10 Email Marketing Mistakes that a Digital Marketer Should Avoid

Effective email marketing techniques can be seen floating across the web, yet with bounteous information around and advanced software’s available blunders continue to happen. In order to avoid these mistakes, here is a quick list of some mistakes that a digital marketer usually makes.

Sending Out ‘noreply’ Emails

When you send an email which cannot be replied to it actually means that you are not interested in listening to the customer. This is your chance to engage with a customer and you are shutting them out.

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No Call to Action

Without a proper call-to-action the interested viewers have no idea at all what needs to be done to take it forward with your company. Defining clearly what needs to be done will enable more sales for your business.

Overshadowing Graphics

Graphics look beautiful but remember too many can lead to slow downloads and the message that you want your subscribers to read will be ignored. Their presence is good but ensure they don’t harm the overall content in the email.

Sending Emails from a Personal Address

Subscribers know your company and not you personally. Sending out bulk emails from personal address breaks the trust and the subscribers may consider it spam and pay no heed to the email.

Poor Subject Line

A subject line is what a subscriber first notices in an email. There is no place for a poorly drafted subject line in digital marketing through emails. Phrases such as ‘Get it Now’ or ‘Click to See’ doesn’t actually convey any message to the viewer. The subject should be informative, brief and carry a sense of urgency or captivate a viewer into opening the email.

Sending Emails Without Segmenting the List

No matter how big your list of subscribers you have, at times there are some emails that are not valid or applicable or of use to all of them. For instance, ‘Women Night Out’ is not meant for the whole list yeah?

Not Mobile Optimized

People have become smartphone-oriented and if your emails have not been optimized to open in smaller devices then more than half of your emails are going to be a waste.

Email List is not Permission Based

Many people don’t give permission to email them and in such cases, you might just be spamming their account if you do send them marketing emails. Some companies compile email lists unethically which of course is against the law. Spamming also goes against the reputation of your company.

An Erroneous Email

Grammatical mistakes, misspelled words or links those are not operative or wrong in an email are turn-offs. Such emails lack professionalism and in times where market is highly competitive you don’t have place for unprofessionalism.

Sending Excessive Emails

Sending emails too frequently could annoy most of the subscribers. Haste can be understood when something is limited for a time but research indicates that frequent emails lead to decline in the engagement of the subscribers.

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