5 Common Mistakes in Social Networks That You Should Avoid

Not getting the desired attention in social media? Simple! Probably you are not doing the right thing. Well, when it comes to successful interactive and popularizing online platforms then social media is one of the most buzzing ones. But, to be just active on such networks is not enough. You need to break through a lot of noise if you want to find success.

Though the versatility, simplicity, and free nature of the social media platforms make them simply superb to acquire great reach and generate appealing results still there are many typical mistakes that users usually commit while posting.

So, just take a minute out from your busy schedules to scroll through your social media feeds now and identify how to make use of it perfectly?

Wondering how to do that? Okay, here I am with a rundown of the five major mistakes that you need to avoid. It will further help you create outstanding social media contents.

Just have a look!

Too many hashtags in your posts

Undoubtedly, hashtags are an amazing tool through which you can improve social media content discovery. But, just keep in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard. It’s because if you use too many hashtags in a post then it not only makes it look spammy but also it would rather seem to be annoying to your audience.

Isn’t it entirely opposite of what you are trying to accomplish? Then, it’s better not to do that! You must know that the prominent objective of social media is to build immense buzz, create a bunch of fans, and then eventually letting you become famous. In such a scenario, to jam every post full of every possible hashtag imaginable will certainly act as an audience repellent.

A good example of a Business managing their Social Media very well would be N1 Outdoors. They are a Complete website – which makes them my favourite example. Their business is about Hunting, Fishing, etc. But they have an online store to sell apparel as well. If you want some inspiration on quality Instagram posts, you can check out their Instagram here.

Shouting out personal opinions

Remember that what you think is right might not be the same for someone else. There are a huge number of people who would be reading your posts and they have different views. So, you should never discuss the crucial topics like religion or politics on social media.

If you somehow end up hurting anyone’s beliefs and opinions then they would definitely prefer to stay away from your posts and you’ll ultimately receive a public backlash. So, be conscious and never let a single controversial tweet or Facebook post bring with it a complete disaster!

Publishing contents trashed with grammatical errors

Grammatical errors in any kind of write-ups are definitely not a good look. Right? But, I’ve personally observed so many such affairs on a daily basis where there are a hell lot of grammatical mistakes on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.

And, I can say this from my personal experience that such mistakes create an immensely negative impact! Your prospective audience would definitely not like the same and they will finally end up criticizing your efficiency.

So, if you want to solve this problem then the solution is really quite simple! Just use spell-checks regularly and double-cross twice before posting anything on social media. Once you are sure that there is no grammatical error left then just click the ‘Post’ button.

Not posting regularly

Just think yourself as a layman and assume that you’ve accessed a company’s fan page and discovered that the last time they’ve posted was a couple of months ago. Then, what would be your instant reaction? You would certainly predict that the brand is having nothing new to showcase. Isn’t it?

Well, the scenario is the same for all kind of instances. If you don’t post regularly on the social media pages then it creates such an impression on the people who are included in your network that you’re not being active on social media and there’s nothing new and unique to expect from you.

So, just make sure that you remember the fact that being in social networks entails a constant commitment both to yourself and your followers. Thus, never let a single or a couple of days to pass without posting something creative and trending on your social media pages.

Posting at the wrong times

Many people don’t consider a key factor while posting on social media but that is quite significant to do so. Want to know what is it? Well, it is nothing but the time when they are posting. They think that just posting is enough but that’s not right!

If you are even doing the same then you ought to understand that your posts will not make any sense until and unless you post at the perfect time when it is more likely for the people in your network to notice the same. So, before you post, don’t forget to analyze the time in which the followers are supposed to be more active. Just take a glance at the statistics of various social media platforms and that’s it you’ll get a clear idea.

Take Your Turn

Have you understood now what is right and what is wrong with social media? I hope you clearly did! Right? Then, just avoid these mistakes while being on such platforms for the next time and thus nothing could stop your posts from going simply viral!

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This article for Rohitink.com has been written by Neil Helson.

Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO and digital marketing company. He is passionate in helping small businesses and startups grow online.

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