The Right way to use Music in your Website, Instagram or Youtube Videos!

Music is something that adds charm to all forms of Entertainment. But the thing with Music is that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Creating good and impactful music is a Difficult task and can not be done by everyone. So if you are on the path of a creating something extraordinary, good music can definitely help you achieve that.

But Music Clips come at a price, and I discovered that the need to dig it a bit further when I was browsing AltHow one day. They have covered this topic of Non Copyrighted Music in great detail. First of all, Let’s take a look at some places where having a Video can make a lot of impact before we discuss places where we can find music for free.

YouTube Channels

You can make any Boring YouTube Video interesting by adding a little bit of Music in the Background. With Professional music editing tools, you can control the volume, pitch and other advanced settings of the music in the background.

YouTube itself realizes the importance of having a background music, that is why they have their own library of free to use music, which anyone who uploads the video can use in the background.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most viral things out there. It can help a business rise from ashes to huge skyscrapers in very less time. The only important thing is that you have to do it right. To kickstart an instagram Business, its important that you build followers quickly enough. For this purpose, many people buy real Instagram Followers for cheap and get established as a popular account quickly. Also if you wish to know Where to Buy Instagram Followers for Cheap, then click on the preceding link to know more.

Now you know how to Kickstart an Instagram Business, but do you know that which format is more popular on Instagram? Videos or Photos? Most people would think its photos because  thats what Instagram was built around.

But that is not the case, both are equally popular. Videos often get more footage than photos. All you have to do is instantaneously attract the users with a stunning background music.

You can make your Instagram Marketing efforts do much better, by making sure that the stories you write are up to the mark. Writing stories is not an easy task and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, you can visit AnswerShark if you wish to learn How to write short story for your Instagram posts.


And now you simply embed these videos on your website, and save a lot of Bandwidth and hosting money. But where to get the Music from? Here are some free Non-copyrighted sources of Music:

  • YouTube Creator Studio

and many more, but this list would be enough to kickstart your video making business. Best of luck, and if you know any other good sources, let me know in the comments.

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