Is Facebook Advertising Really Effective for your Business?

The main purpose of any business is to get in front of as many as you can. You’d want to create ripples everywhere. But before you achieve that, one question that you should ask yourself:

Where are you going to find the exact target audience for better conversions? Which platform you should choose for maximum ROI?

Let’s answer all this with logic.

There are millions on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, even Google plus. Yet, none of these platforms have the remarkable reach of Facebook. In their own words, more than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and more than 900 million visit every day.

Trust me, they’ve got all the right people.

But, this article is not about showing the reach and prowess of Facebook as a platform. If you’re reading this, you are probably already aware of it.

The real question is, whether the efforts that you put in the ‘paid’ Facebook campaign is really worth your extra bucks?

Let’s get down to it:

The ultimate platform – Let’s face it. Everyone’s on Facebook. That’s a big advantage, you see. This familiarity comes really handy. While choosing a platform, what do you need is:

  • uncomplicated design. Check
  • simplified ad creation process. Check
  • less training costs for future employees. Check
  • flexible ad budgets and better click rates. Check

In a way, Facebook has become the all-in-one Swiss knife for a small business or start up.

The ultimate targeting options – This is where Facebook beats Google adwords. Facebook ads are targeted to specific user demographics and interests. It’s a better approach than targeting through adwords which is based on what users are ‘searching for’. Let me offer you specific points to highlight the amazing precision targeting  of Facebook:

  • Let’s say you have a small business which operates in a particular area. With a perfectly written Facebook ad, you can reach to the actual decision-maker without a hassle. You can specifically target the small business owners in the particular area. Niche buyers at your doorstep.
  • You can also target a particular age type, specific gender or even the groups with similar relationship status (single or married). Compared to other ad networks, Facebook gives you targeting accuracy close to 90% which is simply remarkable. The ability of Facebook to identify people with similar interests hits a bull’s-eye every time.

The ultimate scale (and audience) – Did I already mention the 1.15 billion active users?

Around 60% of Facebook users log in every day, the engagement levels are unbelievable. To top it up, most of these are not casual log in’s. Facebook users are known to use the platform extensively and with keen interest.

Quality users and that to in massive numbers help you identify your ultimate niche audience for the perfect ad. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a guarantee that whatever business you run, a healthy percentage of target audience will already be on Facebook. It’s the best way to subtly advertise to your audience without any time bound restrictions to achieve maximum results.

With Facebook, you can easily target audiences to sell them products which they generally wouldn’t no exists. For example, smart home appliances is something everyone would be inclined to buy but they don’t search for it themselves. An Amazon Affiliate website like TheTechyHome uses this strategy of showing their posts about Home Appliances as FB ads to boost their conversions.

The ultimate tracking – It’s a known fact that measuring the correct ROI is always a major challenge. With a complex platform like Facebook, with multiple algorithms working in the back all the time, the interface for someone who is managing the ad campaigns is relatively easy. In fact, it’s not at all difficult to measure the success or failure of an ad campaign as per the resources invested from your end. You have all the performance metrics to choose from. Be it,

  • average cost per click, cost per like or cost per conversion.
  • engagement metrics like number of clicks, number of page likes or number of comments.
  • impressions reach, frequency metrics, and much more.

Is there something you need to be wary of?

Being ready to spend money to build up several thousand likes, while optimizing the overall campaign is sometimes difficult for businesses on really thin budget. The process of building up a database can consume time and money.

‘Getting likes’ is different from promoting a post to reach a ‘larger audience’. You need to pay an amount for your post to ‘just appear’ on the feed, with no guarantees they will see or click it. In a way, Facebook is asking the businesses to pay for likes and pay for posts as well. At times, especially when not handled well, the marketing costs can quickly rise. This is bad news for small businesses which are on budget and keep a close track on their ad spending.

To sort all this, you need to have an experienced campaign manager to get the best results. Understand your needs and expectations before you proceed. However, I’m sure Facebook team must be working 24X7 to make these processes more efficient.

So does Facebook advertising work for small businesses?

Well, it most certainly does. It’s the perfect tool to get in front of the exact audience that you’re looking for. Probably the easiest way to attain customers. Whether you’re looking to engage, experiment or boost, you should try your luck with a small budget first.

And one of the biggest clientele of Facebook Ads Platform is the online gaming industry, big & small both. Facebook is one of the best platforms to promote online games, or even Android/iOS Games. Games are platform specific, hence with Facebook, if you want to promote an online game which works only on Desktop Chrome Browsers – you can easily do that. One such classic example for this is – A classic yet amazing game which was made successful banking on Facebook ads.

I’d suggest, don’t waste time and start working on your first ad.


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