Top 3 WordPress Themes to Create a Beautiful Job Portal

Due to a fast-paced world, everyone is looking for jobs at some or the other point in life. And hence, the visits to job portals keep increasing with each passing day. Even you might have seen some job related website for one or another purpose. Since there is a huge demand of this industry, creating a new Job Portal Website is definitely a great idea.

And in such a case where you are looking to build a Job Website of your own, you have arrived at the correct place. Here in this article, I will share with you 3 best themes from which you can pick one to create your desirable website. One of my Friends, recently launched his Job Portal in India and i was very impressed with his work, and that encouraged me to write this article.

While these themes will provide you a backbone for your website, you definitely have to take care of hosting on your own. After you have taken care of that, look through the below mentioned themes and pick one that matches your set of requirements most aptly.

Job Monster

Job Monster is the most widely used and popular theme for developing fully functional job portals and websites. It successfully connects employers with prospective employees. The theme is built so well that one does not require any extra plugin to make it fully functional.

Another major advantage of this is that one does not need to have any previous experience in themes or coding knowledge to work with it. Even beginners can build a job portal from scratch just by following its instructions. Some of the features of Job Monster are given below.

  • Administrators can review the job before posting
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Fully responsive and mobile & tablet friendly
  • Personal messages can be used by the employer for accepting or rejecting job applications

Work Scout

Work Scout theme is one of the best themes to develop a job portal. Because of its user-friendly nature, it is widely used by agency recruiters all around. With its drag and drop feature, one can easily create his preferred website within few minutes.

It works totally fine on both mobiles and tablets as well. The online documentation source of Work Scout helps novice users to build the website using this theme according to their liking. Some of the popular features of this theme are:

  • Various add-on features, such as Resume Manager Tool
  • Pre Designed forms for job listings and resume
  • Easy upgradation to paid listings
  • Easy navigation of jobs in particular region
  • Various advanced filters to search job
  • EXCLUSIVE: Salary filters, which are not available in any other job portal theme

Job Career

This theme is widely used to develop job sites which have a variety of advanced features just a click away. Job Career helps in building a modern website that is also user and device friendly. The drag and drop feature helps in building the initial phase of the website very intuitive.

There are numerous plugins inbuilt in this theme. When you start using them, the website keeps on picking up grace and excellence. The various features that are embedded in this theme include:

  • Location wise job searches
  • Application deadlines
  • Resume Manager
  • Free job submissions
  • A fully functional WooCommerce payment system
  • Social App integration

These are some of the best themes that job recruiters and agencies have been using worldwide to bring excellence in their offerings. Pick one theme and start building your own job website today.

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