How to Build Reviews Website Using WordPress without Any plugins?

Yes. You heard it right. You can absolutely have a Reviews Website without any ratings or reviews plugin. Not everyone wants to see star ratings on your posts. People want to read the opinion of the writer too. Although star ratings can really add to the graphic value of the post, they are not important at all.

For example, let’s take a Gadget Reviews website. Now no one wants to know how well a smartphone is rated. If they wanted star ratings, people would go to Amazon. Their ratings are from a larger database of users and more accurate. But that’s a separate thing.

What Kind of Articles to Write then?

People often looking for reviews of a certain product find it very helpful if they could see a list of similar products. For example, Review Station writes articles like best phone under 15000. This is very useful for someone who is looking at a particular phone, but might be intrigued by other similar phones in his budget. Such content is considered very good for SEO as well.

Some other Kinds of Articles you can write on your reviews site:

  • Collectives (best of, top lists, etc)
  • Pros and Cons of Products
  • Reviews based on Different Parameters
  • Reasons Not to buy a Products
  • Top Reasons to Buy a Product
  • Product Comparisons
  • and much more

Choosing a Suitable theme

This is of very less relevance here. Since you are creating a blog, which is based on contents and not plugins. You can go with any theme you like. Inkhive offers many free wordpress themes from which you can choose your favourite.

Just as always, make sure the theme you choose matches your genre, loads fast and is pleasant on the eyes.

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