Top 7 Popular WordPress Plugins for Successful Blogging

What do we know about WordPress plugins? What do we know about WordPress? How is it all connected with blogging? If you’re interested in these questions, you definitely need to continue reading. 🙂

WordPress Plugins

The fact is that this CMS with all its WordPress plugins became very popular on the web, moreover, WordPress became the most popular tool for building websites at ease and in a matter of hours, not days. Whether you’re going to launch a personal portfolio, business, dentistry, or any other kind of website, note that taking your blogging lifestyle higher with WordPress, you will definitely hit the mark! Moreover, WordPress combined with plugins is a mighty weapon that will help you to cover all the attention of Internet user.

The same thing about blogging. This lifestyle got to the top nowadays. Despite I call it the lifestyle, not a work, it can bring you a lot of money if you choose the right way of its building. Moreover, it brings you lots of positive emotions and gives a full satisfaction of what is going on. Blogging is a perfect way to find yourself, find the right way for self-developing and self-promotion. It doesn’t matter if you are expert in tech or geeky stuff or not. WordPress makes everything easier for you. Nowadays, the most non geeky people who are Fashion Bloggers using WordPress more than ever. Furthermore, speaking with the people through your website and its blog, gives you an opportunity to widespread an area of good and valuable relations. To make it shorter, blogging is a perfect tool to develop yourself and to make your life full of emotions.

However, modern web world is full of enthusiastic people who have their own blog and audience. Sure thing, it doesn’t mean that you should stop what you have started. On the contrary, you have to use some of the tricks and tips, some web tackles that will help you to attract audience’s attention.

Getting back to WordPress and its usability, we can easily say that this CMS platform is the most comfortable one for every entrepreneur who wants to launch a personal blog. As we now, modern market is full of web developers and also companies that can provide you with pre-made solutions. Of course, you can ask a web developer to make your blog from a scratch, but be ready to the heart attack because it is quite not cheap. On the other hand, we have ready-made website templates, that will meet all your expectations. Among all the companies that provide customers with a ready-made web design WordPress themes we would recommend you TemplateMonster with its wide range of required templates. Furthermore, these guys have 24/7 customer support that will help you to make a right choice.

Keeping in mind all the necessity of WordPress plugins, let’s take a closer look at 7 most popular WordPress plugins for successful blogging.

Google Analytics Dashboard

This plugin definitely is the first one we would recommend installing. The first thing you have to know is how many visitors you have, and what blog posts are the most clickable. Thus, you will have a common view on what to write, what topics are the most popular, and what your audience is crazy about. So, Google Analytics Dashboard will bring all the stats right to your WordPress admin panel. Stay always informed of your readers’ tastes and proceed with it.


This plugin is a great tool to enhance your audience and to make followers more active on social media. Thanks to Frizzly you have an opportunity to place Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook share buttons right over the head picture of your article. Moreover, if you are an active Twitter user, you can track all the shares your readers have made. Thus, you will have a better understanding where it is a better place for share buttons. Either on the top of the article, or maybe over the image, or even on the bottom of the article. Keep in mind that social media is the biggest base of your potential readers.



We all like to be sure that our information is in safe. The same with the blog, you don’t want it to be hacked or even stolen. Wordfence will help you to avoid every hack attack to your blog and to keep your followers’ information secured. It simply locks out every person who tries to hide his/her way to your site. Moreover, this plugin even blocks an IP address of bots that are trying to access your website. Be sure that using Wordfence you will be secured as never before.



Another plugin that will take care of your blog’s clearness and safety is Anti-Spam. It simply does what it says, or using other words, it stops regular spam comments and makes your feedback base clear and non-commercial. Furthermore, Anti-Spam makes it without asking your readers to answer security questions. The truth is that spam is what we are trying to avoid, thus, this plugin will help you to get rid of an unnecessary headache.


Google XML Sitemaps

Every blogger wants to be on first ranks of search results. Well, here you go, Google XML Sitemaps is a great solution for all and everybody because of its usability. Thanks to this plugin search engines will definitely know when your post is live. Furthermore, it will be on the top of the search results, and all thanks to this little but worthy plugin. Google XML Sitemaps generates an updated sitemap and sends it to the top of every search engine. Keep in mind that all that happens automatically, while you chilling out after writing another stunning article. By the way, thanks to Google XML Sitemaps fast working you can avoid copy paste from other bloggers because as soon as you wrote an article and made it live, it will immediately appear in Google.

W3 Total Cache

Nowadays we used to speed and comfort, thus, we usually don’t wait too long till the website is loaded. As for me, I hate when the site loads way too long, so I just skip it. However, using this plugin you can improve your web page’s loading time on 40% and even more! Furthermore, thanks to W3 Total Cache your blog will always handle huge traffic to your blog, so, it won’t crash anymore. By the way, Google usually gives lower ranks to the websites that have a long loading time, so, you better think twice if you want to skip this plugin. A w3 total cache is a marvelous tool that will get you up in the search results and make your site comfortable in reading and in following.

Gravity Forms

It is always necessary to connect with your readers and to respond their answers. Thus, you show that their opinion and thoughts really matter for you. Gravity Forms is a stunning plugin that will make conversation between the blogger and follower even more enjoyable. Furthermore, the contact form will help you to avoid noisy spam because you don’t have to leave your email address on your web page. Contact forms are always comfortable, believe it or not.

What do you think about these WordPress plugins? If you would like to make this list more full, please, let us know in comments what WordPress plugins you would include as must-have tools to make any blog successful. By the way, if you just started your career as a blogger, or you would like to become a part of blogging, please, feel free to use tips and useful information. All these knowledge you can find in a stunning ebook

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