically promises to add more life to your website with its featured images, animations and an amazing visual experience.

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