Gantt charts: How Do They Help in Project Management?

We live in the age with lots of work to do, data to enter, and tasks to complete. It becomes difficult for companies, businesses, and people in general to keep track of all the work and the time. Luckily, there is no need to invent anything new as there are ready-made solutions. An online Gantt chart tool is one of the most efficient ways to handle tasks and projects.

What is a Gantt chart?

A Gantt chart is a visual representation of tasks against the provided time. It has two axes where you can organize all your work. A vertical line is where you put tasks. On the contrary, a horizontal line is a space for dates. Thus, each task has clearly visualized start and end dates. In short, Gantt charts help in dividing all the work on a project and making it simpler to complete it in a timely manner.

Online Gantt charts get more and more popular among companies across the globe in different spheres. Next time you’ll see a ready-made Gantt chart template for your sphere, don’t be surprised too much. All you need is to choose it, check, and if it meets your requirements, start using it immediately.

We hope you got an idea of what a Gantt chart is. Now let’s move on towards its benefits that tell why a Gantt chart is used.

So, a Gantt chart helps to:

  • Avoid the confusion of completion

It’s pretty simple that if you’ve got a lot of tasks to do, you would need something to organize and prioritize them. Basically, this is why a Gantt chart is used. It helps in providing a visual representation for starting and finishing points of tasks. This way people and companies can manage their work in an easier way. It also allows them to save a lot of time. As you see, a Gantt chart reduces any misunderstandings and points of confusion.

  • Keep everyone on the same page

With a Gantt chart, you can understand complex tasks through a visual framework. The best part about it is that you can keep everyone on the same page. At any moment, you or your team members can look at his/her assigned task and a deadline for it.

Also, thanks to online Gantt chart tools, stakeholders can have an immediate access to that information as well. This way they reduce chances of misunderstandings as everyone has the same information.

  • Allocate resources

With the help of a Gantt chart, managers can find areas where there is a need in a resource.  Moreover, Gantt chart software is able to show whether a resource has too many assignments. On the contrary, it will also show whether a resource underperforms or has not enough number of tasks.

Also, if you dig a little deeper in a professional Gantt chart tool, you will be able to keep costs of your project within the provided budget. You will be able to track the time required for completion too.

  • Monitor performance

Performance is one of the most crucial values in project management. Otherwise, why do you need a tool for it? With a Gantt chart, you can check whether your employees work properly on their tasks or not. Also, it can help you identify those elements that are causing troubles to your company or business. Moreover, this chart will help to identify possible risks. It will help you make better and improved strategies to achieve set objectives and goals.

  • Work with your team

In case you work in a team, project management is all about collaboration and communication. Of course, a simple Gantt chart can’t provide with a scope of collaboration possibilities. But good and robust tools already have sound features for it.

If you properly communicate and collaborate, you raise your chances to lead your project to success. In an online Gantt chart tool, you can find such features as comments, attachments, notifications, mentions, and many others.

These are lots of advantages of using a Gantt chart for project management in a variety of spheres. The list above is not full as this tool gives far more benefits that you can explore by yourself.

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