How to Improve Online Sales with Discounts & Cashbacks?

People from around the Globe Love Discounts, Don’t we?

Not only discounts but the modern generation companies now provide cash back on buying products through specific debit/credit card, they also associate with coupons marketplace companies and provide special coupons.

In This article, we will be talking about how companies around the globe can use Coupons and Cashback technique to drive more sales, the current scenario of the coupons and cashback market, and a special the mention to an Indian startup named DealsShutter.

Cashback mechanism and coupons marketplace have become the primary tools of modern day purchase and have a thriving future for consumers as well as retailers/manufacturers.

Here are the three ways how a company can use coupons and cash back technique to drive more sales:

1)    A company can offer a unique coupon code or an early preview to purchase for loyal customers (or customers who frequently shop from their store). This technique is mostly used in the U.S and certain parts of Europe to generate higher % of loyalty customers. Businesses in the U.S generally have goals in driving more loyal customers than anything else.

2)     The above said can also be done for new customers, but companies tend to stick only giving a special discount on one time-first purchase to customers.

3)    Last but not the least, e-commerce or other online stores companies can collaborate with affiliate marketing companies and discount offering companies in exchange for a commission on every product sold through their channel. This helps in increasing great amount of sales and affiliate/discount contributing companies give sure % out of the commission as cash back to customers.

That was it and one fascinating fact that all of the three is most used techniques by companies in Asia, especially India. This article will also have a special mention to an Indian startup further. A special mention also goes to a startup named DealsShutter which was founded in 2016 by Tarundeep Singh. DealsShutter is a cashback/coupons marketplace based startup that offers amazing deals in movies, online shopping, travel tickets, and much more.

A very few startups in the market space provide offline retailer deals and DealsShutter is one of them. It offers Amritsar and North Delhi users some amazing offline retailer shopping and food deals.

Final Words –

This article is a brief on evolution of Cashback and coupons marketplace across the globe, their current situation, and a special mention has been given to an emerging startup named DealsShutter. Thank you for reading and let us know if we have missed out on anything via comments section.

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