Make money without working: automate your business!

Automate Your Business: Make Money While You Sleep

Owning a business comes with a lot of perks. One of them being the fact that you work for yourself. Building a company from the ground up, while it’s certainly rewarding, it can also be wearing. One of the most significant downsides of owning a business is the lack of time for yourself and your loved ones. The absence of time spent outside the office, whether it’d be digital or physical, can result in lower revenue or sales made, as doing something other than running a business once in a while, refreshes your thoughts and relaxes your always busy mind.

Business automation is one way of dealing with the lack of personal time. With plenty of tools out there to help you take off the load, it’s easier than ever to find and dedicate time for yourself. Here are ten tools necessary for your business if you want to have more free time.

1. InvoiceNinja

This invoice tool is dedicated to automating exhausting invoicing, time-tracking, recurring billing and payments. The software will allow you to sit back and relax while still getting paid. Invoices made with InvoiceNinja are personalized as you can include your company’s logo. Also, they are easy to understand and have an ability to manage different types of payment gateways.

2. Pcloud

When all your files and documents are safely stored on, you can leave the office, go on a holiday, or relax in the backyard at any time you want. With 20GB of free storage space, all your files, photos, or even music are always available within hands reach.

You can also collaborate with your colleagues on shared documents from the comfort of your sofa, as the tool easily syncs all changes made in real-time.

3. Combin

Combin is a tool designed to make the growing of your Instagram following effortless. Get real Instagram followers with Combin and save your time by letting it do the audience research, manage multiple accounts, and find influencers for your business. Focus on more important things than social media and let your Instagram follower number grow without investing much time into it.

4. Word Counter

If you’re in the writing business, or writing takes a more prominent part of your working day, this is a tool for you. Word Counter will allow you to save time on keyword density counting; it will show you the exact number of words in your text, count the paragraphs, sentences, and pages. Real-time statistics will let you focus on your writing. The tool also adapts your text to fit social media posts for Facebook and Twitter by limiting your word count.

5. Omnisend

By automating specific marketing activities with this ecommerce marketing automation tool, you will have more time to focus on product search, sales funnel optimization and your company’s image. Omnisend offers you effortless landing page creation and optimization, eye-pleasing signup forms, automated order confirmations, cart recovery tool and many more functionalities to help you save your time.

6. Integromat

To get your product to work efficiently for your customers, you’ll need a lot of third party products and tools working together in unison. Handling all the platforms and apps manually, can be very time-consuming. Integromat, a tool for cloud workflow automation, will handle it for you. Set the scenarios and sit back while your tasks on several different platforms are handled.

7. Focused Collection

Focused is a tool that generates high-quality, professional images for your website, presentations, blog posts, and many other creative channels you might be using. Anything from science photography, to deadpan, can be found on focused. You can search the images by keyword or artist. The platform is aiming to connect the right artists with the right buyers.

8. Maxtraffic

Expanding your mailing list, following up with clients, and finding the right audiences to target can be very time-consuming. Luckily, all this can be automated with web push notifications. The tool will automatically reach your desired target audience whether they are on your website or not, send notifications about updates on your products and services, create eye-catching pop-up windows for those who haven’t yet signed up for your newsletter.

9. Magic Password

Magic password is a WordPress security plugin designed to protect your WordPress without sacrificing the convenience. All your sensitive login information is protected against cyber theft under many encrypted security layers, and the best part is that you don’t even have to remember your password or username, just use your phone and let the tool take care of the rest.

10. Salesmate

As your business grows, you will need more and more time to invest into your customer relations management and sales team. To make these processes easier, Salesmate offers you effortless contact management, personalized selling experience for your future customers, and powerful insights to keep your company growing. You can integrate it with many other apps you use and manage it from anywhere you are.

11. Holded:

An invoicing software that makes getting paid simple. Small businesses and freelancers can use Holded to create and send beautiful, customizable invoices to clients. This invoicing tool tracks your sales and payments from quote to collection—giving entrepreneurs time back to run their business. This powerful tool has transformed the invoice meaning forever, and it has changed the way businesses handle their finances and accounting processes.

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