3 Websites Photographers can use to Build a Portfolio

Almost everyone these days have a charm of clicking photographs. These can be of nature, or their own self, or something beautiful. But it is pretty difficult to make your career in the same field. You do not get the right source instantly from which you can kick-start your career.

But if you are very serious about photography, this is just the right article for you to make a kick start. It is always advisable to begin with a website of your own. So, while we tell you some other pointers to begin your journey, keep working on your website side by side.

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There are certain websites, including Pixabay, that is run by the Photographers. You can submit your photos here; which people can use for free of cost without incurring lawsuits. This website helps you build a nice portfolio from your clicks.

Pixabay is one of the most popular platforms for people when they are in need of a certain image. So having your photograph published here will give you a nice exposure. The only catch here is, you need to have a very high definition image for upload. The normal mobile photographs are definitely not acceptable.


This is another common platform used by the Photographers to share their images. You can use Pexels to promote your products, share your own story, and many other cases. Even this website is amazing to build your own portfolio of photographs.


Flickr is also an image hosting website, popular with the photographers. You will find tons of photos here, proving how common this website is among general people. Launched in 2004, this platform has come a long way to give recognition to upcoming photographers and bloggers. So, if nothing else, you will surely get widespread exposure from here.

While you keep on uploading your clicks on these sites, don’t forget to work on your own website. Doing a proper SEO of your site, and backlinks through these websites will surely give you a great head start and will help you advance in your photography career.

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