Tips to Promote a New Facebook Page

Now when you have already set up a Facebook page, what should you do next? If it was instagram I would suggest that you get a head start by buying followers from or similar services.

Obviously, Promotions!

How should you start with promotions and what should you do to keep users engaged? This is the most basic question every user asks once he has a Facebook page. Creating a page is the simplest task. The major hurdle is its promotion, since it a forever process. Promoting a page is not only beneficial for you as a person, but also for your business as a whole.

If you want a shortcut to make your page successful you could buy votes online and get a headstart from your competitors.

So let’s dive in and look at some of the easy ways to carry out its promotion and bring in more revenue for your business.

Link to your Website

If you have a dedicated Facebook page which you need to promote, then you definitely would be having a website for which that page is created. Then it the best option that you link your website to that Facebook Page. This will not only help you promote your page, but also bring more traffic to your website, hence increasing your revenue.

Active on Page

Creating a page definitely is not all. You need to keep publishing something or the other related to your interests on the Facebook page. Be active and post regularly to keep the audience engaged and entertained. Once you have a lot of stuff on your page, many people will automatically start coming to that.

Comment on other pages

Check out various pages based on the same interest that you have. Comment on the relevant posts with your own page’s link. Not just one, comment in multiple random posts. And similarly, check more such pages and repeat the process. People will start coming in from those pages in large numbers.

Offer Goodies

If you have a website that deals with selling, you can offer various goodies to the people who like your Facebook page. You can run campaigns regarding the same. For example, you can offer a 10% discount to 1st 50 customers who will like your page, and so on. These campaigns will surely cause a positive impact to your page and business as a whole.

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