10 Typical Mistakes in Writing Blog Posts

You might be knowing by know that blogging is one of the best ways of marketing. Individuals as well as companies are writing blogs in large numbers. These can be instructional, informational, critical, or various other kinds in nature.

And these blogs are not very difficult to write. Anybody can write them in any way they want. All you need to know is the information pertaining to that blog topic, and a little amount of time. And there you go! You have a blog ready.

No matter how experienced the bloggers are, they often tend to make some small mistakes that might cost them heavy. If you are only writing blogs for your fun and sharing your knowledge with your friends, then there is no need to worry about these mistakes. But if you are writing for making some money, then you definitely need to have a look at this.

Here we will share some common mistakes that bloggers usually make. Keep them in mind next time you sit and write a blog.

Complexity Overload

Many people feel pride on knowing stuff that others don’t. This is actually a good thing. In this way you can share more information with the readers than they already know. But amidst this, they tend to make stuff complicated.

This complexity can cause you more harm than good. People like reading easy to understand stuff. So keep your language simple. Avoid using sophisticated or difficult words, or even difficult to understand metaphors. Use simple words and stories to express your thoughts.

Publishing Daily

While it is a good habit to write and maintain blogs, never overdo it. People do not like their notifications ringing with yet another post. So write when you really have something to share. After all, everybody prefers quality over quantity.

If you want to publish daily, give something meaningful to the readers that they find it tempting to open your blog. If it is some normal information that they probable might know already, avoid writing it frequently.  

Forgetting Your Audience

When we are writing a particular article, over the course of time, we tend to forget who we are writing for. We try to make our articles generic. Remember, this will do no good. People will return back once they find that the article does not exactly cater to their needs.

If you are confused who should be your target audience, and what should you write for them, just recall any of your friends. Keeping in mind their personality, write the articles that belong to your niche. This way, your posts will become more personal and hence, more loved.

Ignoring or Overdoing SEO

Writing an article keeping in mind the SEO purpose will definitely bring you money. It will also help you rank well on Google top results. But these kind of articles will never bring happiness for your readers.

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When you write for SEO, you tend to make articles long and fill it with comparatively redundant information just to stuff your keywords. Your readers on the other hand wish to read something to the point.

And with this, we do not wish to state that stop writing SEO. But also write articles that your readers want. Keep a balanced mix of both in your blogs.

Offering Nothing Unique

The articles that you are writing, any body can write. There is no major difference. Then what makes you stand out amidst the crowd? It is you! After a certain point of time, people will start relating the content with your personality.

So, write what reflects you. Share your opinions, rather than universal knowledge. Don’t stay limited to “Me Too” blogs. Guide and entertain readers based on your own experiences. Let your personality shine in your articles. Your readers will love it.

Grammar and Tense

Most of us have a natural habit of writing stuff in one go and publish it. We don’t even look back at what we wrote. This overconfidence is wrong. No one can write perfect in one go. Some grammatical mistakes tend to happen.

While many can keep this in check, tenses create another issue to look carefully at. Many times, people keep changing between tenses. Somewhere they are using past tense, while at some places, they switch to present tense. Keep in mind that if you are narrating something, it always has to be in past. And if you are sharing details about a story, it should be in present.

Organization of Article

Have you ever written pointers before starting the actual article? Most of the times, people just write articles in the flow. This results in an article which has no head or tail. Not just this, many times, they also keep writing stuff in long paragraphs without a break or heading. This is not at all a good way to write.

Always make pointers before starting. This will give you the flow in which your article should be custom written from scratch. Make headings and subheadings wherever applicable. Keep your paragraphs short and meaningful. All these are good pointers to keep your article organized.

Not Promoting Content

Why do people tend to forget that every article will not go viral, neither will it be ranked well by Google? They write blogs and leave them to fate.

What you need to do is promote your content. You need to put more effort on each article to make it popular. Share it on various social media platforms, drive user engagements, and many more ways. Join various forums and blog communities, and keep promoting wherever possible.

Along with this, you also need to keep editing your article based on what users are searching for. Use various tools provided by Google to see who are viewing your content and how you can improve that.

Generic Blog

Giving all types of worldly information at one place will not give you benefit at all. Rather, it will push you way more down. So, do not stretch wide, go deep. Have a strong niche rather than covering many topics.

Think of a strong segment which is your expertise, and then start a blog pertaining to that niche itself. For example, beauty, health, entertainment, etc. This will guarantee you a faster success rate and good reputation.

Ignoring Blog Comments

One of the major advantages of having a blog is user engagement. If you are not focusing on that only, then the blogs are of no use. Acknowledging your readers become important in whichever business you are. After all, they are the ones for whom you are writing.

So think thoroughly through every comment you receive, and build a communication with the people who give comments. Timely and thoughtfully responding to the readers is a very good way to build strong trust, and hence, strong viewership.

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