The Logo Design Bible: 5 Rules to follow When Designing a Logo

Most often, we underestimate how important logo design is. What we don’t actually know is how important it is for the business that it is going to represent. Logo is the face of a business. They say that don’t judge a book by its cover but in the business world, people actually judge business based on their logo. A crappy amateur logo will create a visual representation that the business is crappy and amateur too. So, before you underestimate the importance of a presentable logo, think again and read these five golden rules to follow when designing a logo.

Rule No. 1 Go Minimalist

They say that less is more. And this is certainly true. When picking a logo design, stick with wat is slick, clean, and minimal. You can never go wrong with a simple logo. It sticks with the memory of your target clients. Chanel, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, and a lot more brands have minimal logos but almost all people around the world know what their logo represents. It has left a mark to their consumers.

Rule No. 2 Be Unique

In a world full of copy cats, be an original. Let the business stand out through the logo that symbolizes it. Uniqueness in logo is very important because you don’t want your consumers to be confused on which brand your business really represents. Create something that is different from any logo that is out there so you can create a unique impression to your target market and clients.

Rule No. 3 Every Brand Has a Story

One should know the story of the brand before trying to design its logo. The story of the brand is the heart and soul of the business. Out of that story is where you will extract the story of the logo. Why not black instead of gray? Why not circle instead of square? Design has a lot of facets, and the main factor to consider to pin down what you are going to choose to build the logo is the story of the brand.

You have to know if the brand is focused. You have to assess if the brand is contemporary. You have to know the soul of the brand to create a logo that will really speak for it.

Rule no. 4 Color is Power

Color represents values. Most of the time, it represents mood and influences our behavior. Blue brings calm and peaceful vibes. Red looks strong and authoritative. Black is sophisticated. Green, yellow, and orange stimulates appetite. With every color, there is a representation. Color has the power to influence your market.

Bright colors are attention grabbers but it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Warm and muted colors are more sophisticated and commands respect. It is crucial that we understand the science behind colors.

Rule no.5 Wonders of the Word

Word is powerful. It can make or break your business. Pick a word that is catchy and lingers. Choose a word that can be your target market’s “last long syndrome”.

Author Bio: Patrick Del Rosario is a freelance blogger and marketer. When not working, he does event photography at Del Rosario Events and Photography.

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