Top 5 Plugins for a Review Website

Do you already have a review site?


Do you want to start a new list based review site?

If yes, then read this post…

I this post I will be talking about 5 WordPress plugin which you should have if you have a review site or want to make a new one.

List of 5 Essential WordPress Plugin

Here I will share the 5 best essential WordPress plugin which will help you to make your WordPress review site more engaging.

  1. Tablepress:

Tablepress is the popular plugin for creating the table. You can easily create a table using this app. You can import table on your post using the custom shortcode. So, it will help you to make your table quickly.  Now, you may ask me why we should create a table. The answer is most of the people when landed on your page they fist looking for a table. They are not going to read your full article.

So, if you create a table after intro then it will increase your conversion rate. They just look your best products list and then click on your CTA button.

For example, You can check this mobile phone list article, you will get an idea how the table should look. You can add CTA button on your table using Shortcode ultimate plugin. I will talk about this plugin.

Download Tablepress

  1. Shortcode Ultimate

Shortcode ultimate is the most popular WordPress plugin. You can do a lot of things using this plugin. You can create beautiful button, tabs, boxes, responsive videos, Spoiler, notes and much more. You can create a CTA button for your post using the shortcode. It’s a free plugin and paid version also available. Most of the things you can do using its free version. So, you don’t need to buy a license. But, if you need more features, like if you want to create your custom shortcode, then you can use buy this plugin.

Download Shortcode Ultimate

  1. All in One Button:

As I said, you can create CTA button using Shortcode Ultimate plugin. But, if you are looking for an alternative to Shortcode Ultimate plugin then you can try All in one button plugin.

Download All in One Button

  1. KK Star Ratings:

If you want to add editor ratings on the table column, then you can use this plugin. It’s a free plugin. You have to just insert shortcode on a table where you want to show star ratings.

Download KK Star Ratings

  1. Amazon Associates Link Builder:

If you are promoting Amazon product on your list based review site, then you should have this plugin. Let me tell you, why?

Most of the site owner download an image from Amazon and then upload on their server. But, it’s against Amazon operating agreement. You can’t upload their image on your server.

So, now the question is then where you get images?

The answer is, you can use their image using their official plugin Amazon Associates Link Builder. You can use image using Amazon API plugin.

For example, You can check this post about pressure washer, how they use images from Amazon using API. Visit this site, and then right on any product images and then click on “Inspect Element” and then check the image URL.

Download Amazon Associates Link Builder

Wrap it up:

I hope these plugins help you to make your site better and also save your time. You don’t need to hire a developer.

There are a lot of plugins available on WordPress plugin directory. But, here I have shared only those plugin which I personally use and you should also use these plugins.

If I missed your favourite plugins which you use for your best list based review site, then do share with me. I am eager to know about it. If you found this post helpful, then don’t forget to share this post on social media and with your friends.

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