7 WordPress Hacks Every Blogger Should Know

As a passionate blogger, you must have been looking for the right blogging platform for yourself. WordPress is arguably the best blogging platform you can take advantage of as it provides you cutting-edge solutions that will make your blogging experience worthwhile.

Therefore, in this post we have compiled 7 timesaving hacks that you must know in order to optimally utilize WordPress to make your blog post instantly go viral and stand out.

Use Toolbar Toggle of WordPress

In writing a blog post, you find the need to change the size of the font, underline a word or make use of different colors. You do not have to worry about it anymore. Simply expand the WordPress toolbar by utilizing the WordPress Toolbar Toggle option, which is a square button to the right of proofread writing button. By clicking on this button, you can easily and hassle-free enlarge the WordPress Toolbar that will enable you to include changing font style, underlining text and choosing different font color options.

Choose a Readable & Simple Website Design

You must have come across some great blog posts that you have never wanted to read because their website design puts you off. Just as important, a logo design is for communicating the visual identity of the brand likewise the design of the website also plays a pivotal role in the success of your blog. A website design with fancy illegible fonts, advertisements that are flashy and packed sidebars eventually allows audience to lose focus.

When it comes to your blog readability, the key is to select a WordPress theme that makes it easy for your audience to read. For instance, you can use Pineapple theme, which is clean, minimal enough and employs a content-centered layout without the main sidebar. Such theme will enable your readers to keep their focus solely on content.

Go Full-Screen to Avoid Distractions

You need to have zero distractions if you want to write effectively and efficiently. The problem lies in standard WordPress editor. For that reason, you need to switch to a full-screen editor that will generate for you distraction-free canvas to work on. Some of the key formatting tools including headings, lists and links are hidden and will appear only when you click on full screen icon from your standard WordPress editor menu.

Find Internal Links Hassle-Free with WordPress

One of the ways to lead readers back to some of your previous articles that are in some way pertinent to your current blog post is to create an internal link that redirects back to older blogs. All you need to do is to first click to insert a link on your toolbar. Afterwards, click on the option of link to existing content, which you can easily find below the option of open link in a new window tab. Once you click that option, you can search from older articles the topics of your choice to link back easily.

Use WordPress Editor to Search for Stock Photos

You no longer need to open up a separate tab or window to search for stock photos when you can easily do it by using WordPress editor. With the option of image inject, you can easily insert an image into your blog post in only three clicks. The plugins will search for you images for the keywords of your choice and itself add the required links. In addition to that, you can simplify your uploading and editing process by employing the NextGEN Gallery plugin. Easily import Meta data, upload photos, edit thumbnails, create tags, and vary alt and title texts along with add/delete, rearrange, sort photos and much more.

Simply Switch Heading Styles

With this WordPress hack, you no longer need to drop-down list of headings rather you can easily switch heading styles with the tap of a key. All you need to do is to simply put the cursor on the line where you want the required changes and press shift + alt + heading number if you are a windows user and opt + control + heading number if you are a Mac user.

Insert Click-To-Tweet Option

For bloggers, sharing socially on Twitter is important when you have successfully created an awesome content; you want your readers to share what you have written. You can easily do it by including a Click-To-Tweet option by using the WordPress plugin.

Wrapping Up These Peerless WordPress Hacks

The above-mentioned WordPress hacks are just the tip of the iceberg as it is highly customizable. We hope that with the help of above-mentioned hacks you can easily make your blog a success. However, these are not the only ways through which you can boost your blogging experience so ensure that you keep researching and exploring and if you come across some other helpful and viable WordPress hacks do share with us.

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