Tips to Avoid Copyright Notices in YouTube Videos?

If you have recently joined YouTube and started uploading video. You must have faced issues with YouTube’s copyright warning. Sometimes the warnings are legit, sometimes they are just false positives. But how to know if you have made a mistake? Here is a small checklist to help you out.

  • Did you copy parts of video from some other video?
  • Was the copied parts of video for Journalism or  Critic Purposes?
  • Is the copied content more than 20% of the video?
  • Are you using any copied Music in your Video?

While this list is not complete, but these are the basic questions you have to ask yourself, as they are extremely common. And any beginner can make these mistakes.

In an Ideal case, the answer to these questions should be – No, Yes, No, No.

Am I in Danger with Copyright Notices?

In most cases, youtube will itself alert you if your video is to be taken down or not. In many other case, it will simply tell you that you can not monetize the video or you have to share profits with the original creator of the video.

You can avoid this problem, by not using any copyrighted material in your video at all. If you have to use something, keep it less than 10 seconds.

Get Licensing for Music in my Videos

Majority of the music out there is under copyright, and can not be used as is. Many Youtubers use copyright free music. Generally, theme songs tend to be free from copyrights.  You can download mp3 theme song of any event or product if the license allows to.

But one general rule, which you must always follow is that. If it’s not explicitly stated that you can use the music for commercial or personal use – you may not use it.

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