What is Web Data Extraction & How does it work with WordPress?

Web Data Extraction is the new big thing among businesses looking to take on their competitors in a smart way, and it’s getting popular among developers and webmasters as well. In Simple terms, it is all about extracting data from websites for various business use cases. Sometimes, you may want to extract all kinds of data from many different kinds of websites. In this article, we’ll mainly look at data extraction from wordpress blogs and its applications.

Let’s say – You have a blog about cricket, and you want to fetch live scores from an established website like Cricinfo. But their API is costly, and you would want a more affordable solution to run your website.

So, if you had to do this Manually – You would visit and reload Cricinfo every minute and update the scores on your website. As it sounds, it is indeed a time-consuming and low-efficiency task. So, the manual method is out of the picture.

With a web data extraction service, this process would essentially be completely automated for you. It would automatically fetch data from cricinfo every second and update it on your website as well. Nowadays, Web Data Extraction Service providers use Machine Learning for better results and performance.

Advancements with Machine Learning

New modern web scrapers have become so sophisticated that they employ Machine Learning to extract data on automation. They are more and more intelligent and now require lesser human input in processing of data. This brings us to the Machine Learning based WordPress scraper solution from PromptCloud, a data as a service provider.

Data extraction from WordPress blogs

PromptCloud’s WordPress Data Extraction tool basically cuts down on the manual element, by enabling a machine learning algorithm to automatically identify the class names for various data points that we need to extract. This means, you can get data from pretty much any WordPress blog by using this WordPress scraper solution. Let’s look at some of the applications of this tool.

Some of the Cool things which you can do with WordPress Data Extraction

  • Fetch Data from News Websites
  • Fetch Live data from Sports Websites
  • Fetch Statistics of a Video on Youtube or other sites.
  • Fetch stats of Software downloads from Play store and other websites.
  • and much more.

How the WordPress Crawler works

A web scraper typically makes use of the class names to find subsequent records on a site after it has been manually told what class name represent what data point. With the WordPress data extraction solution, the machine learning algorithm automatically detects the class names and fetches the data.

To facilitate this, the ML algorithm has been fed with hundreds of thousands of examples that were aggregated from the web. Having reached a fair accuracy at detecting the data points by tagging fields, the scraper can now work on most WordPress blogs in a fully automated manner.

The potential benefits of web data totally depends on what kind of data you need and how you are going to use it. So if you are planning to get into Web Data Extraction, do check out what Promptcloud has to offer.

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