Top 3 Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage these days have become a very fastly growing concept.  Thanks to the reliable internet connections, people are opting for more and more cloud storages when it comes to backing up their important data. You can store your data on cloud from anywhere in the world, and can access that from any device anywhere.

The only hurdle that arises is, which storage to choose. There are so many cloud storage services that are offering free as well as paid services. Which is reliable, and which gives you maximum security is the concern.

I have prepared a list of my own personal favorite storage services. If you want an in-depth review of top services, check out the reviews by and pick your favorite. So let’s look at my top 3 favorite cloud storage services one by one.

Google Drive

If you have a Gmail account or if you have a Basic, Business or Enterprise G Suite License, you might have already noticed the cloud storage of Google Drive. This gives you plenty of benefits and services that you would never get tired of using this. For each email account, Google Drive offers you 15 GBs of free storage, which is upgradable by paying some amount.

All you have to do to access Google Drive is sign up for a Gmail account. You can store any kinds of documents or files here up till 15 GBs. With this, it becomes one of the most generous cloud services.


Dropbox is another service that offers free cloud services. However, here you can store only up to 2 GBs of free data. It is very easy to use and the free space can be expandable by paying some extra. Even though Dropbox is gaining popularity very quickly, it is one of the least generous services to offer only 2 GBs free.

Dropbox has one of the best mobile app for their services, App review website Aceex rated them very well and praised their app a lot.

But the catch here is that you can also expand this space free of cost by various methods. You can invite your friends to join Dropbox, which will give you 500MB for each referral. This can be extended up till 16 GBs. You can also contribute to the Dropbox forum which will provide you with 1 GB for each good answer.


This is one of the most generous free cloud storage services, which can provide you storage up to 50 GBs. Initially, you get 10 GBs free, which can be expanded by various options like referring your friends to join, following MediaFire’s social media accounts, and so on.

Along with free storage, you can upload a file size of up to 4 GBs, and the sharing options are also amazing. There is no constraint on sharing with the users of MediaFire only. You can share with anybody you like. Its mobile apps allow for easy uploading and downloading from your phones as well.

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