How to Design a Compelling Contact Page?

Let me share an honest observation. For some reason the “contact page” gets a step brotherly treatment on most websites.

To begin with, most consider “contact page” as boring, and devoid of any spice or excitement. With so much going on with those fancy landing pages, blog posts and CTA’s, “contact pages” are often the last thing a website owner pays attention to.

Having worked on multiple projects, I realized that a “contact page” has the least priority and gets done usually at the end of the project, that too in a great hurry. It becomes something that you throw together quickly and with minimum effort.

Unfortunately, that’s a really big mistake.

But, why is it so important?

Well, the answer to that lies in a question. You might want to ask, what’s the primary reason for the existence of a “contact page”?

While going through the webpages, a visitor can decide to check out the “contact us” any time. This is the place where a reader will get in touch with you. A good contact page can help solve your conversion goals.

The process is simple. The visitors get converted to leads. The leads get converted to customers. Truthfully, it’s a difference between getting something done and losing the prospect forever. This means, you have to create something awesome. There are no two ways about it.

In a way, this is the page that actually brings all the moolah.  It’s equally important for your first time customers and the ones that are loyal to you. In fact, a well sorted “contact us” page reflects great on your business. Agree or not, it says a lot about your brand.

There is no magic formula to create the perfect page, but let’s talk about certain essentials that you cannot afford to ignore. These are the best tips for creating an awesome “contact page” that you can be proud of.

#1 It’s all about “page goals”

  • Why do you want your visitors to visit the contact page? What do you want them to do?
  • Is it just an inquiry or a purchase?
  • Is it a free consultation?

The idea is to create the offer (the words) keeping in mind the specific purpose of the audience visiting that page. Page goal is where everything starts. Think about all these questions in detail.

# 2 Link to social media accounts

It’s important to reference all your social profile pages to the “contact page”. The social profile pages should be active too. The ones that don’t work should be deleted immediately.

In fact, according to a recent study, the social icons on the “contact page” are the ones that get clicked very often. It’s a convenient way for your audience to connect directly to your business.

# 3 Navigation – The all important factor

It’s important to link the “contact page” with the whole website. The best idea is to include the link at the top and the bottom of each page.

It’s almost a crime to realize that in spite of having designed a great contact page, it’s not useful due to lack of internal linking or navigation. It’s the perfect recipe to lose some great conversion opportunities.

# 4 Invest in your copy

A “contact page” is always the one with less words and a short and sweet message. Yet, the words should highlight the purpose of the page, while acknowledging the reader. This is a Good Example of a Contact Page by an Australian Education website.

Start with an attractive tagline. If you decide to write something related to the product or the service, ensure that it gels with the nature of the page. A copy too long could become a spoilsport. An effective call to action encouraging the visitors to reach to you is a good idea.

The “contact page” is usually a snapshot of a mental image that visitor carries in their head for a long time. This could be the very last page they visit before they’re ready to go forward with your offer. Great words could help him persuade in the right direction.

# 5 A visually appealing style always helps

You got two options. Either make it visually stunning or keep it completely minimalist. At times, it’s difficult to achieve this balance. Therefore, the designers have to be careful here. A powerful image with a great copy can go a long way in creating a mesmerizing experience for the readers. Trust me those minor design alterations make all the difference.

Also, ensure that “contact us” page matches up with the design of the whole website. A mistake that many designers make.

# 6 Database, maps and address

It goes without saying that if you are looking to list your physical address, always back it up with the help of Google maps.

Do capture all the data points from your visitors. But never ask for something that you are not going to use in future. For example, there’s no point collecting job designations, or industry verticals if you’re not going to use the data.

For the most times, less is more.

# 7 Double check everything, especially the contact form

Have you tried sending sample inquiries on the contact form?

Mind you, the contact form is super important. The main purpose of which is to offer a clutter free mechanism for receiving a message, without having to open an email program. It is a really good practice to check the functionality of the form every time you make a change on the page. Trust me, the web world is filled with lazy and incompetent contact forms that look great but don’t work in real time.

All these points could sound stupid & lame. Yet, it’s a common mistake that often website owners make. You need to regularly test to make sure that contact page is working on all the browsers. A broken page could easily ruin the first impression. Something that cannot be created again.


So, these were certain guidelines that you need to keep in mind before you plan to design a “contact page”. It’s often a good practice to hire the services of a professional designer and let the pros do the heavy lifting.

Although, most of the premium themes these days come with a standard “contact pages” with many inbuilt customizations.

Creating a good contact page is something that cannot be overlooked. As your business grows, and you learn more about your visitors , you should update your “contact page”. Like everything on a website, you can always add better elements to the eventual layout. Keep experimenting and customize everything according to your needs.

Wish you best of luck. See you in comments.

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