7 Useful Tips for creating Online Courses for Beginners

In today’s world, you can see a lot of people are showing their interest towards studying topics even when they are not included in their school or college syllabus. While some people find their place in respective jobs, some may struggle in getting a job.

While getting a job is not the only way of earning. People are earning money from their blogs and YouTube Channel. Things are changing very quickly. You know see a lot of freelancers now which was very unlikely 10 years back.

Out of all the possible ways of earning online, creating courses for your audience can be a very effective way to earn money with providing value. There is online course for everything, from knitting to magic tricks, you can find them all online. People are buying such courses too.  

So, if you are interested in creating online courses but don’t seem to be aware of the steps to follow, below are few tips.

If you are really interested in creating online courses and then it’s important how to create online courses. So it is essential for you to know some super important tips on creating online courses.

The mentioned tips will help you create better courses, especially as a beginner.

Create a group for queries

Course is not a one-time product, its same as a classroom where with teaching you also need solve doubts. For instance, if you provide a course related to application development for students, then they may try to develop the application and comes up with doubts which is crucial for you to solve.

In this case, you can create a group and bring all the students that who all are following your courses.

Here you can ask for their queries and answer them to keep a strong relationship. This thing will help you gain more students for your online courses.

More the engagement you get, be it in the form of comments or something else will help better you the course.

Make complete content

Before creating an online course for the people, you must be aware of the content (topics) that you are going to deliver. But the fact is you must create a complete roadmap so you can satisfy your followers at the end of your online course.

Once the followers are satisfied with the content you have provided, then there will be a chance of gaining students just from mouth of word.

Include Examples and WorkSheets

There maybe a case where an example or a worksheet is very much needed.  Make sure to include these. Definitely these take extra effort but trust me they will be worth your time.

These small things help create a better experience for students.

Make it more practical

Instead of providing more information that are filled with theories will limit the followers to visit your online courses. So, try as much as possible to offer the course that deals with practical things.

When it comes to practical class, the followers of your course may feel interesting after a certain level of the stage. In this case, it is always essential for you to keep it in mind to make your course practical rather than just offering the theories.

Use a course platform

While creating a course is one thing, another thing is to design a platform to host it. Most of the courses are hosted online either on a free platform or a paid one.

While if you have the budget to start you can choose using the best online course platforms like Teachable etc. There are many free options but you will have to do a lot of work in order to set it up as per your wish.

Use Real-world examples

Instead of just creating the online courses and providing the stuff as per the people’s demand, you can also add additional examples furthermore. When it comes to sharing the examples, try it add more examples that relate to current fact.

Eye capturing themes

When it comes to online classes, it is not only about of delivering the course but to make it premium. Use beautiful themes, so your students have a great experience.

For instance, you can use real-world examples for the followers to understand better.


Hope you have a better idea of creating online courses, just make sure to provide value.

If you have any queries just comment below. We would love to solve your queries.

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