Why WordPress is the popular choice to create Online Directories?

WordPress has now become the no. 1 choice for creating almost any kind of website. WIth the creativity of developers increasing day by day, more and more amazing plugins are being developed each day. One such genre of plugins is Directory plugins. And there are many options to choose from.

Here are some of the top popular plugins to create a directory website:

  • Business Directory Plugin
  • GeoDirectory
  • Advanced Classifieds
  • Link Directory
  • User Directory
  • Lava Directory Manager

There are many more options. Costlier the plugin the better it is. And if you are planning on starting a Directory website then it’s the right decision to invest in a good premium directory plugin.

Do Bigger Directories choose WordPress?

The answer is No. Because the needs of bigger companies vary as their size and data grows and normal plugins just don’t make the cut. Hence they implement their own solutions. For example, Zomato.com – A Food and Restaurant Directory implements this by using their own custom CMS.

So if you are a business and need to do a lot of custom operations on your data. WordPress might not be a right choice?

Who should use WordPress for Directory then?

Small to Medium sized business who do not want to invest in staff to create and maintain a custom CMS for managing their data. WordPress is the best choice for them.

My Friends at DanceLifeMap.com have done exactly this. They maintain a list of dance schools around the world. It gives its users ability to search for different dance related events such as salsa festivals, parties or local studios. It also provides functionality to filter search results by desired dance style, location or type of dance class people would like to take.

WordPress was the perfect choice for them for their requirements. But it may not be for you if your requirements differ. WordPress is awesome as it provides many SEO Benefits too. But if you planning on handling a huge amount of data, try to stay away from WordPress and consider a custom CMS like all big brands already do.

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